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    mvlad got a reaction from Redsandro in Affinity for Linux   
    I think that's a statement without basis, the last one. However I agree with the core of the argument, serif is better off fixing the current issues (like the expand stroke bug, we'll soon reach 5 years since it's been first reported) than expanding into a new market. However I also have to poke holes at serifs previously mentioned accomplishments. Why boast about a platformless application core if you're not going to have it available on all platforms?
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    mvlad reacted to Crudo in Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken   
    God, when will this be fixed??? It's an essential feature.
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    mvlad got a reaction from Jowday in Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken   
    As mentioned before, this only makes it similar visually. The node count and placement is still broken so that makes it unusable for further node modification. That is only a workaround if you only need vector for scalability, not further editing.
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    mvlad got a reaction from BennyD in Save raw adjustments   
    I agree it'd be nice to be able to save the development stuff to an XMP, or even an affinity proprietary one (wouldn't be as nice since XMP is used across more than just Adobe's apps)
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    mvlad reacted to iband in Save raw adjustments   
    Hi MEB,
    Actually Photoshop's Camera Raw allows you to do all that you have listed: save presets, export XMP and reapply the same adjustments to different files, as well as automatically saving those adjustments on opening the file and reading them when you open the same Raw file again.
    The problem with iPad is that if the app crashes you loose all you work (it just happened to me, half an hour of adjustments in Develop persona with multiple brush layers). It's very frustrating as you have to start from the beginning and there's no guarantee it won't crash again. 
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    mvlad reacted to Xavez in Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken   
    I get that software has bugs, and that you cannot allocate 100% of resources to bug resolution. And I get that this is a difficult problem to solve. What I don’t get is how this bug can exist for years without even getting a hint of a timeline for when it will be solved. It’s not a cosmetic bug, it’s a major basic feature that doesn’t work reliably. It’s the equivalent of a car of which the lights work, sometimes.
    The basic promise of Designer is that it is great vector editing software. And for 99% it is, but this is a major oversight, not a tiny bug. Whoever is doing product management is either drunk, or doesn’t understand how much this feature is used, and how reliable the results should be.
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    mvlad got a reaction from Theophile Eyong in Affinity for Linux   
    @Keith Reeder Please use multi quote. If you press Quote on a second message it adds it to the message you're currently writing.
    I'd say it comes from both. People have this certain image of Serif in their minds: "Serif is the underdog, it's the company that will overthrow Adobe and will be better than it in *all* aspects!" and then when facing reality that no, Serif in fact wants to do its own thing and does not always value outpacing Adobe as much as the quality of its products, there is frustration brewing. I personally have followed some news in regards to the windows Serif apps and I know there are still issues that need to be fixed ASAP and I understand fragmenting the development team at a time like this would thin out the teams even more. So I understand why Serif has this "Sorry, but we currently have no plans to release on Linux" mindset on the matter. They're simply prioritising quality over quantity.
    At the same time, I also feel like (because of this back and forth frustration) Serif has come off on the wrong foot and could, to certain people, give off the impression that they are against the community when in fact they have their priorities in a different order. They've said before that they wouldn't want to have a half-assed port (when asked about using WINE to make affinity work on linux) so they clearly want, in case they actually do plan on making a linux release, to have it working on par with the windows and mac versions. The community however is so hungry for a linux Illustrator/Designer that they would take some buggy release over nothing.
    So I personally think that there's a bit of a communication issue here. The community sees serif as anti-community and fearful, whereas Serif sees the community as demanding and possibly ignorant because they misinterpret certain things. From that of course it's only a few steps to take to labelling the opposition.
    Of course this is just my take on the matter.
    The point they were making isn't that you can't on Windows and Mac, it's that it's easier to do it on linux because apps don't have to work around the OS as much as in the aforementioned two.
    I'd say you're misinterpreting what they're saying in order to have another point against them. They were simply pointing out that they would pay for an extra license if needed. The reasoning is besides the point.
    Now that's just insulting and I'm not going to address this "point" any further.
    That is not as relevant to this topic, but I'm going to point out that older people have a harder time learning new things. My mother for example has such a hard time with phones that not only does she not want outside the android bubble, but she doesn't want anything that isn't samsung's skin either. It's just harder for them to get into new stuff.
    Anyway, to me your stance is clear that just as you point at frustrated linux users, you yourself are of the same state of mind, just in the opposition, although as is the case for both sides, there are good arguments and gibberish arguments.
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    mvlad reacted to SrPx in Affinity for Linux   
    It is curious to me that you wish that we'd stop the conversation, yet you reply/complain against every single detail. Once again, you can't censor or make anyone stop posting in any direction. A moderator can, though (it does not say you are one below your avatar...). I believe you meant: "let me say the last word, I can reply to you, but you shouldn't "... hmmm, it does not work that way  ;).
    Trust me, I was not going to post again (replying to you), to follow your wish, then I realized you keep accusing me of cherry picking. Once again: Check this entire thread (doesn't take that long, I did it)... or.... as you say below you did it... dunno... do it again, just a bit better, as that was NOT what happened.  I have been just pasting the links to the posts IN ORDER of appearance. It happens to be that Patrick has answered here more than other staff members. I just pasted all posts in order. Again, if the conversation derailed, and at that point of the thread they are talking about film actors, why should I link it????? About the matter, I posted all. NO cherry picking. And it is a false accusation. (talk about attacks...).
    And then you start replying me about what each staff member said. I don't have anything to do with that ! Is just what they said, I posted the links,  to keep it accurate, you might like it or not, but is just a list, with all items, in order of appearance.
    The whole point was to provide newcomers (as you said that they don't know what staff posted before, and so they were in disadvantage) with a compiled list, in order or appearance, of all the staff posts. Then did so with other (edit) posts  threads in the matter, as some could not be aware of older posts threads or that simply are not being bumped right now.
    Because... There have been around rude attitudes and wording. And I have a thick skin about that, btw (reaaally thick, and yep, the 10 companies...) but you have gone to the extreme of saying this is one of the most bitter communities you know (I just feel you are too used to linux-only communities, and not so used to find a different POV in those very matters) ...and... trust me, it is not. Then you haven't seen really bad ones.... This one is quite gentle (in comparison).
    Well, thank you, but forum reputation is not something that moves me.     (btw, I have liked MANY posts from linux fans, when suggesting coherent stuff).  If you really did so, then have checked that I just pasted all what I found (and was not chatting about birds), in strict order. No cherry picking. Unless I was supposed to skip every Patrick's post, and as seems he's quite in charge of many areas (answering in many themes, not only linux's), it sounds it'd be wrong to intentionally avoid them, also as if he was not posting in the line of the company then would not be allowed to post at all. Meaning, not even a second post in a thread... Or that's how it works in most places.
    There was no focus. Is a compiled list of posts, in order.
    I don't know where did you get that I was justifying insults to new people, I never insult anyone, neither online or offline, how can you deduce that when I was pointing out that you seem to see the rudeness only in one side, avoids any logic, but ok.

