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  1. Hello all, I appreciate the feedback on how what I'm doing is wrong (I know it's not a reliable practice.) But this is a feature request post and so far nobody has addressed the idea. I think it's a brilliant one, what does everyone else think?
  2. Ok, this feature request may seem like an odd one, but hear me out. Sometimes I'm just messing around and experimenting in Affinity Designer. When I'm doing this, I prefer to keep stuff loaded up (not saved) because the project isn't good enough to save as a file, or I want to resume working on it later. My unorthodox method of keeping projects that are a work-in-progress or just experimentation is to force quit Affinity Designer so when I get back in, my files will be pulled up from an unsaved state automatically. This is especially useful because it can remind me about projects next time I launch the software, and I don't have to come up with names or folders to store a project I don't know enough about yet. Also, everyone knows how projects can quickly add up and get buried over time. My feature request is to have a "quick save" button which will save things in the same manner of a force quit, except I don't have to use task manager. In other words, just save the state of the software as it is, instead of forcing me to save them as project files. I think this will be super convenient and make my personal workflow better. Then, next time the software is opened instead of "unsaved projects" there would be "quick saved projects" if you clicked the button in question.

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