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  1. Just a wee point. I use XNView (just switched from ACDSee) to keep track of all my images in my life as a professional photographer and it is a free piece of software although I paid the suggested $29 cos I'm nice like that. I can save and restore layouts in that. I believe it is written by one German fellow in his bedroom (cannot provide evidence it's not in his living room!) If he can do it...

  2. 7 hours ago, Samoreen said:

    Actually, one or two hours are more than sufficient. As I explained somewhere else, the code for saving and loading a workspace already exists in the program and, with exception of a few glitches, it works. So the only code that has to be added is 1) a workspace naming procedure and 2) small changes to how and where the workspaces are stored. Nothing more. This can be done by a summer student.

    Sorry, what? How are you drawing that conclusion?

  3. Hi. I am using Affinity Photo on two Windows 10 machines. On the machine I use for my photographic work I have Portrait Pro 18 and Affinity Photo 1. 7.2. 471. On the other machine that use for design work I have PP 17 and AP so the same version of AP on each. On the machine with PP 17 AP opens PP as a plug in and works as expected. On the other machine it still crashes. On both machines PP works correctly in the latest AP Beta. 

    Can anyone help? Is AP still broken with PP 18 for others? 



  4. Hi all, I have a set of brushes and I go to one. It is a fun speckled spark shape (see attached screenshot) and I changed some dynamics and the size. I want to now save this as a brush to a new brush category but I can't work out how to do that or if it can even be done. Can anyone help at all?



    ScreenHunter 558.png

  5. 7 hours ago, Ahmed Yasir said:

    Looking back at this request. I really feel I was aggressive, and I wasn't looking at the bright side that we have this great app for 50$ (and most of the time it's on a discount). and serif really deserves an apology from me.

    Well, thanks for seeing it that way! It does break all rules of the internet, of course (the rule is shout and shout again!) but good for you for being so upfront about it. Hurrah for civility!


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