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  1. Thanks a lot! Is there any chance to get another Trial? Or open Beta?
  2. Hey there! I am a digital artists who uses (as most other artists) Photoshop for drawing. I've seen Affinity photo before already and tried out the Trial, but I realised that it doesnt change the opacity of the brushes depending on how hard I push onto my Wacoms surface. A no go. I'd have to adapt the opacity all the time with the slider! After a few updates I just wanted to know if this is still a problem or if its now pressure sensitive, because otherwise it would be good for painting..
  3. Civnopes

    2 App UI designs

    I'm new to AD but I made two app designs: Do you like them? Please give me tips / hints because I'm not that experienced in vector programms :) - I just started! (I'm using the Beta version for Windows)
  4. Can I do art like this on Affinity designer? https://www.artstation.com/artwork/n4wG9 Can I use all those multiply brushes and stuff that are used in this example?? Thank you in advance :)
  5. Civnopes

    Custom Affinity Icons

    They look cool. Nice work!
  6. Civnopes

    Restaurant Delivery App

    Your work looks really cool, but in my opinion the left bar is a bit too big...
  7. Civnopes

    First project with AD for Windows

    Very good work!
  8. Civnopes

    Kobe Bryant Vector

    Yeah that looks really nice!
  9. Civnopes

    Aermacchi M346 Jet Trainer

    This looks very good! Keep going!
  10. Civnopes

    Triangle Man

    It looks nice! Kinda like "Low-Poly" art!
  11. This looks awesome! I really like your design! I will be able to use Affinity in a month and ftom what I'm seeing now I'm really impressed ^^