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  1. Yes, that makes sense.

    However in the current state, constraints only work inside specific 'constraints' groups and even then i would let the user align objects, cause WHY NOT?

    If i pressed the key, that means i want the object to be aligned.

    What if i want to align objects to each other, and at the same time i want to keep them constrained to the right side of the container?


    What if i have 8 objects constrained to the right side, but now i decide to align them to another object? Should i disable constraints for them just to be able to align, and the enable constraints again?



    On the same principle then, why isn't moving objects horizontally disabled when its constrained to the side? 

    Especially because now if i move them i can use the snapping to align to the other objects with the smart guide, which is in fact just a different way of ALIGNING things?

    For me it makes zero sense to disable aligning, if  i don't want to align the object, i won't.

  2. Now i recreated it from scratch.


    I opened this file, and went to export persona, clicked around the slices, expand one, rename it, etc...  

    Then switch back to Draw, move some things around, switch back, 

    At this point it already getting noticeably laggy. Just selecting a slice in the panel reacts slower,

    Now you expand some slices, rename them, and after like 1-2 minutes it starts getting slower and slower, just a restart helps


  3. Now i couldn't replicate the constant cpu usage at home.

    But the performance issue is still there. After creating like 50 slices, I had to click around at the slices panel, change the export presets, and then after a while if i try to expand a slice's export preferences, it produces a huge cpu 100% spike, and the computer is unresponsive for seconds.


    The tool i have selected has no connection. The slowdown happens when using the slices panel.



    (edit: slices panel not layers)


  4. Incredibly high CPU usage in export persona increasing with number of slices. 


    If i start to export my projects, with each added slice the software is getting slower, and at times it maxes out a core.

    My home computer can handle this with 8 logical cores, (see picture) but it's sluggish too. However a slighter older pc at work with 2 cores, just stops to a halt if i have over 20 slices. I try to rename slices and with each next slice i wait 4-5 seconds, JUST for the program to wake up.

    If i restart the whole program, its good for a few minutes, and then CPU creeps up again. 


    Worth noting, that the high cpu usage is there even if don't touch the mouse, so what you see on this picture is constant, and rising.

    See the red line is the time i clicked on a layer name, then i just waited.


    (Confirmed on 3 different PCs, on Win8, Win10.)




    @Ben Sounds good.


    A couple of questions about the current implementation of guides in AD:

    • Currently guides can only be dragged from the rulers when the move tool is active. It is a hassle to switch tools if a quick guide is needed while working in a different tool mode. Will this be reconsidered?
    • Guides seem to live in their own invisible layer. Often it is handy (almost required) to have multiple guide systems with different colours in the same document. When the guide grid creator option is added, will it be possible to have multiple layered grid systems as well?



    And offcourse toggle shortcuts for it.

  6. Hey Highvoltage,


    What do you have set as the next style in the Edit Text Style settings? Are you pressing Shift+Enter?


    We'd like to encourage you to stay on the current beta if possible as this is the very purpose of having a beta. You might not find current issues or may report fixed issues if you go back - This is of course your choice, though.




    Next style is Same style.


    Attached a file. Just press enter anywhere.

    It even reverts to no style when you just want to continue typing at the end fo line

    BUG - paragraph.afdesign