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    Debs2203 reacted to Affinity iPad Student in Affinity Photo Workbook (iPad version in PDF?)   
    No, sir.. you were being sarcastic from the beginning and I called you out on it. My communication levels are not on trial here And my communication skills is excellent..
    I asked a simple question and you went Str8 up went into a rant on book physics 101, Breaking down how the  grasping of the pages from the book feels against your hands. That left me in a super awkward position..
    For your response, had nothing to do with the context of my questions - you took it there, so I met you there
    By wanting to test me for whatever reason..  not my fault you tested, and then you got soaked from the repurcussuions
    That said.. I’ll leave it at that. You can respond how you may. I won’t engage further - I already called you out on your sarcasm. 
    It would be wise though, for you in the future.. to not respond to people with sarcasms when a question is being asked. We already going thru Covid lock downs in places.  Be mindful don’t add to the tensions, respect people. . 
     Peace to all.
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    Debs2203 reacted to Cecil in Affinity Photo Workbook (iPad version in PDF?)   
    Please excuse me if you think I’m being rude but this forum is for assisting forum members, not degrading their communication skills.  I understood he was asking if book was published for iPad. Be safe.
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    Debs2203 reacted to KC Honie in DAM Implementation   
    You have no case to rest... First of all Lightroom is NOT a DAM, it is RAW Converter/Developer (with built in DAM functionality, just like C1P) and it is a wildly popular application.  Adobe Camera Raw is shared by both PS and LR and it is what makes round tripping between the two application far superior to AP and other Raw Converters.
    Neither LR nor C1P would not be usable without the DAM functionality.
    I would be happy with a Studio Link DAM for graphic assets used by all of the affinity apps (I have not changed my position on that subject).  Affinity's DAM "Affinity Asset" would be a welcome addition to the Affinity family of apps.  I personally have several hundred thousand photographic images and untold numbers of graphic elements, my collection(s) are not large by any stretch.
    There is no way to manage that many photos without a DAM, the same is true of graphics elements.  There are a number of 3rd party DAMs for graphics elements that don't play well with Affinity's tools.  If Serif wants the Affinity apps to be truly usable by pros, then a full featured DAM is the price of entry.
    Now if you want to carry this discussion one step further Serif also desperately needs to create a tool to effectively manage: brushes, macros, styles, overlays, presets, etc.  Basically a DAM for all of the affinity add-ins...
    The suite needs to include:
    Affinity Photo (paid) Affinity Designer (paid) Affinity Publisher (paid) Affinity Develop (paid) (Better yet partner with Capture One, so the raw converter is the same and skip this app altogether) Affinity Asset (paid) (for photographic and graphic assets) Affinity Add-In Manager (free) I suspect we are in violent agreement...
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    Debs2203 reacted to KC Honie in DAM Implementation   
    ^^^ The fact remains that the majority of users would benefit tremendously from a DAM.  A small fraction of users not wanting this functionality for themselves is fine but wanting to block it for everyone is frankly selfish. 
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    Debs2203 reacted to scdbs in Shared assets and brushes   
    We need to be able to install Assets & Brushes to one location and then access them all in all 3 apps. Having 3 copies and taking up extra room on the HD is silly.
    We could have a manger for each app to enable/disable them but one install location. Also, you wouldn't have to go through the process of installing them 3 times.
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    Debs2203 reacted to gentletailor in Shared assets and brushes   
    This would be great! For Windows Users this should be also available for color pallettes. It's really time consuming keeping Assets etc. up to date and synchronised across the apps.
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    Debs2203 reacted to richbyte in Expand Brush Stroke   
    IMAGE TRACING + Expand Image and Texture Category Brushes For Affinity Designer
    Hello everyone,
    You may not know but Inkscape just released v1.0 version today ( including native Mac version). 
    This is an example of how we can use Inkscape to fill the gap of 2 functions we need in Affinity Designer for the time being:
    1. Tracing Bitmaps -> Trace Bitmap in Inkscape + Save as SVG and edit in Affinity Designer
    2. Expand Image and Texture Category Brushes -> Export Affinity Designer object as PNG which has a texture brush  + Open the PNG in Inkscape + Trace Bitmap + Save SVG + Edit in Affinity Designer.
    I am not sure how it will work with complex brushes but I tried few and I am very happy with the results.
    Please find the attached files which explain the above.
    Hopefully this will help you get finer output in print and give you more confidence in using texture brushes in Affinity Designer for your professional work.
    All the best,

    artboards.afdesign 4.svg 3.svg 2.svg 1.svg
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