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  1. Hi all, I've just started using Affinity Photo and I remember wide as I gave up on the trial a few months ago. When I go to Save As the only option is to Save As an Affinity Photo format file. In Photoshop I am able to go to Save As and choose any form I like rather than being restricted to a PSD file. The reason that this really matters is that I use ACDSee for cataloguing my files and currently (although my contacts as they are looking into changing this) they are unable to show me AFP format files so if I work on a file I want to keep it to work on again later I have to either export every time as a PSD or save as an AFP and be unable to see it in ACDSee. I would like to just be able to save it as a PSD in the first place and then simply press control unless to save as I go along. Does this make sense? Any chance of making this available? It seems to me as though this is what stops this program from being a Photoshop killer, for me anyway.
  2. Phil_rose

    Save as other file formats

    Right. I'd just like to be able to Save As and Save rather than having to Export each time. It's more of a niggle, I guess but there we are.
  3. Well, look at that! Thanks!
  4. I have found this too. I also can't Save As anything other than as an Affinity file. Is this expected behavior? I'd like to always work in PSD and if I have to export every time that's a pain and possibly even a deal breaker. Well, not necessarily if ANDSee can make it so I can see my Affinity files in ACDSee. But can we have it so that we can save as PSD?
  5. And another vote for this.
  6. I too really wish this could be added.
  7. Phil_rose

    Save Workspaces

    I second this.
  8. I agree with this. PagePlus started recognising new fonts on the fly several iterations ago and it's a great help. I think if Affinity wants to compete for pro status this will be a necessary update.

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