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    dominik reacted to edferg in Eyedroppers (inside of the curves panel) to define custom values for black, gray and white   
    Please add eyedroppers (inside of the curves panel) to define custom values for black, gray and white, as in Photoshop.
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    dominik got a reaction from garrettm30 in PDF Editing?   
    Just the other day I had to change only one sentence in a one page PDF. The main font used in the PDF was not installed on my system but I found and installed it for that purpous. I tried with Adobe Acrobat pro, FlexiPDF and APub. All three were able to open the file and all three exposed the same display problems with the font (even though it was available and not substituted).
    Changing the one sentence was possible but the overall result was different in comparison to the original.
    What I want to say is: PDF in general is a delivery and not an editing format. It very much depends on the quality of how it was generated and also its complexity. Working with original files is always the better choice if possible (but obviously this is not the case many times  )
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    dominik got a reaction from graphos in Display Text Frames   
    Or to use its outline if it does not have a fill nor a stroke. Even though outline view is not available in APub the outline must be part of the object.
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    dominik got a reaction from garrettm30 in Integration with 3rd party : Antidote   
    Glad to see another user of Postbox. I'm very happy with it as my email client for several years now.
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    dominik got a reaction from MattP in Allow objects to span across multiple artboards   
    Hello @tudor,
    another option that works (I tried this time  ) is to use one artboard the size of your design. Then place transparent rectangles on top of the design with the indiviual sizes to export. You can lock these to not interfere during designing.
    Then you select one rectangle after the other (in the layers studio) an use 'File > Export'. Make sure to choose 'Area > Selection with background'. This creates segments of your design just not using artboards.
    I do not say your request to span objects across multiple artboards is not a valid feature request. It's just not working right now and slices in Export Persona and my method above do 
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    dominik reacted to TonyO in affinity designer export to illustrator   
    I have found the most accurate conversion of an AfDesign file to illustrator is using SVG as an export type, with RASTERSIZE set to NOTHING in the "more options" panel on export. You will inevitably lose some effects in translation (drop shadow, gaussian blurs etc will be rasterized since there is no other option), but with SVG as the file type, you will get good text, vector, outline, fill and clipping mask accuracy when opening in AI. As with any proprietary format (illustrator, freehand, corel draw, etc) there will ALWAYS be some effects lost in translation, but the Affinity SVG to illustrator is a very good translation.  
    EPS rasterizes EVERYTHING out of AD, and PDF, Illustrator cant even open those right, so forget it.
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    dominik reacted to JET_Affinity in Automatic conversion of images to vectors.   
    Correct. Proper logo designs of all things should be created with the most painstakingly efficient and elegant paths. The more vector-appropriate the artwork, the less excuse for auto-tracing. Else, you lose the resolution independence advantage that vector-based graphics exist for in the first place.
    Certainly anyone claiming to do commercial quality vector illustration (i.e., charging money for it) should be proficient in drawing optimal paths with the appropriate tools. And that's where anyone learning to create commercial-quality work should expend energy; not in tweaking a bunch of tolerance settings in an auto-trace feature. The more vector-appropriate the artwork, the fewer and cleaner the paths should be, so the less "time consuming" it is anyway, for someone who knows how to do it right.
    So when it comes down to it, the only few-and-far-between excuse for resorting to auto-tracing is for things that are just too complex for drawing with deliberate and intelligent discernment. And even in those cases, one should always ask oneself if auto-tracing is going to yield any technical advantage anyway. See the self-cancelling cycle?
    It's not the beginning users' fault. The software vendors grossly over-glorify the "automagic" of auto-tracing features with claims like "Instantly convert raster images into resolution independent vector graphics!"
    That's the myth perpetrated among hobbyists. There is no "conversion" to it. Raster-to-vector is not some kind of unambiguous code translation, like converting a TIFF file to a PNG file. The only lossless 1:1 "conversion" from a raster image to a vector graphic would be literally tracing a square path around each and every pixel. And that would have absolutely zero resolution-independence advantage over simply using the original raster image. That technically "perfect" auto-trace would also be perfectly useless.
    No, there's just re-drawing the subject. And auto-tracing doesn't even make any attempt to re-draw the subject, because it has no idea what the subject or its purpose is. It merely tries to draw paths around contiguous clusters of similarly-colored pixels, utterly regardless of shape or meaning. So you either re-draw the subject with meaningful (and hopefully aesthetic) human discernment, or you entrust it to a completely dumb algorithm that has (as of current standards) absolutely none.
