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  1. @MEB Thanks for the pointer. <del>I tried doing that, but it seems like the object is become smaller than the original after scaling up > changing stroke width > converting to curves > scaling down</del> scratch that. I found that the strokes were center-aligned. I'll have to do some maths before shrinking it down :-/
  2. I am facing the same issue (albiet using different settings): 1. I created an circle of radius 1.2px 2. Added a stroke of 0.2px to it 3. Tried "Expand Stroke" 4. This:
  3. When I open a file in Affinity Designer, that file is locked even if I close the file. I can't rename or delete any file until I close the whole Designer software itself. What I expect I would like to be able to rename or delete the files opened (or opened in the past but closed) in Designer.
  4. To anyone stumbling upon this in 2017, there is a free (and faster) tool called PDFSaM which I use for the same purpose. It's pretty good, and doesn't eat memory like Adobe does.
  5. @DaveHarris I like the philosophy you took here, but then I'm confused that why doesn't Affinity Designer implement the same philosophy in other areas. One example would be the "Arrange" toolbar item (which is named incorrectly - it should be "Align"). After doing the arrangement (align-centers, etc), why do I need to press "OK" everytime? If I focus out, the arrangement is discarded. All the arrangement options are grouped inside that one dropdown, so it takes a minimum of 3 clicks to do any arrangements. In Illustrator, it takes 1 click. It's objectively better there, and I'd exhort you to please improve the UX in the area of Arrange/Align/Distribute. I bought Designer when the first public beta for Windows ended. I'd liked the product, but couldn't spend as much time as I wished on the software. Now, I'm trying to use the tool, and there are some extremely brilliant things (such as personas), but there are some equally frustrating things such as lack of features, some of which have been on roadmap as far back as 2014. I understand feature parity is not a priority for you guys, but from a new user's perspective, it's very hard to do some simple things such as 'transform each', or even 'align to a key object'. One life-saver in that respect is that I can design stuff in Illustrator, and just copy-paste the design into Designer, and it "Just Works".
  6. I've just started using the Beta on Windows, and I'm liking it a lot. There are some things though which I sorely miss: one of which is the align tool. In illustrator, I can align objects with reference to a "key" object. I could do this by selecting all objects to be aligned, then clicking again on the reference object. Then "Vertically centering" the objects centered all the objects to the centre of the key object.

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