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  1. JKCalhoun

    Learning Affinity Designer: Pioneer plaque

    Ha, ha, I saw the same cartoon! The plaque and probe were crash-landed on a planet and the family were standing next to it looking at it.
  2. JKCalhoun

    Learning Affinity Designer: Pioneer plaque

    Thanks, I think I fixed it now?
  3. Since it features a nude male and female figure, below is a link. The nude figures were engraved in a plaque sent out of the Solar System on two Pioneer space probes launched by the United States of America. There is an SVG file floating around the internet made from this plaque (an auto-trace from a photo, I believe) but I was unhappy with it. I found a decent photo of the original plaque and did all the vectoring by hand (about a week since I have a regular job and had to work on it in my spare hours). It allowed me to begin to learn Affinity Designer — now my go-to app for vector drawing. I may still play with a few vector control points — a few of the line weights. I tried, with this first draft, to keep as close to the original as I could. There are some minor flaws (to my eye) in the original plaque that I want to take some artistic license to clean up in the final version of the piece. The nudes, if you are unfamiliar with them, are about as risqué as Classical Greek sculpture. So unlikely I think to offend many people. Click the link to see. http://imgur.com/cwTRfoe
  4. JKCalhoun

    Here's an album cover for my band!

    That looks great. Did you have a nice, large wood photo? Then a font layer with some sort of compositing mode to get the "SINNERS"? I'm trying to learn how to achieve various "looks" and I am new to this.
  5. JKCalhoun

    My first designs!

    Awww, it's sad to see font-shaming close off creative avenues. :( (Not to wag my finger at pxls2prnt — I see it all the time, esp. for Comic Sans, of course — I still like that font for its intended purpose.)
  6. JKCalhoun

    Stuck in Divide

    Thanks, I chose the file, didn't hit Attach. It should be there now.
  7. I targeted my file for 24" x 36" — a standard poster size in the U.S. Also, if it helps, this print will be a single color.
  8. I'm new to all of this vector art — I would like to have a poster printed up from a design I am creating. I suppose I would like something high quality, not your Kinko's print. Screen printed would be ideal. Any places anyone would recommend? John Calhoun—
  9. JKCalhoun

    Stuck in Divide

    I had a square and circle object overlapping. I was experimenting with the icons in the upper right of the toolbar, I clicked a few on the left, then Undo. I believe I clicked on Divide and when nothing appeared to happen, Combine. Then I saw that a sheet appeared with a message like "Dividing" or some such. It never went away and I was unable to quit. I clicked Activity Monitor though and ran a Sample of the app. Attached: Sample of Affinity Designer.txt