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    dominik got a reaction from No.1_2_U in Back with the Mesh Warp / Distort Tool... Some considerations   
    I want to add one more thing that come to mind as you write 'constrain'.
    Holding down SHIFT key constrains to horizontal or vertical movement as we know from other tools.
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    dominik got a reaction from BAK UI-SEOK in Export my results with grid or guide line   
    Hello @BAK UI-SEOK,
    welcome to the forum.
    The grid and the guides are design aides and not design elements. Thus they cannot be exported.
    If you have to design something that includes these aides on export you have to find a way to do this on your own. I have two suggestions:
    Create a grid on your own with vector lines, spacing and color according to the grid or a design that suits your project better. Create an empty document, setup the grid and rulers and make screenshot. Place this as an image in the background of your project. Both ways will include the grid in the exported file.
    You also can save either of the grid objects as assets for later use.
    I personally do not think to make grids and rulers optionally exportable (or) printable. But it may be worth to make it a feature suggestion 
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    dominik got a reaction from simonlayfield in Toggle 'clipping' of parent shape/curve   
    What you can do is ALT+click on the nested layer. This makes it visible in it's entiety. The drawback is that this turns of every other layer so you'll not see the context. I assume this is not what you are asking?
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    dominik reacted to CarlM in Will Affinity Publisher load PagePlus files?   
    It's not really about abandoning loyal users but  the PagePlus code base is hopelessly outdated and it made no sense to continue trying to flog what had become a dead horse. The alternative path for Serif was to produce an engine that could be ported across two incompatible platforms (Windows and MAC OSX) and use the same code base for 3 different applications making their files cross compatible - something quite ground breaking. That meant it wouldn't be reasonable to spend time and resource to create a reasonable conversion from the PagePlus file code system to the new .afxxx format.
    If it is possible and financially viable then my guess is that a 3rd party coder will reverse engineer the pp9 file format and produce a converter.
    Of course you don't need to use templates to create a document. You could also build it from scratch - it's by far the best way to learn Graphic Design and you can just as easily copy what others have already done to create your design.
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    dominik got a reaction from CarlM in Hide pages   
    Hello @nautiloda,
    if it is just for printing (or export to PDF via print dialog) you can specify which pages to print. It is not necessary to delete any pages.
    In the print dialog look for 'Pages' below 'Range'. There you would type in '1, 3-6,8-10'. This excludes pages 2 and 7 from printing 
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    dominik got a reaction from tmatason in optical kerning?   
    Hello @Nanndc,
    welcome to the forum.
    I want to ask why one should / would use a font that does not have good kerning tables in the first place? If there is the need for this particualur font one has to deal with its lack of features.
    If it is an exotic/special font that cannot be replaced easily by a font with better attributes, this should be used only for a small amount of text and manual kerning should be no big deal.
    If you want to use such a font for a huge amount of text you'd be better off to look for a better working alternative.
    In the long run we will see if Affinity will have this. But for the moment it is not on the list
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    dominik reacted to MadMak in Object transforms   
    The problem is that you can not transform the object by dragging the transform handles if you are zoomed in or the object is just very big. Would be great if you could resize by dragging the edge of the object.

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    dominik got a reaction from Claudia_D in Outline view mode for individual layers, select elements using the same color   
    Hello @Claudia_D,
    you may be surprised how many other forumsters have commented about the feature to select same colour, fill, etc. 
    This thread also includes some official statements that they are working on (or at least thinking about) this feature. But no time estimation was made.
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    dominik got a reaction from Aleksandar Kovač in Can't find a quick way to override all formatting when applying a paragraph style   
    I think you say it on the spot that way 
    I hope someone from Affinity staff can look into this and confirm if this works as inteded or if there is a bug. Maybe you should post it as an option bug in the other forum.
    In regard to documentation, please keep in mind that documentation (help, videos, tutorials) are still work in progress. Mentioning it in this thread may also be of help for the team.
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    dominik reacted to Multi4G in Paper Cut Effect - Affinity Designer   
    Quick and Easy Paper Cutout Vector Effect. This Affinity Desiner Tutorial will show you how to make a realistic Paper Cut effect. 
    Support me on Patreon: 
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    dominik reacted to ChristiduToit in Select 'Same'   
    Thanks for the heads up!