    About my experience in 10 companies (btw, my only comment in that personal aspect about you when I mentioned it "as I believe you have also been in many" was not irony, was a compliment, as I noticed experience and background knowledge in some details. Truly. But, oh surprise, I find in response to that a personal attack, about my skills, this time) and how I surely was not in charge of PR communication or social media, you are half right (not about my skills, sorry) : I was not really PR communication, but in several cases, for long time, yep in social media. Abundantly.  And... well... I still remember a nice meeting when they stopped all the order of the day (which, btw, was pretty intense) , at the very beginning of the meeting to congratulate me as I had been the direct responsible of a 35% increase of the traffic to the site, and a 30% increase of estimated income. And it was quite rare they'd congratulate someone like that.  And used to get quite some praise about the matter. So... I feel that your "theory" about that is neither accurate.  But yep, I'm mostly a graphic grunt.
    And these are only some samples :  If you do not see bitter aspects (or slight rudeness) in your posts (and definitely, in several linux enthusiasts, I have seen way more rude ones than yours) then you are not being very objective, to say the least.
    This is also (at least) the second time you accuse of whataboutism to someone that simply is not agreeing totally with you (I have agreed in the past in some aspects...).
    Really? Not my case. I type really fast, and only post when I'm waiting for a render or the like.    Anyway, you are posting in a thread, where everyone (including you) is allowed to post. Is not like we're having a PMs chat... So, you need to expect reactions to what you say here. (if not, another option is not posting).
    I'm very happy to say that it is very accurate to what I expected the situation was, since post one years ago, till today. It has always sounded to me that they do NOT want to close the door. That they just don't see it as the best strategy with certain circumstances, and they keep watching several factors to, at some point make a port if the situation recommends it. I believe latest posts do confirm this. I have no reason to lie (in this or any post) when I tell you this is the exact idea which I'm getting since the beginning.  Which is way more than other companies Windows/Mac based would say, BTW.
    I refer to your comment about this community being the most bitter you know, and my company experience (among others), regarding the attacks/complaints department   
    Anyway, I can't think of any single time where I am "attacking" you. Just debating (with you and others). The company experience is a clear example, where I expect/suppose from you the best, and find a very different style from you.
    In that I agree, but indeed, I always said they don't have an intention of closing these threads, even in the post that was quoted here. While they have closed in the past quite some threads (usually something got really, really bad, to need that).
    I agree with that, too. In your perception, it is.  (reddit comes to mind, and... ouch (meaning, "some" threads, of course. Also, ye good ol' slashdot have a history with so many posts that would make anyone's hair go green with the verbal flatulence....Heck... youtube comments section, as another of the many examples of the "way much bitter" than anything you'll find here. ).
    But you actually replied to everything   . (basically is telling me NOT to reply, hehe) I would argue that there's a ton other people not agreeing with you, so you really need to be picky which you reply to (curiously, others have INDEED attacked you, unlike me. But it is me who you'd desire to stop...   ). Maybe only replying to linux enthusiasts ? That sounds safe. Although that'd be complex to establish too, as, you wont believe it, but I am deeply a Linux enthusiast, and funny, but older in that history (not in age) than the vast majority here. 
    BTW, sense of humor is never an attack. Is a way to avoid rudeness, indeed. (I am not using savage sarcasm, in which I'm pretty good at, but am avoiding it, intentionally... Every possible instance of it, and... there are so many temptations...  Gotta keep strong. )
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    mvlad reacted to Qu4ntumSpin in Affinity for Linux   
    Hello @Mark Ingram,
    Thank you for your post and information.
    I've recently published : 
    And I have a request for you and your team that implies a very small dev effort.
    Would it be possible to add a simple toggle info to our accounts (serif accounts, not forum) to add our targeted OS ?
    Example, I would love to have my purchases count as towards Linux platform not Windows. Since you already implicitly do that for Windows / Mac OS, it would be nice to have an explicit button to indicate for Windows purchases that they are used by mainly Linux user.

