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  1. I cannot find this elsewhere in the firums, so apologies if it has already been addressed. Your tutorial video suggests that to add an object to the assets panel, you simply drag it there. This does not seem to work in Windows. Adding by using the subcategory dropdown menu "Add from selection" works OK. Is this just a Windows issue? Cannot check this in AD1.6 beta because of visibility issues in the Assets panel that I have already reported.
  2. Looking forward to the Android version Great work you guys. Keep it up!
  3. When I added guides to an artboard, they were not copied to a new identical artboard using either selection or document setting to create a new artboard. Is there a way round this?
  4. I occasionally want to batch resize a collection of images. It took me a little while to realise that this is so easy to do using the batch panel and not including any macros at all. This is non obvious, and a short video explaining it could be worthwhile. You can change the file format and output location at the same time. I will still have to use Faststone image viewer to batch rename files - unless I have missed something!
  5. As Serif is selling Photozoom Pro 6 (which I purchased from Serif a year or more ago), it would not be unreasonable to ask Serif if it is compaible with AP
  6. This has all been excellent advice. Thank you very much. I must say I feel rather more confident, and I take seriously the advice to avoid superlatives. I intend to mention that AD is primarily a suite for manipulating vector images, but that files can be switched between AP and AD easily. Sadly the venue has very poor broadband, so using the excellent demo videos may be tricky unless I guess the most appropriate and download them beforehand. The intro vidoeo is a good one, and the portrait retouching project was one that really opened my eyes.
  7. Thanks all for the encouragement. The sheer inertia in the Camera Club world , which is totallly locked into Photoshop, has to be experienced to be believed. Of about 50 members, I think 5 had heard of Affinity, and none had looked at it. They simply do not grasp the fact that Affinity offers all that Photoshop and lIghtrooom offer (and some more) at this incredible price, even though they all grumble abut the monthly fee. I need some 'wow' demos. I hope that Serif will help. My main reason for contacting them is that I have the opportunity, but i do not want to let them down, regards Graham
  8. The fun I have had learnig about Affinity has led me to rejoin the Southampton Camera Club. This Club is one of the oldest camera clubs in the country, and (among other things) holds the largest annual international competitive photo exhibition in the UK with several thousand entries. I was disappointed to find that few members had even heard of Affinity, but not surprised that most members , including all the professionals, use Photoshop. However, they are always interested. During a recent workshop I had the opportunity to demonstrate some of the Affiity features. I was somewhat awed to be chatting to two of the leading wildlife photographers in the country. They expressed surprise at the price of Affinity, and were impressed with its capabilities. In the next few weeks, they will hold an evening when some other photo editing systems will be reviewed, and I may be invited to showcase Affinity briefly. While I will accept such a challenge, I am a happy amateur, not a professional photographer. Do you have any advice, assistance, handouts, or other advice to help me through. (With no respect for modesty I should tell you that I used to regullarly make conference preentations, and when there was a vote for best speaker at the end, I never finished lower than second, so that should be OK. It is the technical capabiity that concerns me) It is possible that I will get access to the image set that another speaker is going to process first in Lightroom, then in another system (sady I cannot remember what it was).. If that happens in time, could I send it to you for advice on the processing? Or a critique of what I think should be done? I am sorry to communicate this so publicly, but I cannot see aother way of getting the question to you. This is the link to Southampton Camera Club : http://www.southamptoncameraclub.co.uk/ You may know that I am a long standing Serif Customer. Regards Graham Rabbitts
  9. I am also having difficulty with focus merge in Affinity Photo It is loaded on my Dell Precision M3800 with Windows 10 Pro operating system. The fault occurs whether I am using RAW files or jpeg; and whether I am using mouse or graphic tablet to manipulate. Focus merge appears to work successfully until you wish to enter the touch up mode. The merge process works as expected, and the merged file appears on screen and at the head of the source list. But if I try to do anything at all, the source list files disappear (though the merged file remains on the screen in Develop persona (if RAW files were used)). This means that retouch operations as described in the tutorial video “Focus Merge Retouching” are impossible.. I have a video of the screen during this operation, it is loaded to my You Tube channel, but as a private video , so I need an email address to share it. Advice would be appreciated.
  10. A wonderful set of tutorials. Thankyou, Serif. Rather than access the forum each time I need to view a tutorial, I find it easier to use this index which I have as a bookmark in my browser http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/ It seems to be kept pretty well up to date, but maybe Serif could publish an 'official' directory that could be accessed as a bookmark?
  11. Excellent video series, thankyou. The video on bringing our water detail works very well with the bow wave and wake from motorboats and ships, as well as waterfalls.
