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  1. I second this suggestion. This is much needed for things like pseudo 3d text effects where fills can be offset to create a shadow/extrusion. This would also allow for the text itself to be edited easily at a later time without having to redraw anything. For reference, here is an example of what could be achieved with a transform fill feature (I know - sorry for referencing Adobe here ):
  2. Well spotted, Chrysogonus! I agree with Sascha that this feature should be much more visible than it is. And maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't think to look in the Character palette for this as I would consider this a Paragraph property.
  3. Hi, I know a glyph selector has been requested a lot, but surprisingly it doesn't seem to be considered much of a priority. Is it already possible to select alternate characters, or will glyphs be included with "Text features" in the current Designer roadmap? Loving the apps, and excited for what's to come :) J.
  4. It would be cool if a Vector Trace tool would have a feature for converting flat(ish) areas of colour to a mesh gradient layer (when this feature is completed) + a conventional "inked" linework/detail layer above it. To make this easier, Designer could put the input image through a frequency separation process first, to separate details and colour. This feature would be amazing for vectorizing simple marker and ink scans of design illustrations.
  5. Hi Mark, Quick testing in the Customer Beta looks like it's fixed! So happy, thanks for your help :) If I spot anything with further testing, I'll let you know but it looks fine so far!
  6. I've been looking at some development of a very impressive auto-fill filter for lineart on G'mic and thought it would be something the Affinity devs might be interested in. Basically, it analyses artwork with an algorithm to determine contours and shape closures which can then be filled as a base for painting. It speeds up a monotonous colour blocking step of painting. Not a priority feature at the moment, but I thought it would be an amazing addition for illustrators working with raster imagery. I'm sure affinity could simplify the tool even more for usability. I've posted two videos that demonstrate how it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-3aBQeuBc4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl76PJZTuio
  7. Yeah, I guess I was thinking of a converter that would look at the photoshop preset and just pull the textures and settings into something that resembles it in DAUB, rather than native tpl support would be awkward to do I'm sure. A small one time conversion exe would make me happy too :D Even a community made one. I think Artrage did something like this? Gunna try out your pencils and see how it goes, thanks :) One think that bothered me about the non tool preset brushes in photoshop was the resolution of textures and worrying about large print formats, etc. I think I understand the multiple nozzle principle but when you say flow, do you recommend setting it to a slow flow? Would this somehow build up a high res texture? I notice you have DAUB blenders also which I look forward to trying. One thing I really missed in photoshop was a similar pencil blender to Artrage. It basically creates a frosted blur to the pencil strokes much like a tortillon or similar, rather than blurring it completely. Yeah - told you I was fussy xD I may invest in your full pack
  8. It would be lovely if I could convert my brush presets into a format Affinity could recognize. I know the .abr format is supported, but it would be great if I could convert .tpl brush tool presets. I have bought some of Kyle's brush packs to match with scans of my artwork so I can work over them with natural results. As DAUB & .tpl carry a lot of similar attributes and brush textures, I figure some sort of converter would be possible. Even if it was just a quick and dirty external converter app, anything would do! Would love to hear your thoughts (I know other features are more of a priority at the moment). Also if anyone has had any success with converting .tpl brushes with their textures, etc in tact, I'd love to hear from you!
  9. A .TPL brush importer would be amazing at some point. I bought some of Kyle's mega brushpacks and would love if I could import them all to affinity for when I eventually cancel my adobe subscription... +paolo.limoncelli I must try your brushes out! :) I like to work over my pencil sketches with digital pencil brushes that match the drawing well, so I can be too fussy for my own good :3 Do your pencil brushes scale well for broad strokes, whilst keeping a fine texture? Or is the texture separate with DAUB? Sorry, I'm not that knowledgeable on the affinity format yet!
  10. 100% document zoom. I've set Affinity Photo not to use Windows Display Scaling. If there's any other info you need, don't hesitate to ask :)
  11. The reverse is true for me. Viewing at 100% and <100% the low quality draw is visible. Interestingly at 150% or closer, the low quality draw isn't noticeable. Tested on a 300dpi A4 preset. The pixelated draw is worse as I zoom out.