    I know how complicated it can be to get real meaningful stats. And with such a topic, you might even end with bots or false positives, people that would never actually buy your product. Have a little chat with your Marketing & Business team, but I think that metric could actually help. And even if you don't do anything with it, I would actually feel pretty great about it

    I got this idea from Steam itself. When a user on Linux purchase a Windows game, it might or might not work on Linux, but that doesn't matter, Valve is counting it as a Linux purchase, and seriously that is awesome. Because that's a proper metric to have that reflects reality.

    With that, have an amazing day, keep up the good work ! I can't wait to try publisher, don't get me wrong, I love Scribus, but I was used to indesign, and your tools are simply AWESOME. This is why I vote with my wallet and keep purchasing your products.

    Note 1: I am absolutely against the crowdfunding, this is not the way to go for a closed source project. If you want to go that route, let us vote with our wallet and purchase a Linux version with no promise of delivery, right on your page next to the other ones.

    Note 2: People speaking about Akira... That project is a splendid demo on how NOT to do a modern design tool, specially in the Linux eco-system.
    No cross platform, uses a specific tech that very few devs work on (VALA) and is not desktop agnostic. Just that should be a show stopper for anyone with a little love for all the diversity that exists in the Linux eco-system.
    In addition to that : No proper feature set, no roadmap, no real activity in their code base (all branches included). https://github.com/akiraux/Akira .
    TLDR: doing it right is not easy, and asking for money is not enough.

