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  1. Hey Searched the mac - haven't used time machine ever - is there a way to look for it ? It was in the same project folder as other components I was working on - and others are still there except this one I was looking for. Also why has it disappeared from the open recent files tab ??
  2. Hi So I worked on a design last few days and somehow the project file has disappeared. I have the exported png file - however the project history - under OPEN RECENT doesn't even show the project in the list ! I don't remember deleting the project. Is there a way to recover symbols from the lost project or will I need to re-do the whole thing ? Wondering if upgrading to Mojave on Mac has anything to do with it. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks Jimmy Jack - Yea I had tried with Tear drop yesterday but was struggling with the process - With the replies today, however - looks like am going to succeed Thanks again for the support and guidance !
  4. Thanks Ouki - Am assuming you drew the curves with pen tool. So you expanded the curved arcs and subtracted from the invisible white circle ?
  5. Wow Reglico - great link by the way. Using the video link - I got to Close but not quite firstdefence - Looks like you're mighty close - Wow - thanks - just wondering if we can get the curvature like the pic below - the ref Really loving the support
  6. Hello Callum, Here's a copy of the project. I've created one vector logo - however it isn't a perfect circle - so was trying to recreate it again. thanks LogoCreate.afdesign
  7. Hello Am trying to learn and achieve a logo copy by drawing curves and am running into issues. 1. Is there a better way to achieve this logo trace ? the figure 1 is what am trying to achieve and have drawn curves to match the underlying drawing. I propose to subtract curves from the underlying light grey circle to get solid bodies. 2. When I go and expand the stroke to add/combine the curves for subtraction - I get the figure 2 issue with uneven boundaries. Can someone help me with combining the curves or show a better way to achieve the result ? thanks
  8. Hi Is there a way to delete the line segment and nodes connecting them easily. Using break nodes - is proving to be cumbersome in cases esp when nodes overlap - making simple tasks difficult and impossible in some cases. Attached is a simple example of a shape created by joining mirror images. The centre line is unwanted and break nodes isn't working for me. Any simpler workflow is appreciated :) Also - join shapes is resulting in this centre line in all cases - when stroke width is zero - is there a workaround to eliminate this whilst joining shapes ? In this case am using Fill - so stroke is not required... Thanks
  9. Thanks Carl Ya understood that - however Since I've designed the 'g' - the text path is making things more messy - may be I need to check out the tutorial to get a better handle on this..
  10. Thanks Carl I'll give it a go... Wondering when will the warp tool would be available for the same...
  11. Thanks for the reply Mike Ya I suspected it won't be easy in designer... Reg - 'Go' - I've only shared a part of the logo - the real name is 'mango films' so the warp may look good - remains to be seen. I didn't wanna use clipping - I want it to run along the spine (or stroke) in the centre like a text path - within the GO curve...
  12. Hello Am working on a logo and was wondering how to 1. Give a group of (text or shapes) a perspective like Netflix Logo. I have AF photo and AF designer - however I wasn't able to effectively use the perspective or mesh tool for the same. 2. Can one fill a shape with patterns ? Here's part of the logo - I've converted it into curves - wanting to fill it with patters - say like stars or something around the spine... Idea is to make it look like fancy movie glasses Thanks
  13. Hello So in figure 1 - am trying to join the pen strokes as defined by the strokes as in figure 2 - to construct letter A However 1) It only works as intended if the lines form a shape such as a triangle and not if the lines are left open as in the figure Am I missing proper workflow ? 2) Also when I use the pen tool to draw a line segment from the node point within the black circle to the top point of the blue stroke to form an A - if I choose the node point on the hexagon (within the black circle) - the pen tool doesn't function as a pen tool but acts like a node tool. The hexagon nodes are showing as it's the selected layer - so I can use the nodes as reference points to draw an A Am sure my workflow isn't correct - just looking for an easier way to draw the blue lines to connect with each other and through the midpoints of the hexagon. thanks
  14. Ha - thank you Got it working - ya I was wondering - since they construct the polygon shape, there must be mid point geometries available for each element of the shape... I had to rotate by 90 degrees to get to your result - figured thats what you meant anyway..
  15. I Like the 6 point star idea - will try it out later for faster workflow. Am using 150 x 150 px box for the design.... Thank you