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  1. 3 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    Ctrl + Alt + 0 is (on Windows) "zoom to selection" and it sounds like that might be what you're talking about.

    However, depending on the size and location of the artboards it might not be "display only that artboard". Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't.

    Note that for Ctrl + Alt + 0 to work you must have the Artboard selected, either by clicking its thumbnail in the Layers panel or by clicking its name above the Artboard. Probably you'd click on its name, because if you were going to click on its thumbnail you might as well simply double-click the thumbnail, which is also "zoom to selection".

    Hi Walt,

    thanks for your help. I wonder why the tutorial doesn't list CTRL ALT 0 as the shortcut to zoom to fit, it only mentions SHIFT CMD 0. I thought it said SHIFT CTRL 0 in the video  but watched it again and it doesn't, but in my defence every other instance of the CMD key, such as CMD 0 to zoom to fit all artboards within the screen or ALT SHIFT CMD S to pop up the export menu works with the CTRL key instead. How strange this one particular combination doesn't work with swapping CMD for CTRL and the tutorial doesn't mention it. Yes, thanks - I just found out from the workbook i can simply double click the thumbnail of the artboard to zoom to fit, so I'll stick with that now! 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Alfred said:

    No, Shift+Ctrl+0 would be correct if you were a Mac user. Ctrl on Windows is (usually) Cmd on a Mac.

    Since Mac users have an extra key that Windows users don’t have, we’re currently forced to make do with pressing the right mouse button (RMB) and the left mouse button (LMB) simultaneously.

    What? Do you know what happens if I press SHIFT, LMB/RMB and 0 (or any variation of that) on my windows Affinity while selecting an artboard? Absolutely nothing. It doesn't work. They specifically say CTRL, not CMD in the video and every other video which has a CTRL combination works just fine without mouse button gymnastics, just not this one. I'm sorry, but that doesn't work.

  3. Hi, thanks. I suspected in might be the book and the type of pages and ink. But it is very unhelpful that the colours are so off - some of them are not even in the same hue spectrum at all. Tried the CMYK set up and the RGB and still the colours are the same on screen. I even printed them, but they print as they appear on screen. Back to the shelf the book goes! I don't know how anyone can trust colours at all, or make decisions about which ones to print when they are always appearing so differently. 

  4. Hi, 

    I bought a great colour palette book so I can choose from colours I like the look of when they're printed, but when I enter the numbers into the boxes (I've checked I'm adding them into the correct ones) the colour I end up with on the screen isn't the same as the book at all.


    Can someone please tell me where I'm going wrong? Is my laptop just so old now it won't display colours properly? 

    I've included a screenshot of how the first palette (as RGB) from this page looks in AD 




  5. 8 hours ago, somnolentsurfer said:

    Huh. How strange. In fairness, I’ve not actually tried sending it directly to the printer. I’m just using the Print dialog to generate PDFs with the pages arranged for booklet printing.  Does that work for you?

    If I print to PDF using the facing pages spread, it generates a PDF with the facing pages on one page together. So when you print the PDF, you get two of your pages scaled down to fit side by side on one page, which is no good either! edit: what I mean is, it won’t print it as a booklet, it prints your first page large, next two scaled down side by side.

     I just think I’ll export my spread as PDF pages and then use Adobe Acrobats print dialogue.

  6. 4 hours ago, bph said:

    Managed it at long last. Have just printed out an 8 page booklet. Start New Document, size A5, facing pages. Make 8 pages (see screenshot). Go to Print - Set doc page size as A4 - double sided - flip on short side. Click on print and out came 2 sheets of Af landscape, printed double sided with the pages in correct order !


    Booklet set up.JPG

    Print Setup.JPG

    Glad that’s worked for you. That’s exactly what I’ve done, but still no joy. I might leave my printer and pc details in the bug section, because it might be something to do with that. I can’t understand why else it’s not working when I’ve done exactly the same as this (not messed with my printer settings either, just as you have, used Afpub print dialogue.


  7. 23 hours ago, somnolentsurfer said:

    Have you got facing pages on? The print settings Garrettm30 recommended work just fine for me. Design with a page size of A5 and  facing pages on, so you have a spread for page one, a spread for pages two-three, and a spread for page four. Use the print settings to select an A4 paper size and a booklet layout, and Affinity should rearrange your pages to print with one and four on one side and two-three on the other. 

    Hi, yes. Done all of that. It was already set up as facing pages. Set everything up exactly as it should be and tried dabbling with every other setting too. Double sided printing just isn’t working, and no matter what setting I change, it prints my entire spread on one side of Paper, like thumbnails. I’ve tried every scale setting, every paper size, all the modes and double sided options. It prints it the same. When I export my pages as a pdf and print the booklet from Adobe acrobat, it prints perfectly, so the fault is with Affinity Publisher and it’s communication with my printer I think.

  8. I have tried and tried to print a 4 page A5 booklet so it prints on A4 paper and correctly organises the pages to be able to stack and fold in half in Affinity Publisher and it just won't work. 

    I set up the document as A5, selected print booklet (paper size A4), double sided, scale 100% - it prints all the pages on one side of an A4

    So instead I set up the document as A4. I selected Print booklet (paper size A4), double sided. It prints all 4 of the pages on one side of A4

    In both cases, the view looks fine, but prints wrong.

    What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to set up an A4 landscape document and put a center margin and design the two A5 sides manually?

  9. Hi,


    With this new update my Wacom tablet is working much better thanks, with the personalised option to have the buttons on my tablet zooming in and out now working correctly (they would crash the program before).


    BUT - the personalised option to have a button on the tablet/pen for PAN/SCROLLING only scrolls up and down, not around my workspace!


    Can this be looked at? It's been a problem through a few updates now.


    I'm using a Wacom intuos and AD on windows 10




    Update: sorry, actually after just 15 minutes using AD my Wacom buttons stopped working AND my keyboard shortcuts stopped working.

  10. I'm having trouble with my pen tool also. There's a delay/lag before I get my preview of my anchor point and handles, so I have no idea how much curve I'm giving and I have to keep adjusting with the node selection tool.


    Also, in general, if I use the pen tool for too long, AD just starts misbehaving and crashes - especially if I want to continue a path, edit a node and switch between the node selection tool and pen tool during more complicated path construction.


    I have to save a lot at the moment when working with the pen tool - hope to see this fixed in future updates!

  11. Hi,


    Thanks for the update!


    I really love Affinity Designer, BUT, I'm having incompatibility problems with my Wacom Intuos tablet.


    the tablet buttons and pen buttons don't work. I've customised the buttons for Affinity Designer in my Wacom tablet properties, but they don't actually work in AD - they just crash the program.


    It would be great if the tablet buttons could work with AD, because at the moment, as much as I love it - I end up going back to Illustrator, because my Wacom buttons work there and i can work faster without needing the keyboard.


    Hope it's something that can be fixed!