    Want a good example on how to do it right ? Krita.org and their MANY successful crowdfunding. 
    - 2014:  20k Euros (Accelerate dev) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krita/krita-open-source-digital-painting-accelerate-deve
    - 2015:  30.5k Euros (Let's make it faster) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krita/krita-free-paint-app-lets-make-it-faster-than-phot
    - 2016:  38.5k Euros (New text, new vector tools. svg2 support, etc.) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krita/krita-2016-lets-make-text-and-vector-art-awesome
    - 2018 : 27k Euros (Squash bugs) https://krita.org/en/fundraising-2018-campaign/ 

    That's 116k Euros in 4 years of crowdfunding (and I most certainly forget some others they did). This doesn't included direct donations or steam purchases.
    That's how you ask for money, your first build something great, then you lay down a great plan for growing up and then you ask for money.
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    mvlad reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity for Linux   
    The second post on this thread from @TonyB said:
    Now, that was in 2014, and as the products have grown (and new products like iPad and Publisher have arrived), that cost will have risen, unfortunately.
    This thread is popular, but ultimately we've only had a fraction of a percent of people request a Linux version so far. Now, if this post had 20,000 people in it, we'd be clamouring to build for Linux...
    We're not saying never, we're just saying that our limited resources are best spent working on other things right now.
    And I say all that as a Linux fan.
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    mvlad reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity products for Linux   
    You say
    What is the point of "the BIGGEST!! selling point" if not to make money by selling it (of which you apparently disapprove see below)
    Stop insulting us to our faces. Shouting, swearing and insults are against the Guidelines you have agreed to
    We are not a democracy, sorry. 
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    mvlad reacted to Alfred in Affinity products for Linux   
    No matter how casual, swearing is never pretty.
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    mvlad reacted to SrPx in Affinity for Linux   
    Well, I'll add it to my CV. The more, the merrier. Or maybe you were not including me there, I don't know. I have changed my opinion quite drastically in years (and about politics, sports, etc).
    Ok, I believe the point that is wrong in the above is that, in these 19 pages, and in the other ton of threads  this has not been addressed by Serif. Yep, they have said no, and this is not what you wanted to hear. But they have answered this complaint more times and more in depth than many others.  A bit of a sample below, but I have been skipping the light irony, and moderation posts....or... some just 'cause have things to do now, and the mouse wheel is showing smoke now due to friction and speed... might have missed some... below is a list... And please, don't post again comments ad hominem (not particularly you: anyone). A company is a complex machine. Typically what is posted in a forum, is previously agreed (at least the general line, not every word) in a meeting or so (in the 10 companies I've worked at, is what I experienced). So, if u see more of patrick's posts, I'd consider that a good percentage of that is merely the company position on the matter (dunno if he's officially in charge of taking the heat and punches, seems like that), not the individual opinion (well, in the matters when they make it explicit, or in which you can read between the lines that is the agreed answer).
    I got the idea of posting the below, as you say that the 1 posters new users that come here to "leave a vote", are not aware of the previous comments in this very thread (and don't dare to read them, but yep are ready to post... :? ) ...let alone do a simple search about the matter... But hey, to collect some here. Consider many are so old that the company might have a different position in some details. And while it might be helpful for some newcomers right now, this one will also get sunk for ever, too. So...
    This one suggesting to get Windows if not considering a Mac (as the company also offers Windows versions)
    this one explains it with a metaphor, but you can read all into that, no need for more. And is from early 2017 (you -redsandro- indeed have been posting about this since 2016 (tells me that prolly you've read most of the company's answers). But only now I see you finally discarding the possibility (or so it reads, I don't know).
    This one is essential. Mostly tells you how really aware is Serif about the matter.
    Indirectly, quite revealing :
    Probably the most relevant and recent one:
    This clarifies definitely a particular matter :
    In the other thread (but there have been many more threads, but people do not care to make a search, this is not like the linux mates I remember...) , the most relevant :
    This one doesn't go in the line of denying its implementation or not. But we should consider that, as mentioned above, these threads last years, as Serif is not censorship loving, even when many posts are filled with direct attacks to the company. So, opinions, and the company take at it could have evolved, as situation changes. (and I mean, after all the negativity, they might be less inclined for it. I don't wish it to be so, though )
    This one is extremely verbose, clarifying, and "abundant" in my book. Again, could or could not apply for today's company position. And he cares to add in this one "in my opinion" :
    This, in very direct language clarifies that it is not the technical issues :
    This one I was not going to link here, as we all (including Serif) know that really, the many distributions now is not a problem in linux, but...the following clarifies one of the questions (and many others have also been replied, repeatedly) you were saying that are not being addressed : "The lack of competition on Linux is a big plus true, but that does not in itself mean it is an attractive option for us right now."
    A very neutral post below (yet you can read between the lines... I mean, even I can, so.... )
    In this one demonstrates that how some of their data tells them that the users through certain sources, are caring more about other matters than a Linux version :

