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  1. A left-handed user here. I was just about to post this as well, but found this thread. Thanks!
  2. Sure wish you'd consider an iBooks release too. I would love to buy this for my iPad Pro.
  3. Yes, please! These types of sites make it so much easier for the developer to manage the feature requests and see which ones have the highest demand. UserVoice is another similar platform.
  4. My apologies, I just noticed that it does have snap, and you were requesting X/Y coordinates. I do agree. However, I'm really glad it has snap, that's a start at least.
  5. I would love this, as well as to be able to select a rotation point with snap. For example, hover over snap points and select the one you want. It would be great if the snap points included midpoints of objects, endpoints of objects, centers of ovals/circles/arcs, and tangents of curves.
  6. This feature is listed on the roadmap, check it out: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/842-affinity-designer-feature-roadmap/
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