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  1. Latest version does not full justify text. Left, right and centre are fine, but the box for 'justify left' does exactly the same as 'align left'.
  2. In Photoplus X6, it was possible to export an image to a gif at a bit depth of 1. This meant that I could put line drawings into my novels, and keep the file size to a minimum. I now have Affinity Photo, and I can't seem to find a way to do that. Does it still exist, or do I have to revert to PX6?
  3. Thank you for all of the information. It is much appreciated. As a techie myself, I should know these things already. I agree that the best way for me in future would be to create a new Affinity file from the start, and then build up the montage on top of that. It wasn't a big problem, just one of those sneaky gotchas. I've had Affinity since it came out, and only just noticed the date thing. Thought it was something to do with the new year - duh. A great forum for help!
  4. That's great. Many thanks for all the information. It was just a bit confusing that the other formats registered the present date, but the jpg took the original values of the background. When sorting by date, I wondered why I couldn't see the output at the top of the list, it being hidden inside the rest of the files. Something to pass through to the developers to consider? It would have saved me some time in previous searches.
  5. Here you go then, my lovlies. The afphoto, and exported gif, jpg and png. What do you think of that then? :-) The least you can do is buy the book for doubting me! NewAnkerita3a.afphoto
  6. Version Exporting from an afphoto (correct date and time) to jpg gives the file a wrong data and time of 01/01/2003. Only on jpg. The other formats seem to export correctly.
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