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  1. it is a very useful function, I used it on corel draw (CTRL + R) any action, modification, rotation and more is repeated on any selected object every time the function is called.
  2. billgatto

    Affinity designer on windows 10 freezing

    Hi, I am testing for a few days the new beta, in fact seem faster, I have to test them again with larger files. Many thanks for the report.
  3. billgatto

    Affinity designer on windows 10 freezing

    It always happens to me as soon as the file becomes more complex, it is still a matter of just moving objects, not to mention when I need to edit the texts. Instead I had no problems with corel draw even with very large files. My PC is an Aspire Timeline X notebook with Intel Core i3 8GB of RAM and HD SSD 250GB, dual video card an Intel and the other Nvidia Geoforce GT540M 1GB of RAM. Windows 10 64bit.
  4. Hi, I use Affinity Designer on windows 10 for almost a year now, after using Corel Draw from version 2 to x7. I did change because I liked affinity right away and I decided to buy it and now I just use this one. However, there is a big problem working fine and the application is continually freezing for a few seconds even for simpler operations. It's frustrating to work so you lose a lot of time. Is there any solution? Thank you
  5. It's big problem for the online print service this is my post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/38802-error-on-artboard-pdf-export/?p=193416
  6. billgatto

    Error on artboard PDF export

    I did the same procedure with Corel Draw X8 I set a file in A4 (210x297) and when I exported to PDF the measurements are correct.
  7. I have a problem, I created an A4 brochure that I then exported to PDF for submission to the print service. On affinity dimensions are correctly indicated 210x297mm. While in the PDF file are 210,06x297,01mm. They are minimal numbers but they block the procedure. Why is this difference? Thank you
  8. well, today I worked on setting price list a text style and I must say it works well enough if you are sure the final pagination but Corel's solution is much more practical for live changes.
  9. Thanks for the advice, with regard to the solution to make two blocks of text is fine for a few lines, but if you have so many is not easy. Having used for many years Corel Draw find the Affinity system impractical. In Corel I can move, delete and add all of the tab directly in the worksheet. (look the attach file) I tried with the styles and is a good solution but I think you can speed up your workflow by placing a bar over the text block with the display of the tab you can change without entering the settings.
  10. Hi, I have a problem I'm realizing a price list, but I can not align numbers with decimals with the tab. There is a tutorial which explains well the procedure? Thank you
  11. billgatto

    lag when edit text

    Hi, I bought Affinity Designer and I'm migrating from Corel Draw, I have a pretty annoying problem when I'm editing of texts or paragraphs the program crashes a few seconds. My PC has 8GB of ram with hd ssd and i3 processor. I want to know if it is normal or if you can speed up a bit in the management of fonts. Thank you
  12. Is very useful the possibility with shortcup (in corel CTRL+R) to repeat last action, fill, move and more.
  13. billgatto

    copy text features

    copying the style even though I change the font size, in corel you can choose which attributes to copy, not only on the text, and paste them to another object without being altered sizes.
  14. It would be a very useful feature to copy the features of a text , color type, size and color contour like Corel Draw funcion.
  15. It would be useful on the home screen when you open Affinity Designer as well as the work of the designers, there is the possibility to open the last used files.