    I must admit that I was blissfully unaware of the fact that this has already been discussed in so much detail on here. 
    I don't work in vector 'that' often, so I haven't really noticed the absence of the "Select Same" feature until recently, and I figured I'd drop a post in the forum.
    Moreover, I didn't realise how much I actually missed having the ability to select objects in this way, it's such a big time saver.
    I'm sure that it will pop up in a future update - I'm clearly not the only one missing it.
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    dominik got a reaction from mettwurzt in Placeholder Text starting from the Beginning   
    Hi @mettwurzt,
    it looks like the filler text has some randomization feature that causes this behaviour. Even when set to English.
    The only way to have the filler text start with the same words seems to copy and paste it over from another text frame. Then you loose the automatic text length making it fit to the respective text frame.
    Maybe it would be nice to have an option in preferences > filler text that let's us turn on and off randomization 
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    dominik got a reaction from SrPx in DXF Export Support   
    The full feature list is pretty clear about the functions that are available at the moment of purchase and is really very helpful to make a decision. On top of that there is a trial (and an uncomplicated refund policy).
    Perhaps I misunderstood what you mean by 'the issue comes...'. What is the issue?
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    dominik got a reaction from SrPx in DXF Export Support   
    Interesting way to participate in a debate   But I do respect your wish.
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    dominik got a reaction from SrPx in DXF Export Support   
    Serif is not unclear about AD's export formats: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/designer/full-feature-list/ (look for the section 'Professional Colour, Compatibility, and Output' further down the page). It's on the user's / customer's behalf to inform oneself before purchase.
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    dominik reacted to fde101 in 3 Time-saver tools: 1.) Selection Sets, 2.) Select By, 3.) Colour Modify   
    This is how I could see tags working:
    Add a "Layer Tags" panel.  Layer tags are named, in a flat namespace (no hierarchy needed), and global to the entire document (independent of spread or artboard).
    Any given layer can have one or more tags associated with it.  A layer which has one or more tags associated with it would show a tag icon in the Layers panel, and the tag icon would be a different color when that tag is selected in the Layer Tags panel, to help identify which layers are associated with a given tag.  Clicking on the tag icon in the Layers panel would select the tag(s) that layer belongs to in the Layer Tags panel.
    The Layer Tags panel would have buttons underneath the list of tags to "Create Tag from Selection", "Add Tag(s) to Selected Layers", "Remove Tag(s) from Selected Layers", "Delete Tag(s)", and "Delete Tag(s) and the Layers Tagged With Them", etc...  maybe that last one should be in a context menu or something instead as it is relatively dangerous.
    Next to each tag within the list in the Layer Tags panel would be three icons: one would select all layers in the current spread or artboard which are tagged with that tag, one would be a visibility toggle for the tag (eye icon), and one would be a lock toggle for the tag.
    A layer which is tagged would be visible if it meets the existing visibility requirements AND at least one of its tags is set to visible.
    A layer which is tagged would be locked if the current locking rules would indicate it is locked OR at least one of its tags is set to locked.
    Build on this by adding tags to the export persona (the way layers can be used there now), etc.
    Note that this is not a complete replacement for the concept of global layers.  Global layers would impose front-to-back ordering of their contents and force a structure to the document as a layer could only be a member of one global layer at a time, while multiple tags could apply to a given layer and the layers having those tags could be all over the place in terms of z-order.
    Strange bonus idea: adding adjustment layers to tags.  These adjustments would be applied to each layer having that tag, across the entire document.  Not sure if this would be practical or not, or even genuinely useful, but it is a potentially interesting thought so I'm adding it here anyway.
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    dominik reacted to Pixel and Poly in Screentone Asset Pack - 80 vector objects   
    The Asset Pack contains 80 clean vector assets. Almost all of the assets are set up for easy tiling. They are all solid objects with no stroke so you can easily apply any fills, gradients or fx to the objects. The PDF has some more info and lists all of the individual assets.
    The assets are broken into six sub groups:
    100mm screentone blends (7 assets)
    60mm screentone dot tints (19 assets)
    300mm screentone blends (6 assets)
    300mm screentone dot tints (19 assets)
    300mm screentone reverse dot tints (10 assets)
    300mm screentone line tints (19 assets)
    Screentone Information Document.pdf

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    dominik reacted to fde101 in Data merge   
    This is not up for a vote.
    +1 doesn't help.
    They already said it is coming.