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  1. Hello, The video tutorials that where originally on the Serif Affinity Designer web seem to have been moved to VIMEO. When I click on the menu tab to go to the video tutorials if brings you to the VIMEO web site. This is not as logical or as clearly layout as on the original Affinity web site. Please bring back this page. The Tutorial section link from the Affinity Designer Application HELP MENU brings you now here to this forum. Thank you. Regards,
  2. Hello All, Just updated Affinity Designer and I now cannot see the items as I hold down the mouse and move the item around. The item only now appears once I let go. I can see the measurement markers in the ruler guides but I only see the item once I release. I though this might be a memory saving issue in preferences but could find no preference in there. Anyone else notice this. Thanks in advance. Regards
  3. Hello Happy Kitten, Thanks for that — I look forward to seeing it in action… Regards, Titus Tears
  4. Hello All, I am a print and web base designer and new to Affinity. I am coming across this issue of Pixel Vs Pints issue with regards creating elements or design work for iOS/mobile development. As a general discussion would people be interested in talking about this and how Affinity Designer can help me in this area. Maybe adding Helpful tips and pointers and areas to be aware of. Especially since I am translating over from a pixel environment… Many thanks in advance… Regards, Titus Tears
  5. Hello All, What is the best way to do create a Pie Chart. Each individual segment needs to be coloured differently. Each segment will not be equal in percentage size / segment size. All suggestions would be great. Regards, Nigel
  6. Hello, It would be great if the Pie Tool could have some additional controls. IE be able to segment a circle into exact segments. This would be great for creating pie charts. Regards, Nigel
  7. Hello All, I have a drastic need for hotkeys (shortcuts). I need a hotkey switcher from Draw Persona and Export Persona. The amount of time wasted having to move from one end of the screen to the other (especially on a 27" iMac and Wacom Tablet) so I can switch between Layers in drawing Persona and then switch back to Export Persona. If you could give us the "Q" key command to switch between all three Personas — that would be great. More key shortcuts please. That would help and customisable also… Regards, Titus Tears
  8. Hello All, Opening a new file. Get the Affinity Open Dialogue Window You can select an item within the window but you cannot arrow up or arrow down to select a file. This has always been an option available in all other applications within the Apple environment… Is there something wrong here? Regards, Titus tears
  9. Hello All, New to Affinity Designer and it is really great to find a fun and elegant vector based application. Looking foreword to the days ahead. Regards, Titus Tears
  10. Yes this is very important and will make life a lot easier… create a range of end caps. both sides of the rule /line segment.
  11. Hello, While using Affinity Designer 1.1.2 I have noticed an issue with the key combination of Command key and Space bar. If Command is pressed first you always get the PAN Tool (HAND). Where what I am looking for is the Magnifying glass. If SPACE bar is held in first in combination with the COMMAND key you get the correct action of MAGNIFYING GLASS. Additional note — please add the ability to drag zoom in while holding down the key combination of COMMAND key and SPACE bar and drag the mouse in or out (left or right). Same as in photoshop. Great Work by the way —. Kind Regards, Titus Tears
  12. Hello All, Is there a way to create end caps on a line segment. If so can you direct me to it and is there different variants to use, such as arrow head, circle or sure ends at the end of a line segment. thank You, Regards, Titus Tears
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