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    Oh my goodness, thank you.
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    Exporting without bitmapping

    That was exactly the problem, I found another post about it while waiting for my original post to get approved. Thank you!
  3. Hey! I just bought Affinity Designer this week. I have some experience in Adobe Illustrator, but am fairly new to vector art. I want to start selling vectors on Shutterstock and am working on a set of simple fruit and vegetable images to get familiar with vector creation and the process of exporting them in a format customers will be able to use. Shutterstock requires that vectors be uploaded as EPS files. I tried uploading this as one of my first images: 7-5-16_fruit_n_veggies_peapod.afdesign It got rejected because it contains bitmapping. Is this because I'm using an effect that gets rasterized that I'm not aware of, or is it because EPS rasterizes no matter what? Or is something else going on? I appreciate any help anyone can give me.