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  1. Good morning everybody, I am finding another thing that seems to be missing from Designer which I use an awful lot in CorelDRAW and which is kind worrying to me unless maybe I'm missing something. In Corel I have a blend tool. I believe Illustrator has the same thing though I don't use Illustrator. It allows me to create two objects and blend them together. This is particularly useful for creating interesting drop shadows and so on. Is there really no way to do this in Designer? I'm attaching a screenshot to show you what I mean. Corel allows me to choose which aspects of each object interact with one another. Hopefully there is some way of doing this or it will be added as it seems like a very important tool to me. Thanks very much and let me know! Phil
  2. Just a wee point. I use XNView (just switched from ACDSee) to keep track of all my images in my life as a professional photographer and it is a free piece of software although I paid the suggested $29 cos I'm nice like that. I can save and restore layouts in that. I believe it is written by one German fellow in his bedroom (cannot provide evidence it's not in his living room!) If he can do it...
  3. Sorry, what? How are you drawing that conclusion?
  4. Can anyone point me to some high end tutorials on the Export persona and how to use it? It is clearly very powerful but it's making my head hurt trying to figure it out! Thanks! Phil
  5. Oh, I just discovered that the other laptop has V17 on it and that must be why it works. So I really don't think that PP V18 works with AP beta but NOT with AP PP V17 works with both those AP versions. If there's anything I can do to help make this work I'd be happy to do so.
  6. Hi. I am using Affinity Photo on two Windows 10 machines. On the machine I use for my photographic work I have Portrait Pro 18 and Affinity Photo 1. 7.2. 471. On the other machine that use for design work I have PP 17 and AP so the same version of AP on each. On the machine with PP 17 AP opens PP as a plug in and works as expected. On the other machine it still crashes. On both machines PP works correctly in the latest AP Beta. Can anyone help? Is AP still broken with PP 18 for others? Thanks! Phil
  7. Hi again, I tried that and had no luck. I find that I can make PP V17 work but not 18. Does that offer any more?
  8. Android is the more popular platform for tablets. Any sign we might get them? I understand the stats would need to be high to run well but....please!?
  9. Any chance of the official release catching up with the beta in terms of not causing Portrait Pro to crash on opening? Thanks!
  10. This is not working right for me though it should be really useful. It seems to work sometimes but look at the green square. It falls apart as I distort it. I wondered if it was a video card issue but on export it still looks that was as JPG. Thanks for any thoughts. Phil untitled.afpub
  11. Hi all, is there really no keyboard shortcut to place an image? I have been hunting but have been unable to find a way to do this and it seems very odd that there would not be such a keyboard shortcut. Thanks!, Phil
  12. Oh, well duh! Thanks, I don't know why I couldn't see that.
  13. Hi everyone, I really love Affinity Designer and want to stick with it and will! It works really well but it has some really important (to me) features missing. I have used CorelDRAW for a very long time but it is definitely bloated and slow at this point. I guess it is still based on some sort of old technology. Anyway, something I really like in Corel draw is the ability to have angled guides. You drag a guide onto the pasteboard just the same as Affinity and then as you can see at the top left of the screen grab I'm attaching, you get the option to change the angle. In fact, guides are added to a new layer which is, by default, set not print. This means you can lock the guides layer, move it up and down in the stack of layers et cetera. This is so useful in so many situations. Is this something Serif might consider adding to designer? Thanks. What do others think?
  14. I would second this request. In CorelDRAW I can simply drag an object to another layer without finding it in the layers pallet. I keep trying to do it in Affinity and it's annoying!
  15. Phil_rose

    Angled guides (a la CorelDRAW)

    Absolutely. You can do that in Corel too, of course and yes, that would be the better option.
  16. Oh well, duh! I hadn't updated the Beta for a while as I just went to using 1.7. Yep. Looks like it's fixed! Yay! Phil
  17. Any advance on getting this fixed in 1.? Doesn't seem that it should be too big a job to fix it.
  18. Hi, I have laid out some of a book and I'm trying to test it by uploading to Blurb for printing but it's expecting the layout to be 6.875 by 6.875. As you can see from the second screengrab, Publisher is outputting as spreads so each page of the PDF is 6.875 by 13.75. Is there a way to export splitting each spread in two? You can see that the pages are 6.875 by 6.875. Thanks! Phil
  19. Phil_rose

    Save a brush?

    That works though it's a rather roundabout method. Ah well, it works! Thanks a lot.
  20. Hi all, I have a set of brushes and I go to one. It is a fun speckled spark shape (see attached screenshot) and I changed some dynamics and the size. I want to now save this as a brush to a new brush category but I can't work out how to do that or if it can even be done. Can anyone help at all? Thanks! Phil
  21. Well, thanks for seeing it that way! It does break all rules of the internet, of course (the rule is shout and shout again!) but good for you for being so upfront about it. Hurrah for civility!
  22. Hi all, I have a shoot this afternoon and I want to add sparks and fire and smoke as in the test image I'm working on but it looks STOOPID! Can anyone offer any help or suggestions other than 'be a better artist'? I just can't seem to make it work. I have a bunch of cool brushes in these shapes. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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