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    I enjoy good books, good food and good times with friends. All sorts of movies and Jazz is the music that feeds my soul.
  1. Nicely done! A good bit of craft. Thanks for sharing.
  2. This is a hot topic around the US of A right now and since we're number 1 in incarcerations, I felt a strong need to express my own opinion in a concise way; so I did this sticker in Affinity Photo. I love this software! So much easier to use than the "current industry standard". Big ups and thanks to the Affinity Team for your hard and wonderful work.
  3. I don't know what OS us use, how much RAM you have, how many layers you run or the amount of filters, etc... you run on those layers but, your iMac likely has 256MB of RAM on the GPU. And, like you say it will run the software but, with the odd glitch or artifact the GPU is the likely culprit, although system RAM can also affect the video performance. I had a similar issue on my 2006 Mac Pro using Photoshop CS 5.5 also running 256MB GPU but, only 2GB of system RAM, I upgraded my system RAM to 6GB and really haven't had any issues since. Hope this gives you some insight as to what to start looking at on your Mac.
  4. Hello all, I'm totally new to Serif software; I've always been a Mac user and only used native software. I found a link to Affinity Designer through a response to an article on "Tera Talks" and thought I'd check it out--always on the look out for interesting new software. So far, I've found Affinity Designer to be pretty good, though I've only used it to test, not for an actual project. It's great that you've included EPS as an export option, something not available in iDraw, which I use as well as Adobe CS 5.5 Web & Design Premium. I like the "Personas", what a wonderful thing to be able to switch instantly between raster and vector tools/options. Looking forward to the release and the other 2 apps--Photo and Publisher. I'd rather own than rent.
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