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  1. Thank you so much @Gear maker ! Really appreciate you trying to help me. I'll wait for the developers. Have a nice weekend!
  2. Also wondering: is this the proper channel to get support on such issues?
  3. Hi! Thank you for your quick reply. Not all of them. What I can say is that there have been several people working on the same files. In 2018 we were a team of 4 and we were all using either iMacs or Macbook pros at the studio. However some would often work from home so not sure what equipment they'd use. It's likely but can't be sure now. Also observed this tends to happen on bigger files. Here's one of them: https://we.tl/t-C6YeLfEErs Thank you for your help!
  4. Hi! Need to open a bunch of Affinity Designer files from 2018 that I had archived but I'm getting an error message when trying to open them. Have the latest official version and the latest beta version and it's failing with both. The message says: 'Failed to open document/ The file appears to be corrupted'. How can that be fixed? Thank you.
  5. I agree with Dominik. Serif staff commitment to their users is outstanding and simply doesn't compare to any other app developers I know. It's one thing to make your point and express how the lack of a certain feature affects you, as I did, but to doubt their commitment because they don't implement what you're asking for straight away is unfair to say the least. We should make our points but ultimately trust their judgement. If they can't implement it now it's because they have a good reason. I trust this team.
  6. I love Affinity Designer and the great wonderful people behind it. I'm an early adopter and devised many of my studio's workflows around it. To the point that when a client requests a 'last-minute' change in the style guides I don't hesitate in assigning an intern, when there's one around, just to go through the time consuming and the painstaking chore of changing all the objects that need to be changed. Some of our projects can be huge. We have teams of designers and illustrators working on year-long projects that generate hundreds of artwork crammed artboards. I don't even get the chance to
  7. Hi! I love the Affinity Designer app for iPad and admire how well it was thought and developed however I have an issue that is preventing me from using it for professional work: the lack of accuracy in the Apple Pencil. This issue turns what it should be the simplest operation into the most nerve wrecking one: selecting stuff. I often struggle to select the node I want or simply move an object without distorting it because it selects and changes the bounding box of the objects. Sometimes there's even 1 (fat) finger distance between what I want to select and where I touch th
  8. Thank you Dave. We have realised that and it's now a matter of habit to set the default on all strokes we create. However I wonder if the user cases for resizing artwork without scaling everything proportionally are that overwhelming. I think it is a matter of good default to assume that most of the cases the intention of resizing is to keep everything proportional. The issue we have is not just with the strokes, but with rounded corners and FX. We work with Affinity since the autumn 2014 every single day at a professional level for client work and 99,9% of the times we need to resize some
  9. Hi Dave, Thank you for the quick reply. But that won't work if the strokes are inside a clipping path. It's easy to reproduce. 1. Simply create a shape 2. Paste inside some strokes. 3. Tick Scale with Object option (or not, it won't make a difference) 4. Select the top clipping object and scale it. The strokes weight will remain absolutely the same and won't scale proportionally to the clipping object. See screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/02ykb4qe1swyl1g/affinity-strokes-shot.png?dl=0 Thanks, Edo
  10. Hi! Not sure if this is a bug or if we're missing something here at our studio but we stumble into this problem every day when we try to resize artwork that contains clipping masks. The issue is that strokes contained in it don't scale forcing us to select the strokes one by one and manually set the weight of the strokes. Is this an issue you are aware of? Thank you, Edo
  11. Hi! This issue is a bit of a bummer specially when working on big scope projects that require fitting your artwork for many different formats. Here at the studio we experience the inconvenience caused by this issue almost every day. Should we expect a fix soon? Would be good to know. Thank you!
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