    The one I mentioned before, which they have posted (not only patrick) so many times:
    Another thread... (this time, MEB ). Shows you how they were very aware of it, and already a bit tired (maybe) of answering it:
    This one from another member (quite an active developer), explains a bit about technical matters (BUT...is from 2014!), but also mentions the money issue :
    Another answer from another staff member (another very busy programmer, yet kind to answer):
    [omitted a follow-up from him, as you might not appreciate this people's irony... I do.... I kindda like British humor... )  ]
    The one of the 500k, which I suspected that it was a bit of a joke or random post... confirmed recently... (IMO!)
    In this one I realize Tony said a random number MAYBE just to speak about some (any) money-up-front proof that the community would be willing to put, to put their money where their mouth is . So, yeah, maybe not to read too much into that number. As I stated before, it does not grant in any way sustainability, just an initial moment, neither other expenses that come besides the salaries (that's only a part of what a company has to pay)
    Totally OT, but a post which throws a light on their position about posting competitors (ie, the one you mentioned there), that is, actual competitors, of course. Is indeed the one I was remembering in my recent post. They have a ton of patience, for everything:
    Directly that they don't have "apetite" for a KS at this time (back then, surely neither now)
    This one clarifies important aspects, while I am yet seeing complaints about those not being addressed. Not true, they have, they also explain how is not a single issue, but many:
    While I'm not pasting the ones that were pure moderation work (or off topic, or just light irony), this one puts a take about the choice of OS. And I quite agree with  that... One must decide well when choosing an OS, and is responsible of that. And I'd add: And use whatever allows you to get the job done, as that is the most important thing (to survive, at least) or at least should be the take of a professional.
    In another thread :

    The amount of threads asking this would have ended with a sticky thread with the main rule of banning any thread asking for it, in other company's forum, but they don't do that. They don't even close these threads (while they have closed threads about other matters and complaints, although very rarely ). As a proof :

    Given the situation, I totally understand if they prefer to dedicate time to production and fixing bugs rather than answering _again_  5 year old threads. They have already given their answer, even if you don't like which it is.
    Also, they have no moral obligation to do a Linux version. Neither to give you an expanded explanation. Not even if you purchased a Windows or Mac, or iPad version. You purchased that version, not a linux one. Is the same when someone complaints about a lacking feature. I have asked for features. I have not complained nor "required" those to be implemented. I wouldn't have any right. Like everyone else, I downloaded the demo, tested, estimated if I could use it, and there I could be right or wrong, but is all on me.
    So, in light of that, you can't, have no right to require the exact answer or longer explanation that you would like to hear. They owe you nothing, there's no moral obligation from them. So the complaint tone is what is imo out of place. The dialogue, and seduction about Linux possibilities, totally fine (although imo, having read so many times that they have not interest in that, even a nice tone there is a bit rude. Is like : 
    Me: Sir, would you like a tea?
    Some random dude: Er... No, thank you very much.
    Me: I think you need a tea. The world would be better if you drink a tea, right now.
    The dude : Er... your kindness is overwhelming, but no, thank you. I appreciate it.
    Me: Are you SERIOUSLY declining my offer of a cup of tea ????!!
    The exhausted dude:  ....
    Me: WHAT??? You DON'T answer me now??? You dare to ignore me??? Drink this$%!! cup of tea, NOW!. You OWE it to me.
    And so ad infinitum....
    I'd LOVE a Linux version, but whenever emerges some solid data that would be profitable for the (not a single solid data in the bazillion posts I've read in years) company, and heck, they feel as going for it, is their project.
    Because I love Linux and its freedom. I am indeed very, very nostalgic of the old Linux community kindness. For most of it, I declare it gone, lost with the dust of the years....  

