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    fotojindra got a reaction from malayali in Drawing issue with Brush not solved in 1.7.2   
    Previously reported bug is still not solved in 1.7.2.
    At a certain time during working, brush drawing reactions change. Instead of drawing as I move my pencil on Wacom drush starts to react as in the attachment below. It takes only first and last point and draws a line between them.
    Black lines as seen.... blue strokes are done afterwards to show what I was really drawing on my Wacom (Pro Intuous)....
    Please start solving this issue reported about half a year before

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    fotojindra reacted to Chris B in Masks do not work! URGENT - HIGHEST PRIORITY   
    Hi everyone.
    I just wanted to let you all know that this is with the developers. I'll update you once I know more. 
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    fotojindra reacted to GabrielM in Drawing issue with Brush not solved in 1.7.2   
    Hi @fotojindra,
    Are you changing focus (moving to another app)? We are aware of an issue where if you're using a Wacom Tablet and change focus (using Alt+Tab) to a different application and then click in the Designer UI (not the document area) to return the focus, the tablet will start to draw straight lines from start to end point.
    If you click in the document area to return the focus it will function correctly. 
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    fotojindra reacted to IPv6 in Masks do not work! URGENT - HIGHEST PRIORITY   
    There is already afphoto, demonstrating the issue. Clearly a bug, behaviour of groups with masks and adjustments without pixel layer drastically changed, comparing to 1.7.1
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    fotojindra got a reaction from malayali in Drawing issue with Brush not solved in 1.7.2   
    Previously reported bug is still not solved in 1.7.2.
    At a certain time during working, brush drawing reactions change. Instead of drawing as I move my pencil on Wacom drush starts to react as in the attachment below. It takes only first and last point and draws a line between them.
    Black lines as seen.... blue strokes are done afterwards to show what I was really drawing on my Wacom (Pro Intuous)....
    Please start solving this issue reported about half a year before

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    fotojindra got a reaction from Ron P. in Masks do not work! URGENT - HIGHEST PRIORITY   
    Thank you very much - Ron P. and Wosven - for supporting me
    YES exactly as we 3 do describe the same case, there is no further discussion needed, there is an awful bug with the GROUP / MASK features strange behaviour in version 1.7.2.
    To prove it further I am inserting further attachments proving opening older files (created in 1.7.1.) in 1.7.2 is showing files corrupted.....
    Totally the same file once opened with 1.7.2 and the other in 1.7.1 without any changes made to it.

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    fotojindra got a reaction from PetervL in Masks do not work! URGENT - HIGHEST PRIORITY   
    Sorry if being rude to anyone, just getting bored of people trying to explain me I am wrong and not understanding the point while me explaining it three times..... so sorry to HVDB, if you ment it seriously, please accept my apology.
    While the sentence you have copied "We NEED..... the repair." is not rude at all (at least not in our contry and my comunity ) - it is just a pure statement made on no reply from Affinity to this show stopping bug (I have made a workaround meanwhile). I am a photo professional and this makes made my work impossible. I would expect people from Affinity to be working on it by now as of I have been in IT before becoming full-time professional and having such a bug we were working night and day to repair it. This king of bug we have categorized to CRUCIAL - URGENT - we made roll-back of the release and gave it the highest priority to lauch update ASAP.
    If there is a way to contact Affinity directly, please let me know, that would help us all.....
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    fotojindra reacted to Ron P. in Masks do not work! URGENT - HIGHEST PRIORITY   
    I agree, the behavior of the Grouped Masks changed in this current release. It should not affect, hide or reveal, layers outside the group. That's by Serif's own definition in the help files. Just for clarification and confirmation, I installed the 1.6.5 version and the grouped masks worked as we would expect. (I was also checking on another bug, the Levels Adjustment Histogram being grey and not color).
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    fotojindra reacted to Wosven in Masks do not work! URGENT - HIGHEST PRIORITY   
    Seems all is fine until we add a mask to a group of adjustments, and instead of masking the adjustments only, the mask do strange results.
    (I don't understand why I end up with this eraser brush stroke, the mask is erasing all that is below, not only the group content, and the (transparent) background of the file is displayed).

