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  1. Yeah. I already knew their pixel brushes were rubbish. I've never used such awful brushes (but I am spoilt by Procreate) so I was excited to buy vector brushes instead so I didn't have quality issues. I've been duly punished for my ignorance! Now I see Affinity Designer is literally only good, or true vector if you only use the shape tool, pen tool and colour fills.
  2. I just discovered this disappointing truth too! Honestly, I feel lied to by Affinity. Im new to vector artwork and was really impressed by their video where they infinitely scroll into a piece of vector art and it never loses quality. Obviously they didn't use vector brushes for any of those impressive videos because they would have got a blurry mess if they had!!! So I just spent £40 on "vector" brushes with organic textures to give visual interest to my vector logos. I had no reason to believe affinity designers Draw Persona and vector brushes weren't true vectors. It definitely isn't clear from any of Affinitys advertising. So basically I have £40 worth of jumped up raster brushes. Waste of money. Glad I found out before I made logos and other "vector" artwork, promising my client that they could print it on large posters or banners without any worry. Really disillusioned and disappointed.
  3. Thanks both!! My eyes completely missed the separate studio for anchors. I don't know why they aren't just one studio, but i will keep them tabbed next to each other now. So much easier. thanks again!
  4. Hi, Sorry, I haven't quite explained clearly enough which links I am referring to. I am specifically referring to inserted text anchors that the hyperlinked shapes (or whatever you "insert hyperlink") are targeting. An inserted anchor can only be inserted in a text frame with an active flashing cursor (when you select a shape/group you only get the option to "insert hyperlink" but when you click inside a text frame you get the option of "insert anchor"). See my simpler example attached. The "button" (hyperlinked group named Button) shows up in the Studio, but the text anchor it is linking to (named Anchor1) doesn't (I have selected "show anchors" so you can see where I inserted the text anchor). If I moved my text anchor to a different page, I'd have to select my "button" from the hyperlink studio and click "go to target" to be able to find it. That gets tiring when you have lots of text anchors on loads of different pages. So I'm asking why they are not also listed for ease in the studio. It would be much easier to manage my text anchors if they were listed like the other hyperlinks!
  5. I am really disappointed to find that within publishing software there is no calendar wizard to easily create and style calendar tables to insert in documents! This is helpful, thanks! But I really wanted my previous months days to show and next months days to show, and for them to have a lower opacity than the current months days, as you see on calendar apps. I thought this could be possible if I linked the table cells, like you link text frames, so the number pattern flowed between linked tables automatically but i don't think it can do that, so I had to just continue to apply the numbered table style and restart the count on the right days for each month and then go back in and manually enter the previous/next months days and give them a separate "lower opacity" style. Is there really no easier way to achieve this? I really hope they add a calendar generator/wizard because this is so time consuming!
  6. Hi, I am fairly new to Publisher and I'm creating a digital planner. I am using hyperlinks/anchors to link menu "buttons" to page content, but only the source links on my master pages display in the hyperlink studio, not their target anchors, despite being separately named elements. Surely both hyperlink sources and target anchors should be showing in the studio? I've selected show all types, show anchors etc. am I missing something here? Yes, I can click each source hyperlink and "go to target" but it would be easier to have targets listed in the studio too, especially for tasks like bulk-renaming. For example: If I want to rename the source hyperlink, the studio displays them in a list and i can click to rename each one quickly without leaving whatever page I am on in the document; but to rename the target anchors I have to click "go to target" for each source, which takes me to the page, right click on the anchor and then click "Interactive>anchor properties" to rename it. Seems unnecessary when there's a studio called Hyperlinks they could be appearing in?
  7. Hi, I am about ready to give up trying to learn Affinity Designer! Basic layer management is driving me bananas. I want to be able to: 1) Create a new layer inside a group: every time i add a new layer it puts the layer at the top of stack, even though i have the group selected? 2) Add new text objects inside my current group: Text keeps going to the top of the stack instead of inside the group i'm working in. It's simple in Photoshop because you just have to select the group and it adds all your objects and text inside the group as new layers, but that doesn't work in AD. AD automatically selects everything in the group when you click on it which is really irritating and distracting and makes it hard to put a text object on top of another (it just thinks you want to edit the existing text), but you can't de-select the other objects without de-selecting the group too so im forever having to move text objects BACK into the group!! What am I doing wrong?
  8. I figured it out by searching another forum If anyone else finds the measurement guides annoying whilst nudging with the keyboard for close-up work, you can hold down the space bar to hide the guides. If someone knows a permanent way to turn off the automatic guides when nudging, let me know!
  9. Hi, I'm nudging small objects with my keyboard up, left down etc and my selection box keeps displaying the exact positions/pixels (or is it the measurements of the object?) I'm not sure what all the numbers are around my selections but they're getting in the way as I can't see what I'm doing! I don't know how to turn it off, or how I even turned it on!! Any help appreciated, thanks.
  10. Hi Walt, thanks for your help. I wonder why the tutorial doesn't list CTRL ALT 0 as the shortcut to zoom to fit, it only mentions SHIFT CMD 0. I thought it said SHIFT CTRL 0 in the video but watched it again and it doesn't, but in my defence every other instance of the CMD key, such as CMD 0 to zoom to fit all artboards within the screen or ALT SHIFT CMD S to pop up the export menu works with the CTRL key instead. How strange this one particular combination doesn't work with swapping CMD for CTRL and the tutorial doesn't mention it. Yes, thanks - I just found out from the workbook i can simply double click the thumbnail of the artboard to zoom to fit, so I'll stick with that now!
  11. What? Do you know what happens if I press SHIFT, LMB/RMB and 0 (or any variation of that) on my windows Affinity while selecting an artboard? Absolutely nothing. It doesn't work. They specifically say CTRL, not CMD in the video and every other video which has a CTRL combination works just fine without mouse button gymnastics, just not this one. I'm sorry, but that doesn't work.
  12. I'm sorry, I don't understand what this means? I am an Affinity windows user, so SHIFT CTRL 0 is correct, but it doesn't do what the artboard video says it should do
  13. Hi, I'm working my way through these tutorials and just finished the Artboard section. It says in the video if I select an artboard and press SHIFT, CTRL, 0 that it will display only that artboard, but i tried this on my "core skills" artboard document from the workbook resources and it doesn't work?
  14. Hi, thanks. I suspected in might be the book and the type of pages and ink. But it is very unhelpful that the colours are so off - some of them are not even in the same hue spectrum at all. Tried the CMYK set up and the RGB and still the colours are the same on screen. I even printed them, but they print as they appear on screen. Back to the shelf the book goes! I don't know how anyone can trust colours at all, or make decisions about which ones to print when they are always appearing so differently.
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