    PD: Is not "aggressive" to have a different opinion (that's yet another attempt to try to shut other people's voice. Hidden censorship). Neither to provide with reasons and data. Probably you only refer to the most rude attacks, but... just in case you refer to any kind of opposition to a point of view.
    PD 2 : Sorry for the links that went "graphic mode" by their own will. Seems is triggered even with a space bar tap. Even if I ctrl+z -ed every each of them.
    PD: 3 : This post is not directed to you, Redsandro, it's a post thrown to the void. But you gave me the idea, when I read from you that newcomers (can't read prev pages? Or search? It's a must in every forum) are in disadvantage as don't know if the company have answered about this. Well, here's some links pasted with those answers.
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    mvlad reacted to LucasKA in Affinity products for Linux   
    Yeah, I've spent a lot of F**king time searching. Alva isn't even close.
    Gravit is the one that comes closest, but it's missing core functionality that I am looking for and chokes out at bigger file sizes. Most of these web apps are very basic and aren't a multi-modal design paradigm, which is what I mean when I say Linux is missing a modern, prosumer level design package that can switch between digital and print.
    For instance, I'm working on a Board Game. And in one file I have all the contextual sizes of each artifact, using Artboards. Which I'm not sure any current Linux offering has.
    I have a Symbol library that I use to replicate pieces across different artboards.
    It switches between editing Vector and Raster seamlessly.
    When it comes to exporting, I can export for multiple media however I want. I can slice them into printable PDFs for that media, or I can have tiny, singular sized chunks to import into the tabletop simulator.
    The different Linux tools have some of this functionality, but then they are missing others. Then they have differing workflows, shortcuts and their own quirks and bugs (like Krita does vector but doesn't respect it's dimensions on import, which makes sense, it's a painting program). I miiiiiiight be able to cobble together this workflow with Inkscape, Gimp/Krita, Scribus. Unfortunately I don't see one with the flexible exporting system for the different media, because most of the Linux packages have long Legacies based around their one context.
    The tools that Affinity has aren't where it's value lies, it's in it's perspective of workflow.

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    mvlad reacted to Redsandro in Affinity products for Linux   
    In response to this, and also for Linux users that mention using GIMP as much as possible so they don't have to boot Windows: You can also try the multi platform Polarr Photo Editor (Basic version is free, full version is $24 per year).
    It's available on Snapcraft, and as you can see on the statistics this snap is used on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, KDE Neon, Elementary OS, Fedora, Debian, Deepin, Manjaro, Parrot PS and Arch Linux. Maybe more.
    While it doesn't compare to Affinity Photo or Adobe Photoshop by a long shot (so I think in light of this discussion it's okay for me to mention this app, and if not, moderators should feel free to remove this post), it does have pretty descent RAW photo support and might make a hobbyist happy for being able to do quick photo series while on holiday or something.
    Also available for Android tablets and Chromebooks (and of course Windows).
    "Anyone can argue that if what we’re doing is not making money, then it’s probably not worth doing anyway. Fortunately, we see a large number of people who are willing to pay, and we believe Polarr does have a product-market fit in the photo enthusiast community."
    Especially when they work offline too, and can be installed as a stand-alone app. I believe Polarr is an Electron app.
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    mvlad reacted to myclay in Affinity products for Linux   
    Seems like for example SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH is offering something similar to Akria and its called  Alva and available on Windows Linux, mac.
    Alva is an prototyping solution which lets you design interactive products.
    There are probably many more alternatives out there, why are you not spending a bit of your time on the net searching?
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    mvlad reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity for Linux   
    I think you really are all reading too much into that $500,000 figure.
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    mvlad got a reaction from Redsandro in Affinity for Linux   
    Because people are curious? If you see a car that looks cool, would you not go for a ride in it (if given the chance) just because it doesn't have cup holders?
    I wouldn't say people are complaining that they don't support Linux, people are complaining because they are given a straight answer without any arguments to back it up (they don't necessarily need to back them up, it's their property we're talking about). People are frustrated that they aren't given a choice to have a proper argument. If there are people who just complain that they want a Linux version and they want it fast, sure, that's petty, but most people here who argue for a Linux version already have Linux in mind for different reasons (ease of setting up different stuff, UX, UI, the openness of the platform). 
    That is a fair argument, however people here are rooting for Serif to win another fight against Adobe and have the first professional level design software available on Linux and I have to somewhat share their sentiment a bit. When all you see is reasons serif *should* have a Linux port and they don't even make the pre-existing stuff compatible with stuff like WINE nor do they give a public statement (even something like "we've noticed the growth of the Linux platform, however we're a small company, we can't afford to the business venture a Linux port would be when we have all of this other stuff to work on") then you do get a bit frustrated. This is turning into an echo chamber, with people talking to a wall who keep raising their voice, just in case the wall might hear them and reply (weird af analogy I know but bear with me) 
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    mvlad reacted to R C-R in Affinity for Linux   
    To begin with, a crowd funding campaign does not definitively prove anything about recouping all the costs of development, if for no other reason than all they can do is estimate what it would cost to develop each initial Linux version, much less keep pace with the continuing development & feature improvements of the Mac, Windows, & iPad apps.
    Back when these requests for Linux versions first starting appearing, one of the developers mentioned $500K as a ballpark estimate for some initial version, but that was never a "goal" in the sense some people took it to be, nor is it still likely even to be a decent ballpark estimate now, after so many improvements & new features have been added to Photo & Designer.
    So consider what it would be like if they did do everything they could now to come up with a really good estimate & then had to explain to crowd funders in 6 months or a year that it was much too optimistic, raise the estimate, & then maybe do that again before the development was feature-complete enough to finally offer it as a retail product on a par with the other versions.
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    Sorry, but we currently have no plans to release on Linux
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    Akiras problem; not an image editor, failure in communication what it is, abysmal Kickstarter "campaign" planning? - it was nonexistent.