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    fotojindra reacted to IPv6 in Masks do not work! URGENT - HIGHEST PRIORITY   
    Seems i have the same problem. After updating groups with Adjustment-only content ignore pixel data under group. This is in 1.7.2 release. 
    Groups with pixel layers inside are ok, only Adjustment-only groups are broken 

    See screenshots and attached file. Look at layer named "Multiply 100% - import from below < DELETE to see problem"

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    fotojindra got a reaction from MartinK in AP Color Range Selection (HSL....)   
     while working with colors (reds,yellows,magentas.... HSL....) I am still missing the possibility to choose a range of colors I want to be working with. Something like a slider on the color line (do not want to describe more as it is a common feature in PS....). It is very useful Please....
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    fotojindra reacted to Roel Knol in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    Just found out that if you change Preferences-->General-->Language from Default to English and restart, you get the right welcome screen with the links
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    fotojindra got a reaction from Mark Ingram in [By Design] AP Win / Wacom ZOOM&Scroll problem   
    Yes I do.....
    I guess I know what the next step is.... OK, thanks
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    fotojindra reacted to toltec in Opacity/Hardness setting (not only for graph.tablet)   
    If a brush is selected, you can set opacity with the keyboard numbers keys, 2 = 20 %  44 + 44% and so on.
    If you hover the  pointer over the hardness number, turning the mouse wheel adjusts the value. I don't know if that will work on a tablet though.

