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    beatngu reacted to helmuthdu in Icon Pack   
    Hi I just want to share some icon assets i made using free icons. Included in this pack. All icons are searchable.
    Entypo+: https://github.com/chancancode/entypo-plus FontAwesome: http://fontawesome.io/ Foundation: https://github.com/zurb/foundation-icon-fonts Game Icons: http://game-icons.net Gnome Symbolic Icons: https://github.com/GNOME/gnome-icon-theme-symbolic Hawcons: http://hawcons.com/ Icomoon: https://icomoon.io/icons-icomoon.html Ionic Icons: https://github.com/driftyco/ionicons Material Design Icons: https://materialdesignicons.com Material Icons: https://github.com/google/material-design-icons Typicons: http://www.typicons.com/ Greetings,
    v2.1.0 (07/10/2017)
    Updated Game Icons, Hawcons, iconsmoon & Material Design Icons to the latest version;
    Bonus: added a Golden Ratio Asset;
    Changed default icon color;
    Fixed wrong material icons symbols;
    Added Entypo+, Icomoon and Typicons;
    Updated Material Design Icons;
    Download: icons_pack.zip
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    beatngu got a reaction from MattP in Affinity Designer for Windows has launched!   
    What a great product at a great price,bought is straight away when i got the mail.
    If i could i would give it 5 stars and the mods and admins 10 stars for putting up with all this nonsense from the cry babies whining about a discount they allready got.
    The trolls are flipping out because the rest of us also got a discount that's just childish how old are you guys ?? 12 years or 13?
    So you think you are special and special people should get a special discount :blink: ??
    All this trouble just because we all got that promised discount and you do not feel special enough?.
    As a software developer i know how much work is going in to making something awesome as this and i just can't understand how on earth it is possible to sell such software for just 39 or 49 it''s almost free.
    Sorry for this post mods and admins but i could not take it more and i just had to say something.
    Feel free to delete it or modify it but then you should also delete all the posts from the cry babies.
    A product launch should be the time to celebrate for all the hard work and 1000s of hours you used to make this possible.
    Hats off for every mod and admin in here for beeing so polite and answering all the whine posts this just shows how proffesional you guys are!!.
    Again thanks for a awesome product and i will for sure buy any other product you release.
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    beatngu reacted to AuthorAuthor in Affinity Designer for Windows has launched!   
    I just received the news about Affinity Designer going gold. I think I bought it on Day One, but that's not why I'm posting. I read that AD received ten thousand 5 stars by customers on the Mac App Store.
    May I be (one of the) first Windows Artists to give AD 5 stars?

    My Best,
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    beatngu reacted to ianrobertdouglas in Affinity Designer: Advanced web design tutorials?   
    I've done a fair amount of web development — mostly Wordpress. Usually the projects I work on are too small to warrant being mapped out graphically beforehand. I paint with code instead and show clients live iterations on a staging site. But I want to have in my arsenal of tricks the ability to create designs graphically if I have to, so I'm looking to get into Affinity Designer's capabilities for this. Mostly I use AD for logos, so I'm not a complete beginner, but I don't find any tutorials so far that could get me up to speed with the basics and advanced features of using AD for graphical web design. Particularly of interest is the constraints feature for responsive design.
    Can anyone point me in a good direction? The few tutorials I've found ostensibly on AD and web design haven't really been about web design as such, and I didn't find one that uses v1.5+ with its new features.
    I'd appreciate any help or leads.
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    beatngu reacted to RoadkilleR78 in Android App Icon Template   
    Hi everyone,
    I made an icon template for Android apps.
    Hope you'll like it!

    android icon template.afdesign
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    beatngu reacted to Moatasem Kharazz in Restaurant Delivery App   
    Timeline & Statistics UI
    Affinity Designer for Windows Beta






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    beatngu reacted to sorin.jurcut in UI Design with Affinity   
    Working on a redesign of an app in my company, and I wanted to experiment with Affinity Designer. Having had worked with both Sketch, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Affinity was the right amount of "strange" I needed. Right between Ps and Ai, with bits of Sketch, it's exactly what I need. I got accustomed to the snapping, and it's a joy to do UI design with it. Especially with Artboards. Very very easy. I'm a bit miffed with the occasional crashes from various sources, but those are going to be history once the beta goes MP and gets released.
    I've also tested Flinto, Pixate and Principle in parallell with Affinity Designer, and I settled on Principle. Flinto is simply too primitive and has issues with element positioning. Quite the odd UX they got. not a fan. Pixate is a bit complicated and just doesn't cut it in terms of more complicated stuff. Having said that, Principle is still not the best, lacking timelined animation & interaction. What I wanted to see was something along the lines of After Effects Timeline animation but for individual elements, adjustable timeline lenght, etc. I would've wanted to be able to stopwatch parameters of properties and be able to change them (create keyframes in the process). Alas, no. The principle phone client is really primitive. No wireless sharing, you have to be connected. Eugh !
    Unfortunately I cannot give more info about the project, nor can I post more screens, because I'd then be in deep trouble.

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    beatngu reacted to Patrick Connor in Do you have plans to bring affinity photo to windows in the future?   


    Welcome to Affinity Forums  :)

    Yes, Affinity Photo will be also available on Windows. It will be available as a Public Beta after Designer's release on Windows. Currently there's no public ETA for this.