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  1. Thanks Everyone, I think I can see a way forward now. All I need now is time to check it out. ^_^ Petra.
  2. TonyB and MattP, Thanks, and especially for the rapid response. I have Adobe Acrobat {Full Acrobat, not just the reader} on both my Mac and Wintel machines for a specific reason, different from drawing. I use it for .pdf file creation to satisfy the requirements of a very picky recipient. I'll have to learn how it fits into this new developement of today. Thanks again, Petra.
  3. Hello Tony B, Please, I'm not that technical, I'm not sure what the above means. There is no way to directly import Drawplus files into Affinity, understood. But, Is there/will there be a way to import Drawplus files into Affinity through a not obvious route, like PDF or SVG, which can then be edited in Affinity? If they cannot be edited in Affinity, for me there will be less use in trying to import them. Thanks, Petra.
  4. Hello Everyone, I was delighted to see this topic, and the helpful replies aired in the Forum. I now have my drawingboard background a nice pale grey, so I no longer scream in pain when I look from it to my work. However, the Toolbar is still black, and the dropdown menus are grey on black, this, as Sunset so poetically put it, is:- 'all shiny, new, modern, efficient looking, makes me think I'll get great results..... :)' Why didn't the designers go the whole hog, and make the print black on a black background in the drop down menus? That would have been even more shiny and modern. Oh, yes. That's a pity, the primary purpose of a drop down menu is that it should be read. My 74 year old eyes have trouble reading grey print on a black background, and I doubt that I am alone! Please, the modern, trendy people can still have it how they want it, but how do I change the colour scheme of the drop down menus from its present configuration into a staid, musty, old fashioned but readable for me, black on white. I have waited many years for this, despite the teething niggles, well done Serif, please continue the good work. Petra. {8 Core, 8 Gig, Mac Pro with SS Main drive.}
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