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  1. Question about handling of ICC profiles in case of multiple monitors. I have a NEC wide gamut display as main monitor. and a Huion Kamvas as drawing tablet monitor. Both are calibrated and have their respective ICC profile assinged in Windows. As I understand it, Affinity Photo respects the ICC profile assigned to monitor which is marked as "standard monitor" in Windows. If I now move Affinity Photo to the drawing tablet monitor, I assume it uses the wrong profile. Is this assumption correct and if yes, is there a way to solve this situation?
  2. Hi, I sometimes like to see my artwork at 100% zoom where e.g. 1 cm on the monitor is 1 cm in real life. For that I need to set / know the image dpi of course. That I found in the document settings. But I also need to set the monitor ppi (pixels per inch) according to the physical pixel pitch of the used display. For my monitor this is 109 ppi. I can't find a setting in Designer for that. Can somebody tell me if I am just to blind or is that feature not available? (Screenshot is from Photoshop CS6)
  3. Hi, I very often use the "align to object" feature in Illustrator. Would love to see a similar feature in Designer.
  4. Ok, got it. thought snapping works when initially creating the node (first make guide -> mouse snaps to guide -> node is created at guide position). But now I understand it works differently (make guide -> create node somewhere -> shift move node to guide) So snapping to guide becomes available once a node exists. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I very often use the "align to object" feature in Illustrator. Is there something similar in Designer?
  6. Many thanks for the reply. Second case works fine. Regarding first case (guide and adding node snapped to it) When I zoom into the image it seems the snapping does not work accurately. Maybe something is wrong with the snapping settings?
  7. Hi, new to Affinity Designer (win beta). Want to replace old trustworthy Illustrator (sorry Adobe, I don't like your subscription). The questions: How to add a node exactly in the middle of a line? How to move node handles symmetrically? Please see screenshot: Thanks for help
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