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  1. Maybe so. But it's still working 😉 However, it feels a bit stupid to switch back to PagePlus when needing a publication with a QR-code 🙄
  2. Xara Designer Pro from Magix has a QR-code plugin (although it isn't always working so well). And even Serif's own good old PagePlus could create QR-codes!!
  3. I drew it using a drawing tablet connected to my pc. Using a just basic vector brush when drawing, and afterwards changing the brush to a special one, and adjusting it a bit.
  4. I use the latest version. The reason to do it with Scanahand templates and run the process through Scanahand is to convert the whole font all at once (instead of copying and converting every character separately).
  5. Great! I insert Scanahand templates in Affinity Designer as artboards, so I can work with all characters (two A4 templates next to each other) as one document - but I can still export the templates separately. This font is created using Affinity Designer (drawing the basic font), Scanahand (converting images to vector) and FontCreator (finalizing the font): https://www.1001fonts.com/stiff-brush-jk-font.html
  6. Yes, it's great already, but... "As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents." And the other - and more serious - problem is that you can't yet change between the applications (Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo) when working on an Affinity Publisher document.
  7. Got it downloaded. ...but how to get rid of it again? Now I have a 250 MB document just filling somewhere in my system
  8. QR code is not obsolete. It's very useful for complex web addresses. PagePlus could generate QR codes, so it shouldn't be difficult to add this feature in Affinity Publisher too.
  9. Ability to create QR Codes would be a nice feature. PagePlus can do that, so maybe that function could somewhat easily get transferred to Publisher?
  10. Something like DrawPlus rostrum camera would be great! www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwDHaVaD_Xg
  11. PhotoPlus is able to make animated GIF DrawPlus is able to make animated GIF (and video and flash...)
  12. Looking forward to get my copy. An early christmas present to mig self
  13. Even just something simple - like keyframe animation and rostrum camera in DrawPlus. Missing those in Affinity Designer. If it could be done before, it shouldn't be too hard to do it again?
  14. Thanks for that, Mike. It sounds as though I saved myself a lot of bother by going down the Gumroad route! I bought from Sellfy, paid with Paypal. No problems.
  15. Affinity Photo has the same problem with wagging Line Style buttons as in Affinity Design: Capture 09.wmv
  16. So the offer [for everybody] ends on 24th, but continues for DrawPlus users?
  17. I didn't ask for double discount - just answered the question (whether i am a DrawPlus user or beta tester). But, about the broken promises: As you know, some months ago Serif Executive Chairman Gary Bates sent a message telling: "DrawPlus X8 owners will get a special discounted price for Affinity Designer for Windows...", and even WebPlus and MoviePlus users would get "a special discount". And now here at Affinity forum: TonyB - "All Serif DrawPlus owners should have been emailed today. The introductory offer of £29.99 applies to DrawPlus owners and Beta testers. You also get some free goodies for being loyal customers. The offer end on 24th November." A half hour later (after i wrote that i haven't got any mail and that the same price seems to apply everybody): TonyB - "We have decided to offer all customers a special discount price to avoid unfairness on who should qualify and who shouldn't."
  18. Both. Hmmm... broken promises from Serif again.
  19. I didn't get any mail. And the price £29.99 seems to apply to everybody.
  20. janndk


    Just testing Affinity Designer. pencil.afdesign
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