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  1. HOW do I get to update Affinity products ???
  2. How do I update Affinity Designer and Photo ???
  3. Hi again Callum, An update on above, Recovered Designer Crashed again at roughly the same place. Must be something fragile in that moment ? S
  4. Hi Callum, thanks for replying, I do now own both programs and happy to do so, So I think we're both happier. I say this because I think I will be able to do what I need to, eventually. ( If I can stop the crashing business.'below' that is. ) I did, as per your instructions, above and got almost to the end, - Just started to make fine adjustments to fit a 3D perspective cube I had set up in Designer and Designer quit on me. So while I am satisfied as to how to achieve the objective, thank you, I am a little worried about the Crash & burn it seemed to cause. In this instance no harm done but it could have been hours of work down the drain. I haven't tried recovery yet. Still, You have convinced me of the potential. I still think both programs would be better rolled into one, if that's not a stupid suggestion. I presume it's a selling technique. Having viewed, what feels like hundreds of tutorials, they are actually to much to take in all at once and, in the end, not specific enough at the time of searching for an answer, unless you are lucky enough to land on one that answers the specific question. Some I viewed were more distracting than instructive. Bit like some lecturers I think. Newcomers like myself cannot be sure how to ask the question so that it fits the programmers terminology. I know this is all part of the learning curve but making it as easy as possible serves seller and buyer alike. What seems to be needed initially is the ability to get from the answer back to the command needed, without superfluous waffling or unnecessary descriptions. Like this, all with the best of intentions. S
  5. I already have Affinity Designer but have discovered there is no perspective tool included-yet. I mainly used this to distort photos and give them a perspective and I believe this can be done with Affinity Photo. My questions are if I buy 'Affinity photos' can it be used from within 'Designer' say, as an add-on or, do I have to use them as separate program ? The reason I ask is because If I want to distort a 'photo one' to fit onto a long wall with perspective, of a building in 'photo two', it is difficult to get the perspective distortion to fit the wall accurately unless it is manipulated in an transparent overlay layer with the wall in the background. The same applies when trying to fit a photo onto the sides of a perspective vectored cube in 'Designer'. I also read on an Affinity forum, that Designer has a full photo editing ability which if above is correct it does not include the grid thingy. However I am reasonably new to Designer so I am still on a learning curve. Combining of both programs would seem to be an obvious thing to do. Do I need to buy Affinity Photo ?