    The other shortcut is press Alt, hold down the right button, then the left button and drag down. That sound out of the question on a tablet though.
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    fotojindra got a reaction from Ian R in AP Win Bug - Fill layer, no choosen noise filled   
     seems to me the Edit / Fill... Shift + F5 not working properly (the custom color/noise part).
    When I select this choice while being on Pixel layer and choose custom color by one click, and I do add some noise.... no noise is added......
    P.S. Could you please also add a quick "Fill with 50% Grey" option as this is surely very often used Fill action :rolleyes:
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    fotojindra reacted to - S - in AP Win - TIFF compresion   
    Affinity Photo uses LZW lossless compression when exporting to TIFF.
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    fotojindra got a reaction from awhite in AP Win - TIFF compresion   
     I would like to know deeper about Export possibilities of TIFF format. In the Export settings I do not see the possibility to choose between ZIP, LZW, RLE or other compression possibilities. When I am exporting to TIFF it makes some file that seems smaller then compressionless file however I do not see what happened to it. I do not even know whether the file was exported losslesly or there was an information loss :(
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    fotojindra reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo for Windows Update 1.5.2 Available   
    Here is a list of many of the fixes and improvements included in Affinity Photo for Windows (changes since
    These are from our bugs database so are phrased in the negative, but are nevertheless fixed.
    New Welcome Screen - Html Page Ensure CI lens correction is always applied. Improved: Equations aren't flagged red if they are not complete and correct Fixed: Unable to drag and drop .abr brushes to import them Fixed: Blend Modes cannot be changed in any Layer Effects Fixed: Some Pantone Palettes show spot icon Channel Image Icons not constrained by width Fixed: Typing a value for Vibrance Adjustment doesn't always apply that value Ctrl runup restores deleted Tone Mapping presets or the Blend Mode dropdown for Adjustments Tone Mapping: Moving a preset doesn't work and causes it to be lost Can load LUT file from folder with Chinese characters ASE Swatch Exchange Palettes import with correct name Fixed: Crash after clicking away from input field in Layer Effects Files saved with selections are reflected correctly when reopened. Able to undo changes made in the Curves Adjustment .hdr export needs colour profile options removing on export The Depth slider in 3D Layer Effects doesn't move with the Radius slider when linked Export to radiance HDR gives incorrect colours Able to type all characters on a Polish programmers keyboard Fixed: Lens Filter says 'No adjustment selected!' when you click it twice Fixed: Unable to change Input minimum/maximum for Curves Adjustment Vibrance presets differ to Mac and should match Able to set Posterise to 1 Fixed: Alt+Backspace shortcut fails to work, plus added fixes for shortcuts fail to save if bindings are only deleted Shift Click layers tab: Improved multiple selections App crashed stitching some screenshots as a panorama Resize Document fix: pixel dimensions changed when we change DPI with Resample unchecked Fixed: Open dialog doesn't let you restrict to a specific file format and the tooltip with all supported formats spans the screen Fixed: Crash when applying a levels adjustment [file specific]. Fixed: Copied swatch does not automatically appear in palette Improvement: Input fields: Shift + up/down keys increments value 0.1 units instead of 10 units Fixed: Affinity Photo creates artboard layers when the document type is set to Devices Fixed: Crash when unhiding UI after closing document Can reset more text style values Fixed: Affinity Photo sometimes crashing when adding Curves Adjustment Adding levels to a 32bit image causes app to crash 'Icon and Text' option remembered when restarting app Fixed: Crash when loading (specific) large HDR file Fixed: Keyboard Shortcuts aren't being saved if focus is lost from dialog Fixed: Pressing close on filter dialog applies filter Fixed: Layer panel jumps/lags with a long layer name Fixed: Some keyboard conflicts are not being reported App no longer lock up selecting font with PDF filter set Improved: Pasting text from Word was added as groups of Artistic Text objects Uninstalling one Affinity app disables the 'Edit in... ' option in the other app more reliably Fixed: Levels Dialog, Color channel reverts to master when altering sliders Fixed: Colour picker loupe dies not display pixels on second monitor on high DPI setup Fixed: Info panel loupe remains stuck to cursor if interrupted during use Improved: Brush lag with History Panel open Fixed: Slice doesn't export at the correct size when exporting single slices 'Remove' button on New Focus Merge window now removes the image Zoom tool - Able to enter value above 500 on context toolbar 'Alternate' dropdown no longer missing from Pixel Tool context toolbar Fixed: Opacity is the default slider in the gradient fill dropdown menu Reset button added under Lens in Develop Persona Fixed: Not all variables available in the transform panel Flood Fill works different to Mac and fills the canvas Fixed: Tone mapping resets when creating/renaming a category Invalid scaling sizes are now immediately reverted in Slices Panel Tint reflected correctly from context toolbars fill flyout Develop Persona - Assistant setting remembered after app is closed Right clicking menu appears at 0,0 when recording macro Clone Tool: Sources panel is displayed automatically when we press Add Global Source button Fixed: Cannot save Lens Filter presets Adding, Renaming or Deleting a preset updates the UI straight away Fixed: Changing document with a Layer Effects will apply it to the second loaded image Improvement: Panels can be hidden by double clicking the header not just the panel label Fixed: Black area left when app is restarted after hiding the UI with floating panels Fixed: JPG compression changes from 85 to 100 when changing file format Fixed: Brush stops painting in original document after drawing in a second document 'Edit Macro' re-enables even if you've right clicked a Macro with no image open. 'Refine Selection Tool' entry is missing from the Keyboard Shortcut dropdown list. Fixed: Loading an animated gif into apply image causes the app to crash Fixed: Unable to move macro into blank category Shadows/Highlights: The effect now look same as on Mac Tone Mapping is not applied when you try to close the app and cancel the File > Save dialog Setting Associated Brush Tool in Photo now works as designed. Fixed: App locks up after Inpainting post Mesh Warp Fixed: Macros - Set effect colour control does not appear for macros Fixed: Export LUT - Loading EXR as preview image causes app to crash Macros: Can now rename layers Fixed: Losing Exif info when editing from Lightroom Fixed: Dragging the Radius slider to the far right initially knocks the effect off Fixed: Crop Tool - No Gridlines when rotating Fixed: Crash when editing a few undocked projects with filters Levels adjustment - using alt modifier now working Improved: Free hand Selection Tool faster on a complex document Fixed: Brush Tool leaves marks while we press Space bar key (panning) Filter no longer applies when a user exits the application Distort Filter: Distort lines are now dotted Fixed: Develop Persona - Reselecting preset does not revert settings Fixed: Tone Map Persona is missing some panels in View > Studio Reset Tone Map Presets added to Clear User Data dialog Help window responds to Windows Key snap shortcuts Fixed WebP intermediate files location (%(RelativeDir) included a ..) Multiple translation improvements Multiple UI tweaks, like clipping and tooltips A number of file specific stability issues fixed Clamp unbounded colour transforms (32-bit mode) to 0 and 1 Fix for misplaced PSD text (Decoded the 'Txt2' tag that holds TextEngine data that we need for positioning). Fixed colour profile conversion being wrong Auto recovery fix, restore the stream position when scanning for FAT tags. Fix image orientation issues. Remember to load the “write thumbnails” preference. Edit -> Fill working on 32bit masks.
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    fotojindra reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo for Windows Update 1.5.2 Available   
    Affinity Photo for Windows 1.6.0 is now live.
    We are pleased to announce the first update for Affinity Photo for Windows (version 1.5.2).
    The update can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded, close Affinity Photo and run (double click) the downloaded EXE to install it.
    A list of the fixes this release contains is being prepared and will be posted shortly.
    To install this version you will need to have the Affinity Photo for Windows already installed OR you will need to type in your email address and a valid Product key when prompted. When installing on top of an existing version you will not be prompted for the product key. If you need it you can find your product key (and a download button) in your Affinity store account, where you will also find the email address used to generate the key when you ordered the software. 
    If you have installed any previous beta version of Affinity Photo 1.5.2, that beta can be safely uninstalled before or after installing this release update, they are independent installs. The beta will stop working soon anyway.
    Please report any problems you have installing or using this new version in the Windows forum here
    Patrick Connor
    The Affinity Team
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    fotojindra reacted to verysame in AP Win - Solid color adjustment layer   
    Have you tried the fill layer or a shape?
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    fotojindra reacted to Sean P in AP Win Bug - Fill layer, no choosen noise filled   
    Hi Jindra,

