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  1. Hi Walt, Thanks for enlightening me. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi Alfred, Thanks for your correction to my misinterpretation of how these application relate. I stand corrected. That said, it remains my opinion that Affinity Designer should have the capability to include dimensions on drawings, as voiced other readers. Obviously, each users may agree or disagree, as is their right to do so. And I continue to be disappointed that the development team has not responded. Kind regards, Dave
  3. I do find it disappointing that Serif Draw that has had this capability for years should be a missing a dimensions feature in what purports to be Draw's replacement, packed with more up to date tools and features. Worse still is the continued silence from the Serif and the production team!? I for one had been looking forward to being able to remove Draw from the an increasing clutter on my PC, but sadly this appears for now not to be possible.
  4. Please add my vote of support to the large number of Beta testers that have called for a Dimension Tool. In my humble opinion as a user that believed the move from Draw to Affinity should represent a forward progression in graphical capabilities rather than a step backwards. Do please introduce what in my view is an essential capability for what is otherwise a wonderful design/drawing package.
  5. Hi Group, Like Harry, see quote below, I'm a Windows Affinity user that's moved on from Draw Plus 8. I too miss the 'Dimensions on drawings' feature of DP8 that is so useful within my small metal/wood work projects. So I'd like to add my name to a request for this facility be bumped up the priority list for inclusion in Affinity as soon as possible. In all other respects I'm very impressed with Affinity and look forward to making continued use of it. Well done team.