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  1. Having the same issue (since the 1.6 update) Thought that version 1.6.1 would have fixed it, but it's still there. Made a screenshot of two circles (red and blue) Red circle is below and was "outlined" from an ellipse shape. The blue circle is still the perfect ellipse shape. The difference is visible.
  2. I encountered the same problem only after updating to version 1.6 In 1.5.x I had no issues with expanding strokes. It's really painful as I also rely on icon-design and therefore often need this tool.
  3. Hi, I have noticed a glitch inside the new version of Affinity Designer 1.6. When I try to expand the stroke of a circle (which only has a stroke), the expanded element gets distorted and is not a perfect circle anymore (see attachment). Hope you guys can fix this. Best regards, Dusan
  4. Hi Stokerg, I already know this method but it only works with non embedded vector graphics. When I try this a message occurs which says (in german) that it is not possible to import embedded files into the assets panel (see attachment). And that is a big problem especially if you have a lot of vector graphics that you wish to import at once. Otherwise I have to doubleclick or open each file individually, select the layers, group them, give them a name and then import them into the assets panel. You can imagine that this is not a practical method.
  5. Assets are a nice way to organize your massive library of components which are usually saved in folders and hard to find when you need them. The problem what I have with assets is the import possibility. For example if I would like to import an icon library of let say 100 icons which I downloaded as SVG or EPS files then it is not possible to drag them all onto the artboard and import them into the assets panel. The only option I found was to double click each and every icon (in some cases group the layers and give them the icon name) and then import one by one. As all of you can imagine, that method takes me ages to import a bigger library of graphic assets. Is there some workaround or did I understand something wrong? Thanks for any feedback! PS: Photoshop files work fine. Just open the document, select all elements you wish to import and done.
  6. I am currently using the Affinity Beta for PC and altough I am thinking to switch from Illustrator to Affinity Designer, there are some points that could need some polish. Most of them are minor UI changes. One of them, and maybe the biggest, is how Affinity handles layers. I cannot count how often I just wanted to drag one layer on top or below a certain one and ended up masking them or grouping together. I know there is a dedicated button to do that but I want to know exactly where my layer is right now and not guess and count how often I pressed to "move layer up" button. Second issue I had is the way Artboards are managed. Right now they simply behave like a regular layer which often leads to unwanted selections or movement of the artboard, when I just wanted to select an object. This could be easily improved by giving the Artboard tool more "power" and just allowing to resize or change artboards when the Artboard button is clicked. Otherwise I like the clean UI of Affinity Designer very much and hope that the developers will improve the software wisely and avoid it to become a second Photoshop or Illustrator with 1000 hidden menus and functions nobody can find anymore. Keep up the great work! Regards
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