    Thanks for your post. I've reproduced this so will get it passed onto development. As for the 50% Grey option you can select the Swatches: Grey palette in that dialog that allows you to select the 50% grey.
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    fotojindra reacted to Chris B in [Cannot Reproduce] Can't drag macro in library to bottom   
    Hey dmstraker,
    I can reproduce all the points you have made  here;
    1. Unable to move a macro when the + symbol is visible (it does work if you move the cursor just under the new category, for me at least)
    2. Unable to drag a macro to the bottom of a category
    3. Flashing while dragging the macro around

    I'll pass these to development for you. Thanks :)
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    fotojindra reacted to dmstraker in [Cannot Reproduce] Can't drag macro in library to bottom   
    I've got a list of macros in the library. I can reorder them by dragging individual macros around (blue bar becomes visible), but I can't drag a macro to the bottom of a category.
    Also, when I've created a new category at the bottom of the library and drag a macro down to this, the cursor gets a little '+' box on it, suggesting I can add the macro to this category, but when I release the mouse button, it is not moved.
    There's also an odd flicker as I drag the macro, flashing back to its original place.
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    fotojindra reacted to shojtsy in AP Win - Bug - Mask to Below   
    I still think that "on right-mouse-click I would expect "Apply mask" function, which would crop the layer to save memory (destructive step" refers to what simple Rasterize does. 
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    fotojindra reacted to MEB in AP Win - Bug - Mask to Below   
    Hi fotojindral,
    Regular grayscale pixel layers are just that - pixel layers - they don't work as a mask unless you convert them going to menu Layer ▸ Rasterise To Mask as @shojtsy pointed out (that would be the "equivalent" of the Apply mask functionality you are referring to. As soon as you do the conversion the pixel layer becomes a mask and affects the whole document (all layers). When you right-click the mask in the Layers panel and select Mask  to Below what you are doing is nesting the mask to the layer that's immediately below it (it can also be an adjustment or a filter not necessarily a pixel layer - although those have built-in masks as well). From this point forward the mask only affects the layer that's nested to and not all layers. The reverse of this operation is right-clicking the thumbnail of the mask in the Layers panel and select Release Mask.
    Like other things in the program, there's more than one way to perform these actions: you can also do the same operation dragging the mask layer directly in the Layers panel to the position you want - so in this case to "Mask To Below" drag the mask layer over the thumbnail of the pixel layer to nest it. And similarly click and drag the mask thumbnail to "outside" the pixel layer it's nested to to "detach" it from that pixel layer.