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  1. blureshadow

    Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken

    This is also present on the windows version of Affinity.
  2. blureshadow

    Aff Designer freezes solved with Beta

    Already tried using beta, sadly it didn't fix it for me.
  3. blureshadow

    Crashing Designer

    I use stabilizer on my Ugee tablet and it also crashes. That might be the issue. I'm downloading the beta right now to check if it works there. Edit: Nope, doesn't fix.
  4. I understand your enthusiasm, but try to put yourself in the devs' position, being bombarded with tons of feature requests that might only be used in a specific situation. You've been suggesting a ton of stuff in the past few pages, and I'm not saying it like it's a bad thing, but think of a way to implement it or give your ideas more thought then post a list of requested features instead of making pages after pages of spontaneous ideas.
  5. Is it possible to get a second antialiasing option which would get rid of the gaps between vectors that aren't actually there?
  6. blureshadow

    Logo Design

    The line above the K breaks the immersion, also, you used rounded ends for the T but not for the line above K? The rest seems ok, but decide if you're going to use rounded ends or straight corners.
  7. +1, I wanted to post the same thing, these are features I use extensively.