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  1. Hi rubs, testing your file on my Win 10 system (see specs below) I get the same results you got from Xara in moving the Porsche logo around. Zooming was just a hair slower, updating / focusing the screen in about 1/4 to 1/2 a second. View quality was set to Bilinear (Best Quality) and Rendering to Automatic (Best).
  2. Thanks so much for looking into this Sean... 2 great products!
  3. Just a follow-up... Both the Beta and Released version of AD still crash if it is one of the first things you do after AD starts up. The release version of AP also still crashes anytime. But the beta AP seems to be fixed.
  4. Hi Patrick, thanks for responding. Yes it did crash in Designer 1.5.0. However it did not use the "Designer has stopped working" dialog box error. It crashed with the "Unhandled Exception error: 0xC0000005". Also in the last version (or the version before that) it only crashed as one of the first things you did when AD started up. Now it crashes all the time.
  5. When click dragging the Eye Dropper on the Color Palette (not the tool bar) AD crashes with an "Designer has stopped working" dialog box error. This also happens on the just released AP (RC).
  6. I mentioned this in another request thread. Right click and release brings up the current context menu. Right click and drag duplicates the object. Simple, elegant no keyboard required.
  7. Another request about Preferences. Would you please allow the window to be resized? Working with Keyboard Shortcuts allows the viewing / changing of 6 lines, I would like more. Thanks!
  8. Another good example of a Preference Dialog (item #1 above) is Affinity Designers own Layer Effects dialog.
  9. 1. The Preferences Dialog is a bit awkward to use, requiring too many mouse clicks. A categories selection list on the left of a dialog box (like DrawPlus, Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint) would be a much better choice. Remembering the Preference page, and return to it the next time you use Preferences. 2. Make the Move Tool option: Hide Selection while Dragging a sticky Preference, that is remembered after exiting and restarting AD. 3. The View > Zoom to Fit leaves too much blank useless space around the document. I was told this was an ascetic decision by Mark Ingram. I'd like to request a preference option to reduce this space. For example, a document at my current screen size (32 inch monitor, 2560 x 1440 resolution) Zoom to Fit sets the zoom level to 49%. Manually adjusting makes it 54%. That's 2 inches horizontal and 1 1/2 inches vertical space wasted. It must be manually changed, since scroll wheel zooming, over or under shoots a good fit. This gets old fast. If it truly fit, I could get the same ascetic vib with a single mouse wheel backwards scroll zoom. Thanks for listening.
  10. Hi Gary, nice to see you here! If you have a mouse with a middle button, it is set up to pan the document.
  11. Hi Alfred, Sorry if I did not make myself clear. The way it's done now is fine with fonts and characters. Converting characters to curves is a nice source of additional design elements. If a new glyph panel is set up, besides using the glyphs in text, they are an excellent source of shapes for use in designs. Just wanted to ensure that, however they are implemented, they could be converted to curves.
  12. Hi Paolo, I know. Just wanted to bring it up in case they implement it in a different way... BTW I purchased your brush sets for both AD for windows and Clip Studio Paint, great job I really like them. Thanks!
  13. Hi MEB, Thanks for the welcome and responding! 1. I know how this currently works. What I'm suggesting is an alternate easier way. Download a demo of Xara Designer. Create a rectangle or any object, right click and release gets you a context menu. Right click then drag and you duplicate the object. Try it you'll like it! It's a small thing but easier and more refined for such a common everyday task. 2. What I'm suggesting here is, depending on the direction you drag the Move Tool, determines the type of selection you make. Dragging in one direction selects anything the marquee touches. Dragging the other direction selects anything the marquee completely surrounds. This usually covers 90% of cases. Sometimes, depending on where objects are placed, you can't make the selection that you want, so holding down the shift key reverses the select type direction. Adding a preference item allows you to turn this behavior on or off. I have used several 3D programs that work this way, and once you use it, you never want to go back. By the way item 2d above in AD is broken, in the sense that it is forgotten when you exit the program. I have already reported it. 3. For the Full Screen Preview, I know TAB hides some of the UI, what I was suggesting is hiding all of the UI. To just see the document naked so to speak, with no distractions. I often want to see my art this way before returning to edit it. Thanks again MEB! Keep up the great work!
  14. +1 - And of course be able to convert the glyphs to curves / shapes.
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