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  1. Michael, I presume the affinity you are talking about is Publisher as you mention Page Plus. (many contibutors do not specify which Afinity they are commenting on!) I have had a few issues with publisher myself but have had difficulty finding where to put my comments. At the moment I can not commit any imprortant productions to APublisher as I feel it is not sufficiently developed, and continue to use page plus most of the time.
  2. Publisher 1.7.0 set up failed - I tried 4 times. Windows first stopped the install stating the publisher was "unknown" but let it thru when I clkd install anyway.
  3. I want to copy an asset from one page onto the paste board area, and then move to another page and move the item from the pasteboard onto the other page. As of this post this did not happen in my latest attempt to adjust a project. I must make the observation that this is how I am used to it working in Page Plus. I would also ask that Envelope sizes for common envelopes be included. This is a matter of productivity, having to make your own is time consuming and usually frustrating as its never right first time! Otherwise I am getting used to the software and congratulate the team on their mammoth efforts Marj
  4. Page plus x9 is my current publisher, I use it for all correspondence, posters, greeting cards, etc and have attempted to use it for bublishing a book which it will compile through a master document just like others, and it is a great piece of software. It is the converting to a format that Kindle and Createspace will work with that is occupying my cerebal resources right now. Just hoping Affinity will be able make this less taxing.(sigh) No pressure you understand! hang on to your sanity . best wishes Marj
  5. I am anxiously waiting for the publisher launch. Hope you still have me listed as a beta tester! I have several books for publishing to get into shape for a friend in aliling health and I am finding current software sadly lacking (since I am not going to jump on Adobe's waggon anymore) so hope the release will be soon, but, you must get it right so as soon as you are ready I will be waiting! Best Marj
  6. This has been an informative thread, I have enjoyed it! My “4 pence” would be if its inaccurate fix it now not later. Its important for a professional level product to be accurate, even if its seen by some as being a bit pedantic. Anything less depletes the product. So bite the bullet Affinity.
  7. Agree with Jmac, online stuff is awarkward to use, but understand that printed material can go out of date in a still developing project. Hope the programmes will generate a magazine like the old photoshop one in due course. Supprised to find photo has been released - I felt it still had some de-bugging to go -hope it does not get the programme an indiferent reception from the wider audience because of some still to iron out glitching. But Affinity does not have much opposition to speak of so Good luck :)
  8. sorry about the photos being stuck in the text, but I cond not find any way to edit the post after I saw where they were!!!
  9. I have folowed the demonstration on the video tutorial. however the sliders for RED, MAGENTA, YELLOW, produce NO change in the photo. Cyan and Blue produce small changes. White Black and netrals work as I would expect. 2 jpg attached
  10. thanks for the tip to change the display name. have been to the 'profile change page' and done that so hope it works
  11. chage user nae

  12. Hi all, :) I am also a long term user of Serif Draw Plus (as recent as version X8) I'm not impressed with the loss of so much of the Draw Pus userfriendly featrures. Only had Affinity a few days but its too much like Adobe Illustrator which I have used for while but HATE. A programme can be full featured and professional without being user unfrinedly.Professional output needs to be efficient and the more a designer had to "stuff around" to get a good result the longer and less efficient there work flow is. The lack of ability to properly 3D dome a circle or other object from the effects panel is undesirable. Affinity developers please take note! Marj
  13. First impressions: I installed Affinity Beta 2 days ago. I have problems with Edit>Preferences>. 1) I can not get the language to stay as English (United Kingdom) yes I read where it said it required a restart. I followed this edict and tried several times. It still opens up set to the US version. 2) I find the very dark background difficult to use and wanted to lighten the UI but non of the sliders produced any observable changes. I did try some of the other preferences but did not find anything noticeable either. Is this a fault or was my copy corrupted while downloading. (3) Effects- 3D does not produce a sufficiently deep effect, it only rounds the edges of a quick shape or Circle. Previous Page & Draw models completely domed these objects and that is important. (4) some of the video tutorials do not have commentary - personally I have no idea what is going on in them and so find them useless. There is also a deficit of ‘basic, introductory get stated offerings , they all assume that you know basic stuff already. Other observations: (1) I have used Adobe Illustrator for a number of projects. I have also used In Design and of course Photoshop. These products have always been over priced and over complicated, user unfriendly and un-intuitive. Yes they were feature rich and the professional market endorsed them for whatever reason. But even though I was using them for serious commercial projects, I personally hated using them. So basing the UI so closely on the Adobe model disappoints me immensely, I was hoping for something more user-friendly like the original Serf Draw and Page models. Surely you can incorporate an ‘undo’ icon, and a window of page size icons instead of that intimidating set up window that seems to be the only way to open a new document. (2) I am not a fan of keyboard shortcuts. Its all very “nerdy” to have learned all those “arcane symbols” I’m sure, but personally I find it quicker and more efficient to whisk the mouse cursor up to an Icon on the toolbars or use a drop down menu. (3) It seems Apple users have taken to Affinity with some enthusiasm. But then, as I understand it, they never had the joy of using the original user friendly and intuitive Serif Page and Draw software and only have the Adobe and other so called high end alternatives to compare with. Windows users will have a different perspective. I will continue to add comments as I gain more experience.
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