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  1. Hi, I think the title says it all but the reason i want to know,is it possible to make third party plugins? It looks like it's coded in C# and then i do see a couple of cool plugins i could make. Not sure if there is any plugins options in the current AD and AP windows but if it's not ,are there any plans for enabling third party plugins in the future? Alex
  2. I would like exactly the same as OP,some webdesign tutorials would be awesome. Now that we got the free Grade UI Kit a tutorial from making a working website from that would be great. What i really would like is after you have made the design in ad how do you convert it to bootstrap,i think i read something about that it uses the grids of bootstrap but i have no clue how to get the design to bootstrap as a working website. How about you mystrawberrymonkey ?? You make awesome tutorials and i have watched all your tutorials many times and they have helped me a lot to get started. ‚ÄčThe reason i like your tutorials is you make a finished product and you do not just show how things work,i find it a lot easier when you make something so i can see how and when to use the different functions. I am a developer and not a designer and i probarly never going to be a designer so the way i work and am going to work is to use all the tricks such as Grade Ui Kit to just drag and drop things in AD and do some small tweaks instead of making things from scratch as a real designer.
  3. What a great product at a great price,bought is straight away when i got the mail. If i could i would give it 5 stars and the mods and admins 10 stars for putting up with all this nonsense from the cry babies whining about a discount they allready got. The trolls are flipping out because the rest of us also got a discount that's just childish how old are you guys ?? 12 years or 13? So you think you are special and special people should get a special discount :blink: ?? All this trouble just because we all got that promised discount and you do not feel special enough?. As a software developer i know how much work is going in to making something awesome as this and i just can't understand how on earth it is possible to sell such software for just 39 or 49 it''s almost free. Sorry for this post mods and admins but i could not take it more and i just had to say something. Feel free to delete it or modify it but then you should also delete all the posts from the cry babies. A product launch should be the time to celebrate for all the hard work and 1000s of hours you used to make this possible. Alex Hats off for every mod and admin in here for beeing so polite and answering all the whine posts this just shows how proffesional you guys are!!. Again thanks for a awesome product and i will for sure buy any other product you release.
  4. As i Microsoft developer i do not agree but some Android templates after the UWP templats would also work,because i do make xamarin apps aswell ;)
  5. Hi there, Now since you have released the windows version i think it's time to add a couple of microsoft templates since almost all templates are Apple. it would be great to have a device template for surface pro and a couple of lumia phones or other flagship windows phones. Anyway thanks for releasing a great product at a great price. regards, Alex
  6. Hi there, I must say i have fallen in love with affinity designer and I would love to see affinity photo come to windows.As a non designer affinity designer saves me a lot of time mocking up app ui's and the support is awesome you roll out updates very fast so i would like to just use affinity tools for all my work. Photoshop is a great tool but for a developer that barley use it the price does not justify my needs and i hate to pay a monthly fee for something i may not use for a entire month,however the affinity tools is perfectly priced for my needs. Is there any plan in the near future to port affinity photo to windows so I can ditch photoshop and do everything in affinity designer and photo?
  7. Hi there, I have also been trying to open up that UWP control file but it always maxes out on resources. My laptop is a i7 with 16gb of ram but it maxes out everything and it barley opens the file. You are right about photoshop spiking in memory when opening this file but it never gets past 9gb and affinity hangs on max ram (16gb). Anyway thanks for bringing your awesome tool to windows and I will for sure buy it when it's out.
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