    There was no tangible strategy to generate interest thru out the kickstarter.
    successful kickstarters in today's time need to have a much higher frequency of updates, recommendation seems to be at least 1 update per day or two days.
    Lack of images be it stills scribbles gifs or videos. one video alone weeks into the kickstarter? is not cutting it
    lack of planning was rampant there, it was something about making prototypes or something like that? anyways, a potential backer suspects a plethora of images
    which make one drool and say; YES I want to back this.
    the interest waned quickly when the Akira people/Kickstarter only revolved about where the link to the kickstarter was shared.
    They simply didn`t know their audience(artists!) nor about their product, it  was not finished enough to be interesting to artists or "marketed" to what artists are expecting.
    Akiras kickstarter among others is a glorious source on how not to do crowdsourcing/an kickstarter.
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    Hmm... There's free speech around here, as far as I know. And is not specified any of that by the OP, sorry... And other Affinity users are completely free to give their opinion, not just the ones with a certain point of view. I mean, this is a forum, not change.org or the poll of an open source group where the developers are asking the community what path should they take. This is a private company, that have the freedom to take any direction, and not necessarily with need or obligation to disclose which is it or their reasons for that (that said, they are pretty straightforward, and way more open (and extremely patient) than most software companies I've had experiences with; they have answered this many times).
    This said by someone that has not a completely fixed position in the Linux version matter (although my realistic, pragmatic view tells me, or even shouts at me which is the actual situation and probability ). Of course, it helps that some of us are comfy with any OS, and merely care about available software, drivers and commercial support for it...
    I don't like the kind of world where some POVs are silenced by a particular group . Indeed, from that perspective, they let you talk and post about this when in any other  software company, insisting over a decision and (repeatedly offered) explanation from the company, ends up just with locking threads. So, I prefer to hear (or read) everyone. This is a forum. Part of that intention of shutting other views is calling different opinions a flame war...while I'm seeing politeness in the majority of those posts.
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    That isn't completely accurate. They have stated that uncertainties about recovering their development costs is something they do continue to consider, but that does not mean it is the only thing they are considering. They have also very clearly & openly stated that crowd sourced funding does not fit their business model, but that has not stopped the constantly recurring suggestions to do exactly that.
    So not only have they never explicitly created a complete set of "rules" for this, at least one of what might loosely be called one of those rules continues to be ignored.
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    I'd say one of the reasons Akira in particular failed is because there is no history. All we have is a promise and a few mockups, whereas Serif had proven itself more than capable to develop something good.
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    It's actually weird to me that Affinity supports Windows over Linux.
    Not only is OSX a unix-like operating system making the base level application architecture closer, but Linux is absolutely starving for modern design tools, while Windows is saturated.
    So from a market perspective, Serif is intentionally choosing to be a little fish in a giant pond, instead of the other way around.