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  1. I have downloaded the pdf and wanted to say many thanks for all the work and time spent on this great tool. Most helpful. Warren
  2. Affinity Photo Team Many thanks for the free pack of macros for Affinity Photo 1.5. Extremely useful and another great reason why I keep talking about the advantages of the product at my camera club meetings. Stickman (Canberra, Australia)
  3. I prefer Vimeo and in this regard I have downloaded all 170 tutorials together with the text description of each tutorial. I have also created my own table of tutorials showing the name of the tutorial, the description as shown by James, the last update of the tutorial, the series number and category as per this website. When James made some changes to the categories and in some instances renumbered a few tutorials I made the necessary adjustments to my list. Why did I go to all the trouble to create a table of the tutorials? Simply put I needed some way of locating similar tutorials as an exa
  4. Greetings James Many thanks - updated to 1.5.1. The tutorials are just great. Many thanks to the development team and you for giving us a great product. All the best for Christmas and New Year Kind regards Warren
  5. Greetings James Just a simple question for a relative new mac user - I have Affinity Photo ver 1.4.3 - Where do I go to update to ver 1.5.1? Many thanks Warren (Stickman)
  6. Hi James I also support Bruce and Diggs comments re the highlighting of the cursor to see which tool is being used. As a person with vision impairment this would greatly assist me in being able to follow the excellent tutorials . So, James - can you help us? Warren (Stickman)
  7. Hi p_mac Like you I was concerned that there had been no further tutorials since Aug 12. I was hoping that he may have been off writing an English version book on AP. We live in hope.Glad to know that our moderator James is ok and I look forward to his further great tutorials.
  8. Hi James Many thanks for a very quick response. Much appreciated. Have now downloaded the five videos and renamed with extension .mp4. All is fine so again many thanks for your excellent tutorials using Affinity Photo. I also had a look at your web site which I liked vey much. Was good to see your work. Warren
  9. Greetings from Australia I need some help please. I am vision impaired (no sight in left eye and only 0.5% in right eye) so for me to get the best out of AP I have downloaded the tutorial original mp4 videos with the exception of the following 5: Layer Concepts, Lab Colour Mode, Vector Architecture: Worked Example, Text: Branding/Watermarking and Maximising Raw Latitude. Step 1:Selecting the tutorial then Step 2: selecting download takes me to the download page where Step 3: I select "original" which would normally clear the screen and show that the file was being loaded. When the m
  10. Hi I am a recent purchaser and user of Affinity Photo and have been endeavouring to download the tutorials. My download speed is not that fast and slows just when I havre only a few hundred K to finish. It brings up the message "you do not have permission ..." hence I can not resume the download and have to start the long process again. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Warren (stickman)
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