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  1. sure thing On my Mac, I tried opening this psd file with Affinity Photo just now and the fonts display incorrectly as a I zoom in and out. I closed the file and re-opened with Adobe Photoshop Elements and it displays fine. The file may have been originally created under the Windows platform. The font in question was installed on both machines - a publicly available font available via dafont free download although I have seen this problem with other fonts as well.
  2. When I open a file created with Photoshop in .psd format I see random issues with fonts. The auto kerning parameter appears to be read incorrectly. As I used the navigator to zoom in and out the font would be drawn incorrectly and with random spacing. Once I clicked on the font with the font tool and re-selected "auto" kerning it started to behave. It's like it was uninitialized after I read it - behaved a bit odd when I tried to set it. Once set, it snapped to what it was supposed to be. I have Affinity Photo v 1.5.2 on Mac 10.10.5. Here's what I see when I zoom in and out. I am not resizing the image. I am just using the navigator to zoom the current display.
  3. hbutz

    Panoramic Stitching Niagara Falls

    Canadian side, of course :) I was so impressed with the panoramic function. I threw at Affinity Photo about a dozen 32 megapixel images and watched it sort it all out. The final print would be 16 x 96 inches @ 300dpi assuming I could find a picture frame that size.
  4. Wanted to share my Panoramic Stitching of Niagara Falls using Affinity Photo. It worked flawlessly.