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  1. I am used to being able to separately rotate the image apart from the crop function and to be able to key in the exact degree of rotation to the right or left (Adobe Photo Elements), so I am not comfortable arbitrarily rotating the image while in the crop mode. I am more analytical and need to reference degree precision in working with this. Also the crop feature should include an option to CROP to IMAGE (ignore white space). When working with scanned documents, I like to clean them up eliminating as much white space as possible surrounding the scanned image and having an automatic selection while in the crop mode would be helpful "CROP to IMAGE" ignoring white space. A further item needed is the ability to correct distortion caused by scanning without introducing a warping distortion in the image, but rather reshaping the image geometrically as a whole maintaining its integrity. I recently received a certificate via email that was scanned and emailed to me. It should have been a clean rectangle, but it was rotated a degree or so and the dimension across the top of the certificate was bigger than the dimension across the bottom of the certificate (more of a trapezoid). I used the Warp Mesh Tool to correct the certificate, but it really added distortion or warping which I had to add additional nodes to sort of correct it visually. In actuality the certificate was not uniformly corrected by the Warp Mesh Tool. I would like to be able to just grab the lower portion corners and simply stretch them out to a true rectangle and have the entire image uniformly reshape without adding a curvy warp distortion. Additionally in working with the Crop and Warp features, I would like to see the ability to orthogonality lock to the horizontal or vertical by holding an ALT or SHIFT key. It is too arbitrary to move a node and maintain a documents integrity when visually trying to move or reshape by the node. This is especially true when dealing with scanned architectural plans or something needs to be traced or redrawn from a CAD Underlay. I also have had to work with scanned site drawings trying to convert them to CAD and I needed the ability to correct them by reshaping them so the grid lines are true horizontal and vertical as close as possible. As an added note, as stated above, I do not wish to introduce a curved warp distortion in these scanned drawings, but rather geometrically reshaping them.
  2. Alan_S

    Grid Visibility

    The Grid shows up very light on my computer screen. There doesn't seem to be a way of adjusting the Grid visibility. I have looked for Preference menu options to adjust the Program & Menu Color Scheme, but there doesn't appear to be an option. I can adjust my computer screen brightness, but I would prefer to leave it as I have adjusted it already for my CAD work.