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    vjsouza reacted to Ben in [Fixed] AD/AP freeze at File/Place...   
    Thanks for your help with this bug. We have now resolved the problem and will make the fix available in the next Windows release.
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    vjsouza reacted to walt.farrell in Everything Inside an Artboard is Exported as a Single Bitmap Image in PDF   
    This is a known issue with this level of the beta, at least on Mac. I'm not sure I've seen a report on Windows, but it's probably the same on both platforms.
    This kind of possibility is the reason that Serif warns us not to use the beta for production work or anything critical or time-sensitive, of course.
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    vjsouza reacted to Arte in AD Beta CRASH if I do zoom while use Corner Tool   
    I can confirm this bug, had it happen earlier today with the corner tool as well in the latest beta. It first freezes for a while then then crashes when using ctrl-mousewheel to zoom in or out while the corner tool is active.
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    vjsouza reacted to 4Lakes in AP do NOT accept brush stroke?   
    I do not have or use Designer, but in Affinity Photo Beta 1.7.209 the Dirk Wustenhagen Fine Art Texture Collection brushes seem to work as texture.
    Machine: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit up-to-date per Windows Update, Service Pack 1, Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 32.0 GB RAM, Windows Experience Index 7.7 (on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9), Graphics card: GeForce GTX 970 version 385.69
    Since there are numerous options for the Brush settings, I am including screen captures of the General, Dynamics, Texture, and Sub-Brush panels as well. I presently rarely use brushes, so these are almost always the default settings in the panels. Perhaps different settings of these panels causes a problem?

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    vjsouza reacted to Manofjesus in AP do NOT accept brush stroke?   
    As for now - such scenario, as mentioning vjsouza, is impossible for AP, as i know. I have an idea for using it with lettering - but could not implement it.
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    vjsouza reacted to Angelize in AP do NOT accept brush stroke?   
    what I think vjsouza may be referring to is applying a brush to a path.  for example a path drawn with the pen tool or a shape.  there is an option in the stroke drop down to apply a brush but it does not work.
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    vjsouza got a reaction from m.wieckowska in Add option to convert missing fonts to curves at Open dialogue   
    Hello, Serif people.

    I would like there to be the option of converting missing fonts into curves at the time of opening a file, such as PDF.
    PDF readers can display perfectly on the screen and print documents whose fonts are missing on the machine you view.
    PDF readers can do this because the font is embedded in the file. So, I think Affinity (Photo and Designer) could do the same process that these pdf readers do.
    Lately, I've been using PDF reader "PDF-X CHANGE EDITOR" So I print to PDF with the option of converting fonts into curves. However, the result is poorly rendered text.
    Please Serif people. Help Us!
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    vjsouza got a reaction from Michelle_5 in AP AND AD 1.6 HAVE VERY SLOW INITIALIZATION   
    Hello. I have Afinitty Photo and Afinity Designer
    Both take 15-20 seconds to start.
    Earlier versions had a quick start. Why did you slow down the programs? Can you make them fast as they were in previous versions?
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    vjsouza got a reaction from claycle in AD & AP - Remember my settings of last use   
    Hello, guys at Serif.
    Please, make Affinity Photo and Designer remember my last settings, for example, If I choose Lanczos instead Bilinear, please, remember this choice in the next time.
    If I do Effects/Bevel and Emboss, please, let me reuse my last settings. Is not useful "pillow" 5px every time! The ideal is a option "save as default" for each effect, like Photoshop do.
    Please, set LANCZOS for defalt for everything!
    Please, SET by default export do PDF with JPEG 100% instead JPEG 85%
    PLEASE, let me choose if I want to export to PDF with layers or not!
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    vjsouza got a reaction from BudemixFus in SOME AREAS WILL BE RASTERISED - I FOUND THE PROBLEM   
    Hello, guys at Serif.   I have found the root of all problems with export to PDF. Please, open the attached file, export it to PDF, open the exported PDFs with Affinity Designer and verify the layers panel. Some (or all) gradient fill curves was rasterised.   AD have a BUG. if a linear gradient have more than 2 colors, and if mid point is not exactly 50%. AD will rasterise it at export to PDF.   Please, Serif guys. Correct it!  
    Gradients in Affinity Designer.afdesign
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    vjsouza got a reaction from LCamachoDesign in Some areas will be rasterized. Until when?   
    The issues are in the attached documents. Open the .afdesign document and try to export to pdf yourself. Count the minutes. Open the rendered .pdf generated by Affinity. Compare it with the PDF generated by Illustrator. Quality and file sizes. Until when?
    Moebius CMYK linear gradients (Affinity).pdf
    Moebius CMYK linear gradients (Illustrator).pdf
    Moebius CMYK linear gradients.afdesign
    Moebius CMYK linear gradients.ai
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    vjsouza reacted to MikeW in [ADe] Designer is unable to export to PDF for professional purposes!   
    The PDF export is one reason why I do not believe AD is ready for prime-time. I find it hard to believe so many have accepted this and Serif hasn't rectified it by now.
    But do this. Change all the elliptical gradients to circular. One of them (I think the large red oval) has a stop at 70%, make it 50%. You'll slightly alter the drawing in the process (nice work, btw). But it may just do for the next job without needing to run through Illy.
    I've attached a resultant PDF.
    Campagnolo Reataurante-modified.pdf
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    vjsouza reacted to Checkmate in AD & AP - Remember my settings of last use   
    I agree on this suggestion - I have to select 'Area: Selection without background' every time I'm exporting a transparent logo, even within the same session. Gets a bit tiresome to see it always default to 'Whole document'.
    Even better would be the option to right-click any selection and have 'export objects' show up in the menu.
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    vjsouza got a reaction from kpweiss in Export to TIFF with other compression formats   
    Hello, Guys.
    Let me choose Export to TIFF with other compressions, like LZW, JPEG, NONE, etc.

    Let me choose Export to JPEG Chroma format, like 4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4
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