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  1. Hello! I prepared new 25 styles for A-Designer, A-Photo and A-Publisher Regards Designia Styles 2.afstyles
  2. Designia


    Bravo! Very nice!
  3. Designia

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Done. A voice on Affinity devoted!
  4. This is the thread to ask for an alternative from the Serif company, maybe they will someday make a new website development software.
  5. Pinegrow and CoffeeCup are interesting but they do not have the ease of use and friendly interface. Serif Webplus X5 has it.
  6. Designia

    Perspective Grid

    Thanks! Corrected
  7. Designia


    Hello. I present a drawing of the church using the perspective grid proposed by me. Regard More info:
  8. Designia

    Perspective Grid

    That's right. All nets were on a 100x100mm scale so they were not visible in the resource docker window. I reduced it to 10x10 mm. It's ok now. I also added two new grids: Designia_Perspective_Grid.afassets regards
  9. Designia

    Perspective Grid

    Here is a quick example of using the proposed grid..
  10. Designia

    Perspective Grid

    I would add that it would be great if the grid parameters could be edited. This is how it looks in ArtRage, you can set the grid density, transparency, angle and convergent point of perspective.
  11. Designia

    Perspective Grid

    Hello. I proposed a new mesh functionality with a perspective setting. For now, I created such a net by hand: Designia_Perspective_Grid.afassets Regards example:
  12. Hello Affinity. I would like to propose a new document grid. Is there a chance to add a perspective grid, making it easier to create drawings using perspective? This grid was introduced in ArtRage 5 and it is very useful. For now, I created this grid by hand: Designia_Perspective_Grid.afassets Best Regards
  13. Hi Toltec, Thank you very much for your help. I forgot about this function. Thanks again
  14. Hello all. Does anyone know how to get a shape fill with an image? Once I could do it but I do not remember how ... Regards