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  1. Hi Dear, We need to layout text vertically and it will be great if you can support from right to left show text(characters). This kind of text layout is the most important feature for national culture. We knonw Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many people need it! Looking forward to using this new feature as soon as possible:) Shi Lichuan
  2. Hi @GabrielM Thank you for your fast fixing:) Have a great day Shi.
  3. Hi, Both of my Photo 1.6.7 and Designer 1.6.1 have this bug. If I clicked "Reset" button twice on the Preference keyboard panel, affinity photo or designer will crash and quit. Hoping you can fix this terrible bug. Regards, Shi
  4. Shi Lichuan

    [Photo] Chinese font name detection

    Thank you very much Callum
  5. Hi dear developer, I am using windows 8 Chinese language operation system. My Affinity Photo 1.6.5 do load fonts but almost all font name becomes English characters. It is really hard to find a font in that list. Could you please help chinese user like me to enhance this issue? Screen shot and some font files are attached. If you have any question or needs please let me know. Best Regards, Shi 方正铁筋隶书简体.ttf 方正宋刻本秀楷简.TTF 华文行楷.ttf 华文中宋.ttf
  6. Hi, I created a PNG file from Affinity Photo. Then load it as a Designer textured brush. The PNG was loaded successfully but it can not be set to repeat. Would you Please figure me out how to create a repeatable PNG image ? Best regards, Shi
  7. Shi Lichuan

    [Designer] Download samples

    Hi Callum, Thank you for your response! Yes, I can access drop box My account is [EDIT] e-mail removed due to privacy reasons and to prevent spam [/EDIT] Regards, Shi
  8. Hi, I can not download designer samples via my iPad and Chinese networking. Is there another way to get sample files? I tried many different DNS and they were helpless... Regards, Jason
  9. 你好,我们网站地址 www.3rdway.com 刚刚发现AP在1.4.3版本的内置帮助文档已经全部汉化了,这真是好消息! 与您共勉!
  10. Hi All, Thanks for your help and guide :) I am glad to let you know we are updating our own Affinity Photo Tutorials in Chinese. And The number of our fans continues to grow, from last 3 months, we have more than 100 people linked. This is a great start, we are still the only company provides regular courses of Affinity Photo. Thanks for your great product! Best Regards, Shi Lichuan
  11. Hi Kate, Thank you for your response and it is very important for me! We understand that your videos are protected and we can't get your permission. So, we are going to make our own affinity photo tutorials in Chinese. We are happy to provide the Chinese tutorials for our people. and affinity photo is a excellent application, it is worth to do so. ;) Best Regards, Shi Lichuan
  12. Hi, May I produce my Chinese version tutorials like following steps: 1. I download your official tutorials videos from 《In-house Affinity Photo Video Tutorials》 2. We translated it into Chinese after familiar with it. 3. We dubbed the video with mandarin and cut the video in order to match the audio. sometimes we add some visual effect to emphasize the detail and important point, like call out text, zoom in buttons etc. 4. Finally,we made a very good chinese version which the most faithful to the original one. The attachment is a demo of it. i'm appreciate if you have time to look over it. I wish you could contact with me if there is any chance to cooperate. in my opinion, Affinity will have a large market in china, more and more people will know and use it. we hope our tutorials are useful for them. I'm looking forward your response. Regards, Lichuan 3-5-裁切-翻转黄金螺旋.mp4.zip
  13. Dear Acapstick, I am Jason, a head of a training center in China. Affinity Photo is a amazing software, many netizens in China are interested on it. I think no doubt it will have a good future. However, there is no Chinese version user guide or learning materials to reference now. I watched your "In-house Affinity Photo Video Tutorials", it is really excellent. But I saw a message said that you have not a plan to produce French version. So I am wondering to ask would you have a plan to produce Chinese version tutorials in a short time? I ask this because we are interesting to produce one, looking forward your answer. :) Regards, Jason