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  1. Affinity Designer Online Help for those who don't know yet Affinity Designer Online Help

  2. I'll look up your reco on the App store on of these days. Thanks Bri-Toon! 🙂
  3. Good day, I'm well aware that the Stock Photo search panel is only available in Affinity Publisher, but, I was wondering when the Unsplash panel would come into the other Affinity Softwares. Now that I have Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo in my arsenal(ditching the subscription model of Adobe altogether), It would be very favorable if it were so. Is it somewhere hidden, perhaps? let me know. Thanks!
  4. You ca follow me on instagram as AffinityDesigner_Art. It's an instagram account dedicated to my journey to discovering the wonders of Affinity Designer. Here's the link: affinity.designer.art :D

  5. As a newbie to Affinity Designer, I'm loving it. Below are my sample works which starts from basic to medium. I used Affinity Spotlight website to populate my magazine design mockup and another magazine design original. I sure do hope Affinity comes up with their companion magazine, because that would be cool!
  6. Cool, WIll do. Thanks Patrick for letting me know about that section.
  7. Good day everyone, I'm Allen, from Manila, Philippines. I'm a Sr. Art Director / Sr. Graphic Designer by profession who has worked for various multi-national ad agencies in my country for 16+ years. I have been using Adobe Suite of Applications since it's inception but have been looking for an alternative that can ultimately replace my Adobe Suite. I couldn't much longer afford the subscription rates and Adobe hogs computer memory too, with that said, it was all but natural for me to switch to Affinity Designer. Now I'm slowly grasping the ins and outs of Affinity Designer, thankfully it's a short learning curve for me, since I'm well versed in Illustrator already, the shortcut keys are pretty intuitive save for some that needs a little bit learning. So it's was really easy, painless switch for me when I bought a copy of Affinity Designer last month. I've already made a few magazine layout designs which I have attached below as proof of my learnings. Looking forward to meet more of you guys here. Since I already have Affinity Designer, I Will buy the Affinity Photo, the next month after payday. By the end of the year, I will have the Whole Affinity Suite so that I can use the Affinity Studio Link feature. Yes!!! Disclaimer: The Magazine Mockup was made in Adobe Photoshop, since I don't own Affinity Photo yet. By the way, you can also follow me on instagram as AffinityDesigner_Art. It's an instagram account dedicated to my journey to discovering the wonders of Affinity Designer. Here's the link: affinity.designer.art
  8. Good day, I'd like to introduce myself as a new fan of Affinity. My name is Allen and I recently switched to Affinity Designer last month out of frustration for Adobe Illustrator. For those asking, if the icons can be changed for MacOS, yes it can be done. Follow the steps below 1. Go download yourself any Affinity software icon of your choice, make sure it is in .png format. 2. Go to your Downloads folder and Double-click on the downloaded .png icon file. This will open in Picture Viewer by default in MacOSX 3. Press Cmd + A (Shortcut Key for Select-All), this will select the image from within your Picture Viewer Windows. Then, press Cmd +C (Shortcut Key for Copy), this image will remain in your clipboard for the time being. 4. Go to Applications folder and navigate to where your Affinity Software folder is. 5. Select the icon of the Affinity Software you wish to get the icon changed. 6. Press Cmd + I (Shortcut Key for Get Info) again, this will bring up the Get Info properties box. Note: There is also another way of bringing up the Get Info Properties Box and that is to Right-Click on that Software Icon that you want changed. 7. Select the icon of the Affinity Software on the upper left of the properties window. 9. And now for the final touch. Once you have selected that icon in the Properties windows, perform Cmd + V (Paste) 10. Now, you've got yourself that icon replaced. Hopefully that solves and helps those who want to customize their app's icons. Btw, been doing that ever since OSX came in. I agree with the new icons, but nevertheless they are futuristic to say the least. sleek and clean. I work on both PC and Mac. Mac at Office, PC at home. Cheerio and Best Regards.
  9. I'm part of the BETA testers and I'm having trouble installing Affinity Designer for Windows. It says I need to install Windows Update kb2670838 and got curious, so I googled it and came up with these search results https://www.google.com/search?q=windows+update+kb2670838&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Now, I'm afraid to proceed and download the windows update kb2670838. Google and forums says it fucks Windows up, what to do then? I've been waiting to try Affinity Designer for so long, now that I hjave the BETA flavor I can't even proceed to use it. :-(
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