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  1. I see. Not the most convenient way but at least there is a way. Thanks
  2. Hello, I would like to know the position (in %) of objects. For example if I have a dot at the center of my canvas, it would like to know that it is 50% from left, 50% from top. Is there a way to do this without having to do a cross-multiplication in pixels? Best
  3. Hi Meb, Thanks for the reply. I saw that video earlier, but I have a spritesheet with 90 characters sprites. I can't copy+paste my slice selection and I do not see any automatic system to slice them based on the alpha background. If there is no such function yet, I would like to put this as a feature request :) I've been using Pixelmator for years but it has very limited vector functions. So I bought Affinity yesterday after a 2h trial ! Awesome product :wub:
  4. I have a spritesheet of characters with transparent background and a common size for each characters. Is there a fast way to export the spritesheet into multiple files with one character per file ? Something like an automatic slicing export ? Thanks for the program :-)
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