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  1. Nice styles, thank you!
  2. Thanlks! It's hanging on the wall, not the floor ... Thanks! Now better?
  3. Hello, I am presenting my latest project: Information banner for the website - Black Friday 2017 Regards
  4. Hi everyone, I add 18 neon style fillers (nice effect with text) Designia Neon Styles.afstyles
  5. Good morning everyone, I wish You a nice work with styles ...
  6. Hello, I created 25 types to fill objects. Designia Styles.afstyles
  7. Hi, I am presenting a series of drawings with monuments of Paris ... Regards
  8. The Affinity Designer works well but ... I'm waiting to Affinity Publisher - maybe the ideal program for creating documents for printing...
  9. Thank you! Initially i worked on a single file but due to the size was a problem with the speed of editing. Eventually i decided to create a single pages and paste it into the catalog.
  10. Hello, This is the product catalog for the salon the bathroom showroom. Link: Catalog online PDF
  11. Thanks. I'm working on drawing a car in perspective.
  12. Hello, I'am Maciej from Poland. I designed a concept car based on my 1995 sketch. This is my own design project. Regards All colors...