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    MasterEaster reacted to 00Ghz in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.5 - Beta 10)   
    Esc still does not quit the text tool. I have to go and click on the icon to get rid of it. :(
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    MasterEaster reacted to MasterEaster in Adjustment Layers Bad Aliasing   
    Hello Everyone,
    This is my first post and congrats with the solid software you guys are building.
    One of the reasons why I feel AD stronger than other Vector packages is the ability to stack colour correction layers on top on vector illustrations.
    The problem with it is that the behaviour/results you get from these are not usable in production purely because even with small adjustments the blending between the objects gets aliased.
    The issue is present on canvas and on export
    See image below the result where Brightness/Contrast and Shadows/Highlights layers are added to the group.
    How do we fix/workaround this?


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