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  1. Here you go R C-R. Easier than i thought on a Mac Sunglare_01CA.jpg.zip
  2. Thank you 'firstdefence', much appreciated. And yes you're right, better taken and multiple images is going to save time, and frustration. Exposure Bracketing is my next port of call
  3. Any ideas/suggestions as to how I might be able to improve/remove the sunglare from the left-hand side curtain? I have tried, I really have, (in Affinity Photo. I also have Affinity Designer) but to no avail. So your help would be much appreciated! As I'm not sure how to upload an 360 image the attached is just a standard .jpg file. Kind regards
  4. It was a journey. Very frustrating at times!!! And yes, i wanted to get rid of the dark background. As they say ' Life is for learning as learning is for life!'
  5. Interesting. And something worse considering for sure. Thank you
  6. Hello gdenby, As promised I've attached the two versions I came up with. Your critique is most welcome!
  7. Thank you and I'll let you know how I get on! Love your profile image by the way.
  8. gdenby, You have a deal, and thank you for your kindness, much appreciated. Best Clive
  9. Hello gdenby, That is awesome. Sadly way passed my skill set. How easy would it be to insert the attached logo into it and if so, would there be a charge? Best, Clive TDA Logo.bmp
  10. Taking another look at the image I posted, it looks as though it's not flat and gives the impression of being slightly angled so you can see the right-hand side face, which gives it depth. Does that makes sense?
  11. Thank you Alfred. I've followed your instructions and I definitely get a bevelled edge. The thing is it looks rather flat and even if I add 3D to it, it still look like the image I posted. If it helps I do have Affinity Designer?
  12. Hello Forum, Is it possible to create a logo that looks like a tile (see attached)? My image is 2048px x 2048px .png. Any help or advice would be much appreciated Regards Clive
  13. Hello reglico, See attached my wonderful text in a circle and thank you for your help It was very easy. Best Clive
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