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  1. Affinity Designer - Add points at intersection of the curves - this method will help in many situations

    Affinity Designer for Windows - Add duplicated methods: Alt + Rotation Handle ( rotate and duplicate in the same time )

                                                          Alt + Scale Handle   (Scale and duplicate in the same time )  This method will help to duplicate and mirror in the same time

  2. Windows beta test :

    1: Add duplicate:  Alt + rotate ( rotate and duplicate in the same time )

                                Alt + scale ( scale and duplicate in the same time )


    2: Transform panel: Add Duplicate number of copies that is connected to rotation and scale

     Ex: Rotate 15 degree and duplicate 10 times ( something similar to Ctrl+ j Method, just that is automatically )   

     Transform panel bug at rotation? - If you change the rotation center pivot,  and you rotate the object from the transform panel, the rotation is calculated still from the middle of the object


    Missing function : -  Add Perspective



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