  12. Is the there any gift card available so that l can give Affinity as a present?
  13. I desperately want a digital asset manager, but respect the position of Serif. But in the meantime, is there any advice that can be offered on how to cope with the problem? Until now, I have found that Elements Organiser does what I need, but it will not accept .afphoto files. I am beginning to get into a mess! Sadly the Serif Photo Organiser (associated with photoplus) does not hack it. (I am not interested in spending buckets of money on a temporary solution)
  14. I bought the Huion New 1060 Plus tablet. (NB the driver is on a preinstalled removable drive, not on a CD as as stated in the literature). It works brilliantly on both AP and AD. It was particularly good for doing the painting type tutorials in the Designer Workbook. But I have found one defect, which seems to apply to all text inputs. For example when I try to rename a layer, hovering over the text box causes a graphics text input box to pop up, but it does not work and the new name has to be added via the keyboard. I tried the same thing on my Elements Editor and found that it does work there, so it would appear that the problem lies with the AP software, not the Huion driver. It is not a big issue, but it would be good to fix it.
  15. I am having the same fine bla ck line problem. Printer is Epson XP 820 using Epson semigloss 15x10 cm paper.
  16. Hey! Those ways of using the transform function are brilliant! Thanks very much!
  17. I forgot to mention that, once again, I found the lack of 'up/down' arrows to change values in the transform panel a nuisance. I have already raised this point as a product feature request. It would make the placing of the buildings in the skyline exercise much easier
  18. Thanks for helpful tip on using HSL Until you are familiar with the product, it is impossible to know what customisation of the toolbar is desirable. So for a newbie, some better pointers would be useful.
  19. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Affinity Designer Workbook. I have learned an enormous amount, and probably forgotten a lot already! (But it is there for me to go back to). I should explain that I am an enthusiastic amateur, not a professional graphic designer. A professional might see through issues I see as problems, but I think Serif can get a strong place in the amateur market with their brilliant new Affinity products, so I hope the professionals will forgive me. I have a few criticisms, which I offer in the hope that things can get better. 1: A general crit is that when you say “on the toolbar” (for a function such as “divide”, it would help to say which part pf the toolbar is being referred to. For example: the divide function is just one button in a long row. As an inexperienced user, I have spent lots of time hunting for such functions) 2: In the panther exercise, when you apply the divide functon it is very hard to find out where you are unless you have previously named ALL the layers so you can see what has happened. No doubt this is easy for a professional graphic designer, but amateurs should be advised to label the layers. Until I did this I could not work out how the divide function worked. 3: To an experienced user it is obvious, but in the panther example, the distinction between drawing paths (for the lines outside the main animal) and CLOSED shapes is not obvious and should be clarified. [the fact that when inking, the shapes must be closed is not made clear] That said, the way the help files are constructed means that even when you have fallen into this pothole, it is easy to move on, so a definite plus there. 4: In the next (reflections) exercise, I found that the colour ‘things’ (colour wheels, gradient displays etc) in the context toolbar were very confusing when working with gradients. I came to the conclusion that when working with gradients it is far better to use the colour functions in the main panels rather than the context toolbar. 5: The book tends to show colour wheels, but they are tough for an amateur to use. I found it far better to key in the HSL numbers quoted in the book on the sliders. This is badly explained, and I wasted a lot of time before I worked this out. I have never used HSL numbers before but I am thinking of making a ‘shortlist’ of useful colours to have as an aid. Is there a bit of mileage there for help to the amateur user? 6: A small point: Designef workbook p 170 "Lighting windows selectively". I could not get this to work (Windows !0 system). Not a major issue, though, Well, that is as far as I have got so far, It is an exhilarating ride. The combination of excellent video tutorials, and clear explanations of core skills in Ihe beautifully presented book make this inevitably intense learning process fun So at least 8 out 10, Serif. Affinity is fun.
  20. I have just loaded the Nik collection into AP windows (1.5.45) .All works. Tried to load Photozoom Plus 6 but it failed. However, I think AP may have enough horsepower without needing to use it. Is there a list of compatible plugins for AP Windows anywhere?
  21. The DAM is crucial. At present, I am managing my images in Photoshop Elements Organiser, which I find excellent. BUT If I use Affinity as an external editor, the processed images do not nest back into Organiser easily. SO I am hoping that your new DAM will allow me to (a) transfer my existing stock of images from organiser to the Serif DAM retaining the nesting of RAW and processed images (called stacking in organiser, but completely different from photo stacking) (b ) allow me to nest processed images in the same way (it means that you only see the most recently processed image in the nested group, and when you use copy for a selecyion of different images, it is only the top one of each nested group you copy unless you open the "stack". Very useful) © include such features as the event and people selections as applied in elements organiser. It is a tall order, but you have shown with the brilliant ffinit products that you can match, and perhaps exceed the performance of Photoshop and its derivatives.
  22. Well done Serif. The combination of Designer and Photo is immensely powerful and easy to use. Tutorials excellent. I hope your staff have a good Christmas Party to celebrate Just bring on the DAM please!
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