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  1. Woohoo, I can now open my files that had data merge information in them!
  2. Hey folks, I now completely understand is is a niche feature ( I didn't realize it was at the time :D ) and I will be supporting Publisher when it arrives. Consider that part of my request null. Today I grabbed the latest release as I saw it contained updates for importing files, hoping my issue would be resolved. Unfortunately, I still cannot open any of my PSD files containing data merge information. Dang! Maybe next time.
  3. Vanish


    I definitely need a way to hide a selection of layers without manually locating them all within the layers list. A toolbar item/icon would work well for me in this case. Select several layers > Click Hide Tool would hide the selected layers.
  4. Its obvious this request is not attractive to many folks using Affinity Designer, but I'd love to at least be able to open my data merge PSD's in Affinity Designer so I can manually work with them. Thanks for your hard work on this program.
  5. I have uploaded an example file, attached to this post. 1846-shares.psd
  6. On a side note, currently PSD files with Data Sets attached cannot be loaded into Affinity Designer. The file could not be parsed.
  7. Vanish

    Pies, Arcs and more...

    And even moreso, there are options for pies and arcs already.
  8. One of my tasks requires quickly regenerating a set of images (sometimes hundreds) based on a template. This is currently accomplished either with Adobe Indesign or Adobe Photoshop with Data Merge. I set up a CSV with columns which are attached to layers within the document. There are three options: 1.) Set the Text content of a Layer 2.) Set the Visibility of a Layer On/Off 3.) Set the contents of a Layer to a File Once you have the layers attached to columns and the CSV imported, you can preview each row, set the display to a specific row and export one/all images based on the data in each row. I could identify several more options that I would love to have (set the fill color of a layer) but the minimum needed would be Visibility and Text. Unfortunately, I cannot abandon the Adobe products until I have another way to accomplish this merging of data. I have not found any alternative software to accomplish this merging, so I am willing to bet there is a market for it. Inkscape has a plugin that nearly does it, but it is not implemented well and does not work with all shapes.