  12. I just disabled display scaling in the properties panel for the Affinity Photo app, but this hasn't made any difference. Also the brush spacing is set to 1% so it's not that either. I was wondering if this is expected behaviour for the brush tool in its current state? Here is a quick gif to show what I mean. The gif has a low framerate so it looks like the actual stroke has lag, but it doesn't! It's the pixelated slow draw that's the problem, even though I have tried to turn it off as you suggested. You have to click to view the gif at full screen to notice the issue
  13. Yeah, that's what I thought. Will there be any fix or optimization for this in the near future? Unfortunately this might be a dealbreaker for painting or illustration work for me. I notice there have been similar discussions across the forums about this. I think my laptop specs are fairly good for painting by today's standards, however what would you recommend for compensating for brush rendering: faster CPU or faster GPU? What does the brush engine rely on most? Thanks for your time, Mark :)
  14. Hi Mark, thanks for your reply. I feel like I'm missing something but I don't see any setting here... I this is a screenshot of my performance prefs; I've set everything to the highest quality as far as I can tell...
  15. Hi, This is my first time posting a bug, so bare with me! Just purchased my Windows license. Well done guys on working so hard! Everyone's behind you :) Doing a very quick test, I notice that the image rendering pixelates temporarily while the brush is being applied to the canvas. The pixelated view also tends to happen while most editing is being applied. Even moving the cursor near an applied brush stroke causes the painting to pixelate temporarily like this. Is there something that can mitigate this? While the pixelated view is relatively minor for most tasks, it would be a real hindrance when working on a digital painting or editing photos in fine detail (i.e. a dodge & burn touch-up,etc)... If you need more info, please ask, thanks! John _______________________________ Tested on a Dell xps 17 Core i7 Q740 Graphics Nvidia GT GeForce 445M 12gb ram Affinity Photo
  16. I understand the concept of CMYK obviously. I was just surprised that some modern printer RIPs are capable of converting to CMYK themselves. The issues I refer to are the pdf file export with rasterizing gradients,etc where it shouldn't need to.
  17. Well from my weak understanding, RGB has a larger gamut of colours than CMYK, so I always worked on the principle of using RGB as a working space right up until export for print (CMYK), etc. Not sure if starting with CMYK from scratch dumps or eliminates that extra gamut when working in Affinity or other apps? I'd imagine it would. Then I read articles about Indesign actually not converting to CMYK on indesign secrets (<<<<<not sure if that's the article I remember or not) and that some printers accept RGB, and all sorts of scary mind melting things...
  18. Hmm these PDF export issues worry me... Hope they are dealt with comprehensively. Perhaps we could create a list of this sort of thing in a thread?
  19. Thanks for the links, Frank! They look interesting for animation. However I'm not sure if I'd have enough control over typography with those. I'll look em up more soon. Yeah if Fusion is free for individuals, that's bizarre I haven't heard it mentioned before... I'm guessing it's a non commercial license? What is the control over graphics/vector/type elements like? Can you tween letter spacing and type adjustments as in After Effects? Thanks for your info btw!
  20. Do any of you guys have suggestions for an editor that could replace After Effects for vector animation? In particular I would be interested in Logo animation, typography animation and that sort of thing, preferably with a decent svg support to work with Affinity Designer (& which is still being developed).
  21. The linux Snap packages have eliminated much of the problem of developing for various distros. Perhaps if Serif were to consider Linux as part of a wider plan for Chrome OS (which is also linux based) it would make everything much more economical? @SrPx, I meant linux can be colour-managed lol. Also that other prevalent myth of linux lacking usability is getting old. All the current desktop environments - Gnome, Unity, Elementary's environment, Mate to name a few - all focus on improving usability.
  22. Open source video editors have come a long way in the past while. Haven't had the chance to test these apps myself yet but the features in the following seem to be pretty good. https://kdenlive.org/ https://natron.fr/features/ http://www.openshot.org/ http://www.pitivi.org/ https://www.lwks.com/ - This one is free with a paid pro version (Think an lifetime license is about ~$350) Openshot seems to be the most user friendly of the lot if you're not looking for advanced editing. I'd recommend trying two or three and see what's most stable. :)
  23. I've purchased a windows license for Designer and I would buy another license for Linux in a heartbeat. Aside from the speed, security and efficiency of linux, I'd rather support an open operating system than Apple or MS. The only downside to linux is a lack of a design suite. I don't understand the need for others to criticize linux so much when they don't use it.
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