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  1. If you're referring to toolbox, menu backgrounds both Affinity and Adobe have options to switch lo light or dark frames. I agree with this: Although Adobe fixed this too a while back with CC. Too many colors in UI is distracting and the BW option in Affinity makes the icons lose focus because they have too much going on.
  2. I know this is a small part of what you plan to achieve and I don't mean to imply that it should be a priority but to be honest that was also my first impression of the UI as well. It's not necessarily the colors but the way they are executed. Some have too much details, outdated or are plain confusing. The colors don't follow a particular palette and lack consistency. Even the toolbar ones like 'breaking points' and 'join' etc. seem out of context. The persona icons also could use some work on context and execution. Not sure what market you aim at but it does make an impression. The iPad version of Photo seems a lot better IMO. Anyway, I use your software from time to time for personal projects and prefer some of the features and workflow over other design software. Glad you guys are stepping forward and won the Microsoft developing award.
  3. I agree with both options being available. Exactly how I want is sometimes dictated by the grid not a sketch.
  4. In some cases this limit is practical. Let's say I want to have this simple line. I know I have a 10 px increment on the grid lines, I can easily reproduce this in the future without having to estimate. I don;t always use a sketch to design something and the grid is a great reference. If not, why use any kind of snapping if it's limiting?
  5. @Ben Alright, so to sum it up there will be a snapping feature where handle length "a" and "b" will be a perfect match. I agree that making an arc with the snapping feature did not give the same results as making it with a circle but it's somewhat faster and symmetric. Right now I'd have to make a circle convert it to a curve, select points, break them up, delete points so only one segment is there. BTW there should be an easier way of deleting segments.
  6. @Ben How about a feature that ensures that the curve is perfectly tangent to the red lines (in this case the bottom one) while dragging the handle. EDIT: I've used this feature in Illustrator to achieve something similar to this concept of curvature. If there's a better way then by all means I'm all for it.
  7. Couldn't this be a checkbox option in the snapping toolbar instead?
  8. I should have said symmetric curvature on both ends of the line. It's not constant curvature.
  9. Constant curvature on both ends. I don't want the curve to have a longer bezier then the opposite point. My examples above don't have a constant radius but if I go overboard with the keypoint I risk damaging the tangency of the line ends. Plus it's a lot faster then current tools. it would be cumbersome to use the pie/circle tool for most of these situations.
  10. Here's two examples of where this can come in handy. Making a constant radius arc this way doesn't give the same result as using the circle tool but it's faster in situations where a perfect arc isn't necessary.
  11. Obviously we don't need handle snapping to perform basic shapes. I use handle snapping in a lot of situations including typefaces.
  12. How would you achieve a shape similar to this using Affinity? You could eyeball it but it's not accurate.
  13. They said they'll introduce it but not when. I too am confined by using this feature. Also be sure to check vector exports. I had issues with clients that couldn't import affinity eps in illustrator successfully. I'd like to ditch Adobe too but it's hard to do that when everyone else (mostly agencies that are my clients and need to do further modifications) is using it. Maybe one day.
  14. filip89

    Choppy line with bamboo tablet

    Hi Mark, yes I did but that option breaks everything up for some reason. The pointer becomes constraint by a small portion of the screen and can't draw lines anymore or cursor becomes unresponsive. Tried restarting the app, same issue.
  15. Having some issues with raster brushes on Photo. Using a Wacom Bamboo tablet and using the mouse line curves seems to be smoother then the tablet ones. Any idea why? Latest drivers, Win 10.
  16. I noticed snapping guides and sometimes objects to edges doesn't work all the time. To go around this I had to select the object I need to snap to, deselect it and then it would work. Sometimes I have to do this for all individual objects.
  17. filip89

    AD Snapping to object issue

    Thanks @MEB. I wasn't aware of the candidate option. I switched to all layers and it worked. The hover works just as well. Cheers.
  18. filip89

    Affinity Photo for iPad launched at Apple WWDC

    The iPad UI looks great. Any chance you'll add the same toolbar icons to the desktop version as well in the future? :rolleyes:
  19. Please add snapping handle nodes to the grid.
  20. Yes please add this feature. It's really important for certain shape construction.
  21. I work mainly on visual identity projects and have used both Affinity Designer and Photo since they came out on the market. While Affinity Designer is certainly a promising piece of software I could not unfortunately (at this point) use it for professional purposes. I continue to support the developers for their work however I will have to stick to illy for the time being. The features I'll list may have been discussed before but I'll get them in one place to illustrate my point on this. These are a couple of missing features that I bumped in with some attempted projects in Affinity Designer: Most important PDF export as vector. Most clients work with Adobe products so I need to deliver files that will support multiple stop gradients/transparency and eliptical gradients as vector. Bezier handle snap to the grid. This is especially useful for logos and typography Delete control points and break the curve at the same time. Having to break lines separately is a tedious workaround. Shape offset and a better algorithm for point distribution. The current workaround with strokes creates many useless vertices along the path. Split shapes with a single line. Right now the only way I could split a shape is by using another closed shape. Line width control points. I know there is currently a pressure option but it just doesn't cut it for complex situations. I'll be watching the app's updates and activity in case this will get added in a near future. Really looking forward to completing an entire project using Affinity Designer. Cheers and godspeed. :)
  22. Hello. Trying to make it easier to fit objects while moving around so I was wondering, is there a way of having a drag/move preview of the object? I don't know what the cause is at this point but moving vectors around creates a lot of tearing while rendering the square buckets. One question in regard is: how much does the app use the CPU / GPU processing. I'm using afterburner for a test and it seems while all my CPU cores hit 90-100% when moving a single circle around an empty scene, the GPU is around 5-20%. I have selected my GPU as my renderer. Is this normal?
  23. I certainly look forward to that because I really wish to use the app, but would not be taken seriously by clients if I were to offer rasterized PDFs for print.
  24. Hi. Most of my clients need an EPS vector format but it seems Affinity can't fully export this in vector. It needs to rasterize simple features such as translucent gradients. Any way I can get a vector EPS working? I tried setting the export as rasterize 'nothing' but then it screws the transparency and lines. EDIT: I noticed Illustrator seems to use a native EPS format so let's put it another way. I used to copy paste vector shapes from one software to another like Illustrator> photoshop and keep the transparency. But AD pastes an EPS version (which doesn't support transparency). My only workaround is exporting SVG and then import into PS or something similar. The only real problem now is having to deliver Illustrator svg edit compatible files. AFAIK .svg does not export CMYK profiles.
  25. Hello, fluffy. What bothers me mostly of AD exported PDFs is the lack of vector gradients options. Let's say I need a logo/graphic done and print ready at any size. The client doesn't have AD so I can only provide a PDF with no other option for them to enlarge the final print output because gradients are rasterized. What do I do then?