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    Helo. I am Graham. I have been a Serif client for many years, and have visited the site in Keyworth (it is close to my son's house). I have used many of the Serif products for a variety of purposes. After I retired I needed a low cost product range for presentations, Logs of my sailing cruises, my website, and producing the Christmas card mailing list and labels. My Cruising Logs are the main feature, and in 2003 I won the Royal Yachting Association cruising log competition. I tried to develop a CD on how to do it with help and sponsorship from Serif, but the technology was really moving too fast. Since then. my Logs have got better, and many have been turned into videos using MoviePlus (which I understand will not be further updated). Much of that material can be downloaded from my website which is at http://www.ariadnetrue.co.uk/. My photo library on flickr has some 20,000 images and will pass 1 million views some time this year. see https://www.flickr.com/photos/r36ariadne/. None of my utput is commercial. I have just examined Affinity Designer, and it is impressive. But my main interest will be in the photo application and the interaction with products like PagePlus. It would help my evaluation to have some idea of the product range that is proposed and the timetable - to the extent that such information is not commercially sensitive. A few years ago, I upgraded my photographic equipment and started shooting images in raw. I was advised to use Photoshop Elements for processing raw images, and I have been doing so since. I also use the same product for organising and cataloguing my images. The cataloguing and backup of 20,000 images is a daunting task, and I have yet to be persuaded that Photostack is as good. Recently I have almost been persuaded to upgrade to Lightroom, but I am hoping that the Affinity Windows range will deliver the horsepower I am looking for, especially with regard to raw processing.

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