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    gascoyneone reacted to R C-R in Retrieving files and documents from beta version   
    I am almost certain that you could have opened them in the retail app without deleting the beta. If you thought double-clicking on a file was the only way to open it, I'm sure of it. That's because each filetype is assigned a default app that opens it when you double-click it, & since the betas & retail apps are separate, independent apps, your Mac was probably set to open Affinity Publisher documents with the beta instead of the retail one.
    You can change that default to any other app that can open that filetype.
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    gascoyneone reacted to Aammppaa in Retrieving files and documents from beta version   
    @gascoyneone I don't use Macs so I don't really know how to advise you. I guess the good news is that you can see the files, even if you can't access them. A quick Google search for "OS X el capitan files greyed out" suggests that this is a known issue with OS X, and that fixing the file date is often the key to resolving the issue.
    Hopefully some of the forum regulars are proficient Mac users!?
    Installing an Affinity app can't have deleted your existing files from My Documents. The installer simply doesn't do that!
    Search your whole computer (not just My Documents) for .afdesign, .afphoto, .afpub files depending upon which apps you were using. Check the recycle bin. Do you have any sort of backup software running? If so, restore the files from there.
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    gascoyneone got a reaction from Aammppaa in Retrieving files and documents from beta version   
    Thankyou for your interest .  I have  now in fact deleted the old Beta and the old files can now be read  in Retail
    A great relief. Sorry for the panic !
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    gascoyneone reacted to thomaso in Copying over user data from Beta to Retail   
    There is no longer any use for the beta as this beta will never reopen. Therefore, you can delete the beta without loss or deficit.
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    gascoyneone reacted to JSewell in Copying over user data from Beta to Retail   
    Was it really necessary to make the expiry date for the .399 beta so close to the actual release?
    I received my pre-ordered license codes this morning at 8am. Tried to print something from the .399 beta today before I had the chance to make the switch to 'Retail', only to get a "Beta Expired" message, and at a time when I didn't have internet access to download etc.
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    gascoyneone reacted to Durean in Affinity Publisher: Import Settings/Preferences from Beta to Full   
    Is there a way to import all the configuration and preferences I had setup in the Beta of Publisher into the now Full Version? I am really surprised to not be able to find an easy way to accomplish this. And now that the Beta is ended, I can't even open my Beta version. 
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    gascoyneone reacted to Old Bruce in Assembling chapters in Publisher   
    Sadly not yet.
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    gascoyneone got a reaction from CDevF in Assembling chapters in Publisher   
    I have several chapters - 15 about 8 pages each ,  separately  compiled .  I'd like to combine them into one master book I wasn't sure of the order hence being done separately . I am able to cut and paste each component  no problem but is there a more efficient way in Publisher of transferring these files to my master ?
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    gascoyneone got a reaction from jmwellborn in INSERTING PAGE NUMBERS PROBLEM   
    Thank you both - this all works now . It wasn't clear from the Youtube tutorial I am using .