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  1. Michael, I presume the affinity you are talking about is Publisher as you mention Page Plus. (many contibutors do not specify which Afinity they are commenting on!) I have had a few issues with publisher myself but have had difficulty finding where to put my comments. At the moment I can not commit any imprortant productions to APublisher as I feel it is not sufficiently developed, and continue to use page plus most of the time.
  2. I want to copy an asset from one page onto the paste board area, and then move to another page and move the item from the pasteboard onto the other page. As of this post this did not happen in my latest attempt to adjust a project. I must make the observation that this is how I am used to it working in Page Plus. I would also ask that Envelope sizes for common envelopes be included. This is a matter of productivity, having to make your own is time consuming and usually frustrating as its never right first time! Otherwise I am getting used to the software and congratulate the team on their mammoth efforts Marj
  3. I have the same type of issue with the smudge tool and have raised it before, how ever it has not been resoleved in subsiquent revisions of the software. I find this very frustrating. I do hope this issue will be taken seriously this time!!!!!
  4. Hi so gland this issue came up I have been at a loss to understand why designer seemed to have no "paste board" . I am used to serif's now lametably legacy programmes having this facility and I use them all the time to place objects that I re use Thanks MeNan for brining this up. and MEB for the info! Marj
  5. Marj

    Mask creation impossible

    I tried using the mask to extract an image from its backgrond last night and also found that It did not work, so have just tried the suggestion above from Chris B. At first nothing happened, then I switched from subtract to add, however I had to switch back and forth a couple of times for anything to happen. I'm not sure if this helps any, but I did find that the reposne was a bit intermittant. Marj ps love the clarity filter
  6. Page plus x9 is my current publisher, I use it for all correspondence, posters, greeting cards, etc and have attempted to use it for bublishing a book which it will compile through a master document just like others, and it is a great piece of software. It is the converting to a format that Kindle and Createspace will work with that is occupying my cerebal resources right now. Just hoping Affinity will be able make this less taxing.(sigh) No pressure you understand! hang on to your sanity . best wishes Marj
  7. I am anxiously waiting for the publisher launch. Hope you still have me listed as a beta tester! I have several books for publishing to get into shape for a friend in aliling health and I am finding current software sadly lacking (since I am not going to jump on Adobe's waggon anymore) so hope the release will be soon, but, you must get it right so as soon as you are ready I will be waiting! Best Marj
  8. Hi Pauls, I use a Genius tablet with a pen. This has always worked fine and still does in Photoshop. I am still not happy with the smudge function. Lately I have been truing to reproduce the selection refining shown in the video tutorials on the meerkat fur. My subject was a wombat, but I could not get the same nice results that the tutorial seemed to get. So I was trying to use the smudge to drag out fine lines from the edges in places, but it took a number of attempts where nothing hqappened before any results at all and then the ones that I got seemed to be a series if dots rather that a continuous stroke. I use smudge with various brush settings a lot to make photos into art like the rose attached in the jan 20th post, so its sort of a deal breaker for me. Hope the team are holding up under all the pressure to produce the perfect application it must be hard, but it is appreciated good luck. Marj
  9. The programme has been upgraded, but the smudge issue is still a problem. Attached illustrations of the problems in the pdf and the jpeg used for the cut out attempt. Smudge tool 1.pdf
  10. Thanks Sean, using paid for version. other requests being prepared to follow Marj
  11. Two things When making a selection around a subject to be isolated using the ‘magnetic’ tool, photo crashes. I think its related to a section of strait line rather than around the curves. Happened twice on the same jpg. I am not happy with the way the smudge tool functions. There is a lot of what I would call jittering when using the hard setting, that is it seems to leave a collection of circles rather than a strait line. Have gone into the setting adjustment panel but I can not improve it. Smudge of any brush selection, also seems to pick up colour and hold onto it, then drop it where the next smudge stroke starts. Sometime dropping repeated dark speckles. I Use the smudge brushes a lot so this is serious :o . The Affinity team is taking on a huge challenge, so hope this helps iron out some bugs. Marj :)
  12. Marj

    PPI is not DPI

    :) good advice Stan!
  13. Marj

    PPI is not DPI

    This has been an informative thread, I have enjoyed it! My “4 pence” would be if its inaccurate fix it now not later. Its important for a professional level product to be accurate, even if its seen by some as being a bit pedantic. Anything less depletes the product. So bite the bullet Affinity.
  14. Hi Zaltobas, and Chris_K, I would cofirm that I have made some panoramas with .jpg photos, but not found that problem. I trust you can find the reason It would be interesting to know what it is.
  15. Marj

    Photo refusing to export

    Hi alphaM. I too have just aquired the paid for version of Affinity Photo - Windows. I have not experienced your problem. I presume you have used the export persona ? on the right side there are export options. Alternaitvley from the photo persona use file dropdown and find export from near the bottom of the menu. If thoes options are not available to you then your downlaoded copy may have been corrupted and you might need to re-download it - Affinity probably have some mechanism for doing this for ceritifed purchases. hope that is of some help- Marj

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